Teens hang stray dog and post disturbing photo on Snapchat

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In Alkol, West Virginia, two teenagers have been charged with animal cruelty after a disturbing photo of a dog being hanged caught the attention of shocked and irate viewers on Snapchat. According to WsazNews, West Virginia State Police Trooper S.G. Fox stated authorities were informed of the disturbing photos on Monday. 

The two juveniles have allegedly admitted to hanging the stray dog and killing it last Saturday; telling police the dog was sick and they thought the animal was going to die. Commenters from the social media site Reddit clearly stated their disgust about the situation with such posts as follows:

Ladderjack35 points

There is a special place in hell for people who hurt our animal friends.”

dog-mom14 points

People who torture anything disgust me. From people to our dog friends. This makes me so, so sad. Animals feel emotion and pain, why can’t people wrap their head around that??”

hsxp5 points

I don’t understand what drives people to do this. Any one of them could have stopped their friends, they could have given this dog a loving home, and if their situation meant they couldn’t take care of the dog they could find someone else who could. But they’ve deprived that dog of a future with love in it. Of any future. And they’ve denied everyone the chance to earn that dog’s love. The world got worse today.”

A petition addressed to Jim Gabehart, Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney can be read and signed here. When writing to Mr. Gabehart, please remember to be respectful. There are no excuses for animal cruelty. Even if the dog was sick, the juveniles are not veterinarians and had no authority to torture and make a dog suffer.

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Read about the last two survivors at the Mosul zoo. They are still not safe. 


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  1. These ARE FAR MORE that “Just simply Troubled YOUTH” These are Psychopath’s The future of their redemption and removes is NEXT to Nell! If there is not serious REPRECUSSION”S taken and Psychological Intervention… you will have the NEW GENERATION of Ted Bundy’s , Jeffery Damber’s on the lose.. BELIEVE THIS HORRIFIC “MURDER ” of an innocent animal at their hands is simply a beginning OF ONLY WORSE TO COME!!


      • First of all that. Piece of shit that HungThat dog. Than posted a pic should be. In jail and. Fined heavily.second,Facebook should be fined and be held accountable for. Allowing. That. Pic. To be. Posted.

    • Right. I think the lawyers, judges, worthless politicians should work closely with these psychopaths in their homes if they think they are so redeemable. Literally firing squad, show it on local community TV for all the psychos in training. Why don’t we get rid of them?

      • Well Steve WE are “supposed to be the civilized ” society and set the example for OTHER”S . a hell of a lot that is worth…..IT IS NOT WORKING!!!

  2. These little bastards need their future taken away from them. Try them as an adult they knew what the hell they were doing. Hope they are tortured, and left to die. Sick of animal abusers they need to get off this earth in a horrific way. I would be happy to torture these scumbags.

  3. Why is there so much hate and evilness toward animals yes they feel pain, yes they feel emotion perhaps these two low lives should have a taste of their own medicine, how the hell would they feel if they were hanging by their necks this makes me so angry severe punishment please

  4. Troubled youth????? More like two hunks of sewer slime who have the brain power of a rock – I don’t care if they are juveniles – they should be prosecuted as adults since they are more than likely beyond help – stick their loser butts in prison and let the inmates make them pay by using them as ‘girlfriends’ – I have no problem with it.

  5. MONSTERS!!!! What’s with all of these teens and kids who think killing animals is fun? Who raises this vermin? Fortunately, West Virginia does have some tough animal cruelty laws on the books, so USE THEM! Try this scum as adults, and while you’re at it, look into the parents of this trash because something must be off somewhere for monsters to grow up like this.

    • I hope you are right about West Virginia, It seems to me there was a story not too long ago where a woman had her neighbor kill her rescue dog instead of giving it back to the rescue because the dog was supposedly mean. To my knowledge nothing was done to that POS!

    • I am right there with you Theresa – these friggin’ punks deserve to be treated as cruelly as they treated an innocent animal. Only spineless trailer trash cowards abuse animals – way too weak to ever attempt to take on a human.

