Ten-year-old girl revels in the attention after shooting her first black bear

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In Hartman, Arkansas, a ten-year-old girl has been garnering a lot of attention – much of it critical, after killing a black bear just days after hunting season began. Ayla Highfill has already hunted and killed deer, squirrels and other animals and looks forward to hunting more prey.

According to News5, Ayla and her father Cory went on a hunting trip over the weekend. When Ayla heard noises of leaves crunching, she soon spotted the huge black bear walk by.

“When I shot it, it just kind of ran towards us and then in a big circle and it went down a hill,” Ayla stated.

According to her father, he set his daughter up for the shot.

“In the culmination of a hunt like that, you’re 19 yards from a grown black bear with a kid. You know they’re learning a lot about poise and self-control and self discipline. For me, that was a big deal to share all of that with her and see it materialize into something she is proud of,” Cory told reporters.

Ayla has been hunting since she was six-years-old and says it is one of her favorite hobbies. Her father said the family did eat the bear meat, and Ayla intends to use the bear’s fur for an area rug in her bedroom.

If you are wondering about a minimum age for hunting with guns, Arkansas laws are as follows:

No age limit under the direct supervision of a hunter w/ valid hunting license & 21+ yrs old.
· Hunter education is required if born after Dec. 31, 1968
· At 16 years of age a Arkansas hunting license is required
· http://www.agfc.com/

Some states have no hunting age requirements for big game hunting, but most states have a minimum hunting age. Most states require some sort of hunter education course and firearms safety instruction is a must. Every youth hunter should be familiar with the firearm and it’s safety before venturing out to hunt. For more information about your state, click here.

Thoughts about youngsters hunting? Please weigh in.

(Photo of black bear killed via screenshot News5)

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36 replies
  1. Duree Douglas says:

    Learning control? That would have been NOT to shot a live animal. There is no celebration here it is another example of low human IQ. So weary of this BS trying to justify taking a life.

  2. ellie says:

    anyone at in this day and age thinks its ok to hunt and kill an animal with its baby is seriously mentally challenged. we NO LONGER need to eat their meat. we NO LONGER need their fur for our house??? ANIMALS ARE NOT HERE FOR US!!! THEY ARE ON THIS EARTH WITH US! get it through your think empty skulls morons! you people make me sick!!!! and a girl this young and hunting since 6 years of age is just disturbing!!!

  3. vicki hood says:

    Too bad she didn’t shoot her Father who must have rustled leaves when he set the bear up for his 10 year old. Another innocent killed by evil man.

  4. Stephen Phillips says:

    Appalling state of our society, that some still continue to “celebrate” the slaughter of other, innocent species – for whatever reason (sport?)… an act not only unnecessary, but utterly, disgustingly, vile and reprehensible!

    This kid will one day find a window on the 32nd floor, somewhere….

    • Gizmos Mommy says:

      Sadly, you’re probably right. While I do not hunt, finding pleasure in the kill separates the hunters who hunt to eat from those who hunt for the thrill of killing something. This juvenile finds pleasure in the kill at a young age and that puts her in the sociopathic category.

    • linda grieco says:

      Highfill than you are a fucking troll. May you choke on your next piece of bear meat. Or let us hope the bears will eat you and your family members…ignorant backwoods fuck!!!!!!

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Thank you Pamela for your response to this “idiot”. You’re so right -this site is about pets and other animals not for political OR religious comments.

  5. J. Martin says:

    Anyone who likes to hunt and likes to gloat about their kills have some serious MENTAL problems. I’d love to see any asswipe who likes to hunt placed on an island with other POS hunters like themselves. The last one left alive gets to live and leave that island. I’m sure it won’t be as “FUN” for everyone. Because what you hunt .. will hunt you back. See how brave these fuckers are with others shooting back at them. COWARDLY SHITS!!!!!.

      • J. Martin says:

        I don’t post pictures of myself with a stupid ass grin on my face and gloat about killing shooting some poor animal. I wonder .. are you one of those coward hunters? You know the ones who like to post photos of themselves .. gloating to their douche bag family, friends? Because you seem to not understand what’s being said. PUT THE ASSWIPES ON AN ISLAND .. WITH OTHER SCUM HUNTERS. The LAST ONE .. LEFT ALIVE … gets to LIVE!!! I figure that the hunting that these fucks so enjoy .. won’t be as “ENJOYABLE” when their “victims shoot back at them”. I doubt it will because they are COWARDS!!!

      • linda says:

        Let’s not confuse the issue with bear hunting vs. buying meat at a grocery store dumb ass. Only heartless and ignorant members of YOUR family would hunt bear for food!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Always happy to hear about a a 10 year old daughter “bonding” with her killer dad and being taught to gloat and be “proud” about killing God’s creatures. Her father thinking she is learning “poise and self-control and self discipline” from killing animals is equally as disturbing! I taught MY daughters to love and respect animals, but there again, I’ve been told by some I’m over the hill and shouldn’t have an opinion!

  7. Darla Lamoreaux says:

    Just another piece of shit ignorant southern ass kid that needs to be shot and her head mounted on a wall with a sign that says “Devils spawn bred by a dick with no compassion that has no right to play God and decided which,of God’s creatures lives and dies for fucking sport” I pray they both die an excruciatingly painful hunting accident death, it’ll serve them right.

  8. Lisa says:

    This is just sickening. A 10 yr old girl shooting an innocent bear , and her diturbed father setting the poor animal up for the kill horrible.. then bragging about it discusting..all for what another trophy hunter , wonder what other trophy she will want because of her father we have another animal murder out there stupid little bitch and her moron father.. thinks it’s just great …assholes

    • Highfill says:

      What is disturbing is That This little girl has more of a grasp on the English language that you. We ate and are eating bear meat as well as venison.

      • linda grieco says:

        Actually what little she commented about matches what a village idiot would say. You, however, need to repeat elementary school with your grammatical errors.

  9. Janie L. says:

    If you hunt in order to put food on your table, I am okay with that. But if you just for the sake of killing something and putting its head on your wall, then you should be taken out and shot because there is no place for trophy hunters anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether the animal is plentiful or not. Killing for a trophy and throwing away edible meat is never acceptable. There ought to be open season on wasteful trophy hunters.

    • Mark says:

      Janie they admitted they ate the bear meat…….who eats bear meat? Uncivilized folks. I understand deer hunting, but, bears are something different. I’m sure she’ll eventually graduate to hunting wild game for kicks.

  10. Diana Roby says:

    Highfill, I have been a vegetarian for over 40 yrs so Ido not eat meat. I do not wear animal skins. I use cruelty free products. I agree with other commentators that hunting for survival is no longer necessary. People seem to enjoy causing the painful deaths of beautiful animals for there own sick pleasure. And I have the feeling you are one of them. You must have gotten bored so you decided to come here to harass people that love animals and treat them with respect. What a sad life you must lead.

    • Mark says:

      Diana I made a comment above to Highfill. He/she is obviously a troller. What do you expect when he/she procreates with family members, lol.

  11. pamela bolton says:

    It is definitely NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF. If you are determined to hunt, do it with a camera. It would mean more to the world and would certainly mean more to the bear and another life spared. Hunting is no longer necessary to survive. There are TOOO MANY other things out there to eat other.than MEAT. 60 years ago my dad hunted for food but today it is not necessary. Do not take pleasure in MURDER because that is all it is. Do something worthwhile, start doing things to SAVE their lives rather than killing them.


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