Teenager killed in shooting

Teenager killed when police fired at dog

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A teenager in Palmdale, California, is dead – according to Thursday’s ABC 7 News, the boy was killed when a bullet being fired at a dog ricocheted and hit him in the chest. Deputies had responded in the early morning hours to a report of a loud party in the 38500 block of 10th Street East.

In the course of the investigation, a dog, described as a 60-65 lb pit bull, “aggressively charged” at the deputies. Someone was able to restrain the dog, but a short time later, the dog escaped and again, “charged” at the officers. This time, two deputies fired their guns at the dog, who ran away.

When the authorities went to search for the dog, they found the teenager on the ground with a gunshot wound to his chest – a relative of the boy identified him as 17-year-old Armando Garcia.

Sheriff’s Capt. Christopher Bergner, who is quoted in the Daily News, stated:

“We believe that when the (teen) came out from behind the building, which was approximately 40 feet away from where the shooting occurred, he may have been struck by one of these skip rounds … an extremely, extremely unfortunate incident.”

The dog was captured and taken to animal control – no word on whether or not he was wounded in the gunfire.

(Image screenshot via ABC 7 News)

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12 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    What stupid Idiots those Cops are. They always think they can shoot whenever they want wherever they want and there are no consequences for this. Well now there is. I hope they both go to Prison for this and get fired. IDIOTS!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    “An extremely, extremely unfortunate incident”. Is that what they call it? There is no reason for the police to be shooting at dogs and when it leads to the killing of an innocent bystander they call it “an unfortunate incident” These police need to be held accountable for this!

  3. Darla says:

    As often as we read about trigger happy cops shooting dogs with children/people around, I knew this was going to happen eventually. There is no excuse for this teenager’s death. My sympathy to his family.

  4. Mike Hunter says:

    I am taking this from this point of view that killing dogs is fun for the kid down the street and a few cops alike. That hurt is so deep to the owner that it must be a laugh to see it in their eyes.

  5. PetMom says:

    Sadly, the claim that the dog aggressively charged may or may not be true. I read a report not too long ago of a docile dog killed by an over-zealous adrenaline-charged officer with an itchy trigger finger. In that case, all witnesses maintained that the dog was calm & non-threatening but of course the officer claimed he was being charged. Now in this new case this beloved family pet may end up dead in the end anyway at the hands of animal control, even if he didn’t take a bullet at the scene. So this family will not only suffer the loss of their child but also the loss of their family pet. And I’m sure this officer will not suffer in any way, as usual. They seem to have free reign to act with impunity.

  6. Shirlann LB says:

    Prayers for the family of this young life that was taken away by trigger happy cops. When are they going to learn to stop shooting dogs and to stop doing it around innocent people.Use your damn tasers. I hope they both lose their jobs for firing their weapons around people.

  7. Betty says:

    Well we said this was going to happen to someone the way cops are killing dogs and shooting
    It was just a matter of time
    Any dog could be friendly when they are running up to the cops
    I have a ninety pd pitbull that think she going to eat you up but she she just want to meet you
    Cops need to take some kind of course in animals and not been trigger happy


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