Teen admits to beating his dad’s dog to death

Teen beat his dad's dog to death
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A Tennessee teen has admitted that he entered his dad’s home and beat his dog to death. According to Sunday’s WATE News, the suspect in the cruel incident is identified as 19-year-old Skyler Griffin of Oak Ridge.

Griffin allegedly committed the crime early Friday evening – aside from viciously beating his father’s dog, Griffin also admitted to the authorities that he had set things on fire in his dad’s living room before going back to his own home.

The disturbing incident has resulted in a multitude of charges against the teen, including vandalism, arson and cruelty to animals. Griffin was taken to the Anderson County Detention Facility after being arrested. No word on the young man’s motive.

(Booking photo)

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  1. If I had spawned that maggot SOS, I would disown “it” for life. The sleeze bag was probably pissed cause the father refused to fund it’s drug habit.

  2. This Cretan needs tried as an adult and put in jail for 20 years “to start”. This is barbaric and insane. If you are mad, BEAT A TREE, not a dog. Seriously????

  3. This is one sicko!!! Lock him up forever and lose the keys…….

    Deserves to be disowned and disinherited…… With a relative like him, who needs enemies???

    There is a special place for this POS in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty…… hope he gets there ASAP!!!

  4. Lifeless eyes….. All the hallmarks of a savage with no regard for life. What would he have done if his father had been home? There would have been two dead bodies, not one. This soulless b*****d needs to be put down like the wild rabid beast he is.

  5. Put this “thing” in jail without any parole. Let the inmates take care of him. I am confident he will get back exactly what he did to his father’s dog.

  6. I don’t give a darn what his motive was. His actions speak for themselves. This depraved degenerate needs to be exterminated, but he’ll probably get off on probation. If that. Children and animals have no standing in our legal system.

  7. Skyler Griffin wated Dad to give him money for drugs. Bet Dad wouldn’t do that so Skyler killed something Dad loved. Bet. Lets see about prosecution. Keep us posted.

  8. lock him up for good. that’s what comes from a person when there is no discipline when young. too much spoiling. so there you have its

  9. Oh, that baby face will win him lots of friends in jail. Do the world a favor and keep him there for a long, long time. It is possible his dad is a miserable man too? Two peas in a pod? We would like to know the motive.

  10. Here’s what you do … BEAT this little POS to death. Why? Because he’s a disgusting, little ugly punk ass worthless sack of SHIT!!! It’s what he deserves!!!!!

  11. What did his “Dad” do that perpetuated this? 19 years old is NO “teen” this is a grown MAN who should know better and shouldn’t be taking out his anger he has for his father on an innocent dog! I hope they put him in jail and throw away the key. How proud this father must be of his POS son!

  12. I hope that little bastard goes to Prison and gets his ass beaten every day!!! This is HORRIBLE and he deserves to be PUNISHED!!!

  13. This disturbing guy needs to be locked up in prison with animal lovers…they will see that he gets what he deserves…..it is horrible that he did this a dog….would love to beat him before he goes to prison….!

  14. O Skylar Griffin – I truly hope that you get exactly what you deserve in jail – may every predatory inmate get a piece of your punk white ass – everyday all day long.


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