  6. Words fail me!!!!! I hope their parents are proud of raising two potential psychopaths. That poor defenceless dog made a catastrophic error believing these two bastards would save him from being a stray. They should spend their last minutes on this earth hanging from a tree terrified and struggling for breath just like that poor dog had to.

    • Yes, let them die in the same way, in agony. No lethal injection that is painless, or no hanging that snaps the neck. What they did to that poor dog is inhumane, and if they are let off, they will continue to do it, to other dogs, and eventually to another person.

  7. To many posts like this, what kind of a world do we live in where young people post pictures of crimes, gloat, and go on their merry way? That boxer dog was collateral of their inability to give a real shit, sadly it goes unpunished? Why did this poor dog have to choke to death? How is doing this in any way satisfying? It really isn’t, it simply is 2 mentally challenged young men blaming an innocent animal for their short comings which seem endless, clearly unkind, destructive, dumb, useless individuals with out a positive attribute within them, I’d really hoped that todays youth have evolved enough to not post this blatant disregard as if it were a trophy, I do not, cannot relate to such senseless violence and hope one day authorities wake up and see people like this as the vulgar predators they are, it would be nice if they had to clean kennel waste at local shelters for the next three years, of course only strictly supervised, do something, anything to stop this type of needless hate and indifference!

  8. These poor excuses for humans are nothing but thugs. I hope their parents are proud of what they have raised! How did they know this was a “stray” dog, it could have gotten loose, how did they know it was sick, are they Veterinarians? They hung this poor dog just to kill it! These POS “teens” need to be treated like they treated this dog!

  9. Despicable scum of the earth. What are their parents like?
    Clearly, education on empathy toward all sentient beings is needed in school.
    Scum like this need to be removed from society in a similar fashion.
    An eye for an eye.
    Rest in peace dear dog, you never should have known such terror.

  10. I call BS on the dog being sick. The only sickos are the spawns of Satan who tortured and killed this magnificent animal. Let’s do the same thing to those little bastards. RIP sweet dog; I’m sorry you suffered.

    • I agree with you completely. This is a full breed mastiff it looks to me, likely missing and not a stray and sure as hell not sickly. I hope for hopes sake they get the maximum penalty, but knowing the weak ass animal cruelty laws and the good ol boy system around here, even that wouldn’t equal a slap to the wrist. I’m banking on a good ass beating from animal lovers.

      • Cheryl Hanna, please get your story right. I saw this on face book. This dog was hung by the bastard teenage owner who bragged about it. THE FACTS PLEASE!!!!!!

      • LINDA : Just what the HELL is YOUR problem here. Cheryl and Penny started this site when the other popular site shut down… They have provided many of us who used the other site. to be able to read and assist in helping Animals homes, and attempting to stop some of the horrific abuse in this country. YOU Have either one hell of a chip on our should, an anger management issue or you are a narcissistic individual . We all make mistakes , so just Stop your Crap.

      • Penny I’d say you have anger management issues. This story was on face book. Just stating what was there. No need to be so bent out of shape

  11. people in that part of state should grab these sick punks out of their homes and hang them so they definitely don’t breed anymore scumbags to the world, might want to hold their pos parents accountable too

    • Seriously???? Hang two young teens that did something absolutely stupid?? I absolutely love dogs….all animals and would never do anything to harm one but its a sad society that we live in when we value a dogs life over humans. There are good parents who have teens that do stupid stuff. This dog is getting more attention in our area than the OFFICER that was shot THREE times yesterday, while responding to a domestic abuse situation.

      • Sorry Carol, if you read all the comments posted everyone seems to feel the same as Tim.
        These boys are criminals in the making to do this to an innocent animal. Plus it wasn’t even their dog as the article states it was a stray, so how do they know it was sick? I’m from Maryland and I’m all too familiar with the trailer trash W. Virginia hillbillies. You gave a good example: a “domestic abuse” situation causes an officer to get shot three times!

      • Hey Bettasrule, Take that stereotyping of the entire state of WV and shove it up your ass. You live in a communist state and you want to disparage an entire state for the despicable acts of 2 people? You are an idiot.

