Teens hang stray dog and post disturbing photo on Snapchat

In Alkol, West Virginia, two teenagers have been charged with animal cruelty after a disturbing photo of a dog being hanged caught the attention of shocked and irate viewers on Snapchat. According to WsazNews, West Virginia State Police Trooper S.G. Fox stated authorities were informed of the disturbing photos on Monday. 

The two juveniles have allegedly admitted to hanging the stray dog and killing it last Saturday; telling police the dog was sick and they thought the animal was going to die. Commenters from the social media site Reddit clearly stated their disgust about the situation with such posts as follows:

Ladderjack35 points

There is a special place in hell for people who hurt our animal friends.”

dog-mom14 points

People who torture anything disgust me. From people to our dog friends. This makes me so, so sad. Animals feel emotion and pain, why can’t people wrap their head around that??”

hsxp5 points

I don’t understand what drives people to do this. Any one of them could have stopped their friends, they could have given this dog a loving home, and if their situation meant they couldn’t take care of the dog they could find someone else who could. But they’ve deprived that dog of a future with love in it. Of any future. And they’ve denied everyone the chance to earn that dog’s love. The world got worse today.”

A petition addressed to Jim Gabehart, Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney can be read and signed here. When writing to Mr. Gabehart, please remember to be respectful. There are no excuses for animal cruelty. Even if the dog was sick, the juveniles are not veterinarians and had no authority to torture and make a dog suffer.

(Photo Snapchat)

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