Teen in viral video kicking a dog to volunteer with rescue group

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In Wichita, Kansas, a teen accused of beating and kicking a dog caught on a viral video will be volunteering with a local animal rescue group. The teen’s mother turned her son into authorities. beauties-and-beasts-inc

According to KsnNews, the witness who videoed the situation has agreed to help the teen after the dog, named Dragon, was surrendered to animal services on Monday. Randi Carter, who runs Beauties and Beasts Inc, and has been a dog trainer for 11 years, spotted the boy and his brother walking down the street and recorded the boy hitting and then kicking the dog.  The video went viral after it was posted online.  On the organization’s Facebook page, Randi posted:

“Offender is a minor and will be coming under my wing to volunteer and teach him about owning and training dogs. Thank you all for caring.”

Randi stated the teen will clean kennels and learn how to care for and treat dogs with kindness and respect. To help this organization save more dogs and be their voices, donations can be made by clicking here. Many thanks to Randi Carter for being the voice for those who cannot speak.

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Photos and video kicking a dog courtesy of Beauties and Beasts Inc.

Check out the original video. Warning: Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences

DOG IS NOW SAFE AND IN CUSTODY!Offender is a minor and will be coming under my wing to volunteer and teach him about owning and training dogs. Thank you all for caring!My morning… Probably 16 years old and already abusing. This will only get worse ,but I will keep fighting for you poor babies who have no voice. He cant scream for help or tell a teacher. He just has to take all the abuse his POS owner dishes out SHARE AWAY! Called 911 immediately!

Posted by Randi Carter on Sunday, January 8, 2017

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  1. Sheri says:

    Kudo’s to the mother for stopping her son from this cruel behavior. Thank you. And thank you to the volunteer a the rescue who is allowing the teen a chance to change his life!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Do I think that working with dogs will stop this POS kid from abusing animals in the future? NO I don’t. But I will pray it does. Personally, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near animals. I have to commend his Mother for turning her “teen” in, too many parents turn a blind eye to what their little “darlings” are doing and they never get the help they need.

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Being a health care professional I AM ALL for Second Chances : I Commend Randi Carter from the bottom of my Heart for stepping up and turning this young man IN to Authorities… Also his Mother, I am sure this was difficult for her to do, She very well may be a single Mom trying her best to raise her son’s to be decent young men and holding down a job! I JUST have to say I truly wonder if this intervention is ENOUGH to make the Change !!! I believe he actually both of these young should be in a mental and psychological program at the same time… There is something NOT RIGHT here Emotionally or Mentally for this YOUTH to act out in this MANNER!!! It certainly can’t do any harm to invest all resources POSSIBLE and WITHIN REASON TO RESHAPE and RESTORE HUNANITY AND PRIDE IN THESE two boys before THERE ARE FURTHER INSTANCES OF NEGATIVE BEHAIVOR!!!

  4. maxiemom says:

    His mother turned him in, so obviously he didn’t learn to be a POS from his home. He’s a teenager. I would not want to attempt to teach him to be kind to animals, nor would I trust him. Definitely don’t take your eyes off of him. I hope he can be turned around, but it won’t be easy.

  5. Cherryl Gallo (@CherylGallo5) says:

    This is great…& IN EVERY WAY! A full on WIN-WIN-WIN, baaaby! First, gotta say, az a widowed mother raising a now 15y/o ALONE…NOT EZ, & I wanna PERSONALLY THANK the mother, she absolutely DID the RIGHT THING TEACHING HER SON a BIGGIE…ACCOUNTABILITY!!! & my personal fave…ZERO F’N TOLERANCE 4 ANY…ANY…ANY CRUELTY 2 ANYONE & ANYTHING! THANK U SO MUCH! ????

  6. Patty says:

    FINALLY !!!! A parent who did the right thing and for his age having him work at the shelter with dogs is PERFECT !!!! Good job !!!!

  7. Edward says:

    W but that should I pick him up so bad even know what the f*** him that’s b******* letting go with an animal I don’t care how good a trainer she is he’s a piece of s*** and he needs to be punished kicking his f****** head kick him in his little cock taking any more f****** penis is that you’re a fool to give him a second chance he’s a piece of s*** and his mother should be beating the s*** too there is no excuse for a little bit unless you were sick f*** the need to the psychiatric ward and mediately

  8. Darla says:

    I commend the mother for turning in her son. Do I think that him “volunteering” (which we know he’s not doing it out of the goodness of his heart; it’s punishment for him) at a rescue will help? No, I don’t but I hoe I’m wrong. I also hope they watch over him every SECOND that he’s with a dog.

  9. Mikki says:

    are they insane? how can they allow this lowlife p.o.s. anywhere near an animal? the first chance he gets he will hurt those poor babies. what if nobody is around to help or protect them? make this creep pick up debris on highways or clean toilets in some craphole. don’t put him in a position which would give him access to any animals!

  10. T- says:

    I hope you keep your eye on this brat. ANYONE who has to be told hurting an animal is not right……has a problem. 1. No heart, 2. No soul. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS MONSTER alone with any animal!!!!
    Kudos for you wanting to try to rehabilitate him….. but I don’t see that happening. At his age, he KNOWS right from wrong and just does not care.


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