Teen who abused cows blames cruelty on ‘split with his girlfriend’

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A 19-year-old farm worker from Somerset blamed the abuse and torture of cows because he “split with his girlfriend” months earlier. On Monday, Owen Nichol appeared at Taunton Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to cows by hitting or kicking them and to causing unnecessary suffering to one or more calves by throwing them on the floor, kicking and stomping on them at Pyyland Farm near Taunton, Somerset.

In an undercover video, animal activists from Animal Equality recorded the footage which showed Nichol kicking a cow in the face, stomping on a newborn calf several times and kicking the cow who just gave birth into the gate yelling:

“I f*cking hate you you little c*nt.”

According to Metro News, Nichol’s tantrum of abuse continued for almost a half-hour. Testifying veterinarians stated the animals suffered terribly. Toni Shepard, from the animal protection organization, installed the camera on December 7 following a report from a local resident. Soon after that, the disturbing footage emerged and the RSPCA launched their investigation referring to the cruelty as the worst they have ever seen. The owner of the farm was appalled when he viewed the video and fired Nichol immediately.

“To see tiny calves and cows who had just given birth being punched and kicked and sworn at in such an aggressive manner, I found really shocking,” stated Shepard. “We are pleased that he has been convicted for this terrible violence against dairy cows and young calves, and we hope that he will receive the harshest sentence possible.”

The case has been carried over until April 26 for pre-sentencing reports. Nichol’s faces a punishment ranging from community service to 12-weeks in prison.

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(Photos via Animal Equality video and Metro News.)

The video is very disturbing and may not be suitable for all audiences. Please use discretion. The video can be viewed here.

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19 replies
  1. LESLIE says:

    Let him go to prison and have all of them kick the life oit of him while screaming ….and if my wish was complete all the guards would be on break or deaf

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly – 12 weeks is a joke of a punishment for the cruelty this punk inflicted on these defenseless animals – BUT it is better than the slap on the hand of community service. This kid needs a real hard lesson and big tough inmates can give him exactly what he needs – to be the VICTIM.

      • Sheri says:

        YES!! 12 WEEKS ! The inmates will make it feel a HELLA LOT LONGER for his “brown spot” ????????????
        Punk Creep! ????????QUIT ABUSING ANIMALS!!????

  2. Patricia Green says:

    The MOTHER FUCKER needs the same done to him fuck the laws they sucks for animals !!! people need to take it into there own hands and get rid of these fucking POS all of them!!!!

  3. Donna Burns says:

    And welcome to our new age society who accurally teaches it is ok to blame someone else for our insecurities our addictions our violence and not happy with abusing each other the human race has always tortured the smaller the helpless the weaker when I believed in god and righteousness I used to repeat over and over again the weak shall inherit the earth
    Every time I rescued an innocent or saw a new level of atrocity that saying repeated itself
    Guess what faith is crutch for those to weak to pick up a sword and make justice happen the weak will never inherit the earth by believing in a deity that did not have the guts to fight back
    Why prosecute this piece of garbage strip him down put him in a fodder stall and let’s see how much he can take that’s justice that’s what is going to make the world change
    Not words in a book that has yet to pro e where the origins of said book came from

  4. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Community service or 12 weeks in prison? Really? This monster needs to be locked away for the rest of his life. He’s a danger to humans and animals alike. So, he abuses cows because his girlfriend split with him. I wonder if he was being abusive to her, or at least if she saw the violence in him. Now he’s lost his job. Who’s he going to lash out at now? Hoping the cows heal, although this is just what it takes to make them fear humans.

  5. maxiemom. says:

    Vile POS! Blame the girlfriend? It’s easy to see why she broke up with the scumbag! I hope he gets the absolute maximum sentence possible.

  6. Red says:

    This brat is a serial killer in the making…. and he is only going to receive MAX 12 weeks in prison??? REALLY??? Are you freaking nuts? To do what he did for over 30 minutes to animals who are contained and can not get away…and he receives WEEKS as punishment? The judge who gives him this tiny punishment should be held responsible when he actually KILLS OR HURTS a human!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Community service or 12 weeks in prison? Wow what a punishment. I have to wonder why his girlfriend broke up with such a “catch”. One has to wonder how he was treating her! I hope he gets the 12 weeks and has to room with an animal lover, hopefully he will get some of the punishment he was doling out on those poor cows and calves!

  8. Jennifer Burton says:

    Nope nope nope. What those animals went threw what fucked up punishment is this. No animal nor baby is safe with a fungus ass like this on the streets. Come on law get it together. You already proved animal abusers kill humans. Lick them up throw away the key.

  9. Colleen says:

    Oh I have something to say and its to that worthless troll – I’m not sure what motivates pieces of shit like you to beat on defenseless animals but make no mistake, your nothing but a shit eating coward! Bitch, you better learn the difference between right and wrong since its totally obvious whoever raised you failed miserably.


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