Elephant swept out to sea

Swept out to sea – struggling elephant discovered miles from shore

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In a world full of troubling news, it is refreshing to encounter a situation which highlights the best of humanity. On Tuesday, someone aboard a Navy patrol boat spotted something unusual in the water off the coast of Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia.

According to multiple sources, the unusual object turned out to be an elephant who had been swept out to sea – the struggling animal was miles from shore, by some accounts, up to ten miles from land. Personnel aboard the Navy boat called for help and a rescue mission to save the distressed elephant ensued.

It took a great deal of patience, and upwards of 12 hours, but rescuers were able to gently pull the elephant back to shore with ropes – on land, the animal was checked over and found to be in good health. Great job Sri Lanka Navy!

Watch the amazing video of this rescue effort below.


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13 replies
    • Mark says:

      I wonder. What’s up with the night time video? They don’t show the elephant landing on shore and then there’s a video shot at night. Very curious what really happened.

  1. Red says:

    I LOVE hearing good stories!! Most of the stories on this site on gut wrenching horror stories. THANK YOU Sri Lanka Navy!!

  2. Helen says:

    There’s still goodness in the world. Thank you Sri Lanka Navy for saving the elephant. I wonder how did the elephant got swept out to sea?

  3. Star Shelley says:

    Such good and wonderful news from petsrecueport. Usually the news,are always bad. There are good people in this world.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Giant THANK YOU to Sri Lanka Navy for being heroes to this elephant – if it weren’t for your patience and commitment this animal would have died – GOOD JOB!


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