      • Well I certainly value dogs (&cats) over humans! Look at what HUMANS do! I haven’t invited a HUMAN into my home for years over this kind of shit!!!!!!

  12. This is what happens when parents are not allowed to spank their kids and they took God out of schools and out of homes belive me if we played to roughly with our pets we were hit over the head see how it feels this is what they feel .

  13. Psychopaths are NOT REDEEMABLE…they FEEL NOTHING for any one or anything but themselves…the only thing that matters is what they want and they will go to any length to receive it, at any cost, to anyone. They are glib liars. I hope they do an necropsy on the dog…it does not look sick to me. However, the boys that did this will never be right. Their brains are wired wrong and will NEVER be made whole again. This is just the beginning of their sick and twisted ways. One would put down a rabid dog…these teens are no different…they should be put down like a mad dog or caged forever…never to be able to mix with the public again. Animals are the first step in their sick journey of murder…they will graduate to humans soon and will not stop until forced to.

    • I am MORE than CERTAIN this is NOT the FIRST TIME THESE Grossly Disturbed PARTNERS IN CRIME have done HORRIFIC Torture, abuse, and Death to a helpless animal…. IT is JUST the first is has gotten OUT in to THE Community AT LARGE about their CRIMINAL MIND SET!!! YOU ARE so Right they can’t be REDEEMED everyone in the town would have to be continuously on the toes. for the safety of their pets, their infants, small children, Teens, Adults, and Yes the ELDERLY !!!! they are too DISTURBED TO BE ALLOWED FREE IN SOCIEITY ANY WHERE ON THIS PLANET!!!!!

  14. Kill the GD BASTARD SOBs. I am so sick and tired of these POSs that hurt animals. The only way to get rid of the gene is to kill them all before they can reproduce.

  15. I really hope those stupid teenagers get punished for this atrocity. They need to go to Jail and stay there for a very LONG time.

  16. I have boxers!!! If this happened to mine “they wouldn’t be facing charges”!! Boxers are so giving/lovable!! I like to see some “decent” animal lovers down there give them a realty check”!! Psychopaths!! Make them suffer and then throw them in prison! This was torture and murder!! ????????????????????

  17. I could not read this post yesterday,I had to brace myself for the horror I was about to see! WAKE UP WEST VIRGINA!!! The attitude of the judicial system is EXACTLY why this horror is so rampant! All you pet lovers in West Virginia better watch who you put in these public offices,the indifferent attitude towards this sickening crime is absolutely appalling! I hope these psychopaths are shunned by all the decent people in this city,if any of these losers have jobs I hope they are fired,if they have any normal friends I hope they cut ties with these sickos! The only reason this was done to this dog is because these sickos get off on the suffering of the dog! If they really want to know the truth a necropsy can be done,which I’m pretty damn sure would show this dog wasn’t sick! I wonder how many in this towns judicial system own pets? Then want to ignor what these assholes did! Why bother arresting and charging these psychos if the courts aren’t going to punish them? Guess it’s all about generating money for the courts and NOT about punishing for the crime committed! Maybe if they sat in a jail cell for a year or two they would think twice about doing it again! Where is the incentive and deterrent to not repeat this again? The judicial system just enables and condones this UNACCEPTABLE crime,and until significant punishment is given we will never begin to put a dent in this horror! They will move on to hurting children and others! More tears for this horror! They all need to be choked to see how it feels! PURE EVIL!!!!

    • Cynthia YOUR AWSOME Article really NEEDS to be printed in the Alkole West Virginia Newspaper in a Letter to the editor !!! It is well spoken, to the point, and the only thing I would ad is the photo to this young bearded WHITE teenager ( is his daddy on the school board, a huge contribution in support for the town of Alkole fundraisers, a councilman )??? My guess is yes!!! Why because this Puke knows he can’t be touched!!! To have the audacity to THINK “MURDER” yes! that is what he and his buddy did was murder!!!

      • Thank you Pennysdachund.Im still shook up over this dispicable ruthless murder! That’s why I had to give myself a day before reading this post,I KNEW it was going to be horrific! Some assinine people in that towns government! Smh

  18. Who hangs a Dog that’s sick And then laughs about it? That’s just an excuse because they got caught and were charged with cruelty. The kids need prosecuted and pay a penality for their actions. Then they need some phyciatric help. Normal teenagers would never hang a living creature. Such a sick, sad and heartbreaking photo of that precious dog.

  19. Inbred little rednecks should be castrated before they can spread their defective seed.why dont you come down to S.C. We would love toHANG OUT with you !!

    • Because they are from West Virginia, they are inbred? Based on your grammar, I believe you may be the result of a little sister loving. Pinhead.

  20. These two should be punished as should the grandmother if this was indeed her dog..in 2009 our beautiful Tinka was shot with a 22 by a 13 yr old here in wv..and nothing was done because the kid told the police she was chasing deer when he was trying to hunt ,which the police said was againt the law, but I guess its fine to hunt with a 22. this “kid” is now in jail for other crimes. It will only get worse.

  21. It is very disturbing to learn of anyone abusing an animal. The abuse that was inflicted on this dog was premeditated, intentionally done and cannot be excused. It is my hope that Lincoln County, West Virginia D.A. Jim Gabehart and the presiding Judge will not allow this offence to be plea bargained down to a misdemeanor. These abusers must be tried as adults, prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. They must be used as an example to other teenagers of the seriousness of the crime and society’s refusal to allow such behavior. In addition to being imprisoned for this crime, both offenders must be permanently expelled from high school, refused a high school diploma by the County and State of West Virginia and registered as an animal abuser. After receiving imprisonment, they must receive a minimum of 10 years probation with court ordered psychiatric counseling while serving in the US Army’s Infantry. If this Country’s school and judicial system does not recognize and severely punish such offences, we all have a bleak future.

  22. Your an asshole for doing something like that it’s a dog for sake you don’t do things like that.What the hell did the dog do to you to deserve something this rude and I’m a kid.And I’m proud to say that I have a dog and if someone would touch him there gonna get what they diserve

  23. This is a very disturbed individual with posts on his FB page of other animals he has killed, including smashing in the head of a squirrel. He is a very dangerous person!

    • Why in the Hell hasn’t anyone in that town contacted the DCI or the STATE DIVISON of The STATE POLICE!!! For Christ sakes next he’ll have a human head or body part to brag about!!! He is taunting the face book and letting people know what he is capable of doing… HE needs to be placed in a facility and evaluated… ASAP

  24. Wow this is sick. They look like typical white idiots, in need of a real purpose beyond their lack of ambition or non attachment to real life. Their families need to answer, they need to all be sitting in that interrogation chair, grilled. There are more sickos in the tree. Weed them out, they are entitled losers that blame the world. That poor sweet dog, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was not a stray and he was not sick. The only ones sick here are these inbreed vermin subhumans.

  25. ahhhhhhhh, what the fuck. I will meet these abusers in hell. Humans, parents, law duck this shit stop killing our loyal friends. Not sure which of the family members said this was a mistake. Haha haha you kids are phsyco mother fuckers and maybe you should go to jail for letting them do this. Possibly notbtje first time you demented child did this. Ahhhhhhhh stop. This is truly the laws fault. These gross post should be put in front of there community and punished by the community. Sick fucks might stop this, or at least not video tape it.

  26. This is not a harmless prank. There is something wrong with people who intentionally cause harm to an animal. To stand by and take photos of the struggle, the pain, the last breath… it shows complete disregard for the suffering of a living creature. I don’t think I need to remind anyone of the frequency of murderers early beginnings including the killing of animals. Again, this is not a harmless prank. It should be taken very seriously, imposing the highest sentence allowed by law.

  27. If these Idiots have nothing better to do then be out torturing and killing defenceless, helpless living creatures! Then they either need to be locked up for good or 10ft under rotting with the Maggots! They are heartless souls!!! I hope their parents are proud of the fuc### Idiots they have raised!


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