Striking German shepherd too depressed to ask for help from strangers

Striking German shepherd has lost hope
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Update: Rescued!

When Onyx, a striking black German shepherd, first arrived to the Inland Humane Society in Pomona, California, she was desperate for attention – reaching her paw through the cage of her kennel run in an attempt to get help from strangers who passed by.

Unfortunately, as time has passed, this beautiful shepherd has lost hope that the strangers on the other side of her kennel run will do anything other than continue walking down the aisle – away from her. On Tuesday, one of Onyx’s advocates posted a photo of the beautiful, albeit sad, dog, along with words describing her loss of hope:

ONYX isn’t even asking for help anymore. She is all sad just watching the people passing by her kennel but she isn’t interested on them anymore.

Please help Onyx find a person who WILL help by taking a moment to share her adoption information. Biography information at shelter website here. Facebook thread here.


German Shepherd Mix
Age (approximate): 5 year
Sex Female
Color BLCK
Available on:
(Subject to change) Dec 30, 2016
Rescue Date:
(Subject to change) Dec 30, 2016
Control Number: #I1266155

POMONA CA 909 623-9777

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  1. I do hope this lovely baby girl can find a new loving home – just goes to show that animals have every bit as much emotional capacity as we do…happiness, depression and the shades in between. I hope someone can help turn her depression into happiness ❤️ Love and prayers to you Onyx

  2. I think the poor mutt wants to get out and free himself…he doesn’t want to be contained inside a cage he wants to run and play. As dogs do.

  3. Isn’t there a GSR in California: There is in MONTANA UNFORTUNATELY CALIFORNIA won’t work with them and would Rather kill the Dog!!! Say’s a lot for their policy out in that STATE!!! They should be doing all they can to find a good place.. I have been told by Montana German Shepard Rescue that they have attempted several time to Rescue dogs from California NO DICE!!!

  4. I’m in Canada can I adopt znd fly him here I have a black lab pup black cat I would love to have this black shepherd

  5. He’s more than welcome in Oregon.That is the impression I get also. You have to get a rescue to pull dogs out of Cal.and then get the transported to your own state.I think it is extremely hard.Hope this baby finds his forever home,and I hope its forever and loving.

  6. California does have GSD rescue groups. Perhaps they do not know about her.
    Rather than disparage California groups, why not contact them and let them know about her, or adopt her yourself and transport her to your wonderful rescue group.

      • EXCUSE ME! What the Hell is your problem? I happen to have ten rescue dogs, five rescue horses, one rescue Molly Mule that my husband & I work day and night to keep warm fed, watered, sheltered and Damn Happy and Healthy! There is a Deputy Sheriff that lives down the road and stops by at times to see if we need help especially since we have 18 inches of snow on the ground!! My comment was about how difficult it is for OUT of STATE (meaning out of California Rescues, and individual’s have in obtaining and saving pets from the (again) California Shelter’s . & yes to REITERATE the Mt. GSR is a Wonderful Rescue and they have time after time tried in vain to rescue from California Shelters.It is a known fact that instead of letting a dog leave the state California will euthanize it first. .check it out for yourself. Why would I drive a 2,400mile trip to be turned away! If the California GSR don’t know about the dog . That is their fault.. not mine. Now whatever I did to tick you off. get over it! Thank you!

      • Pennysdachshund…you’re welcome. A FB friend who rescues dogs informed me after doing much research. I’m so thrilled to hear such great news.

  7. She is beautiful and loving. Someone please help her find a kind family to share her love with. Don’t let this beautiful girl die there. She has so much love to share.

  8. How can we find out if Onyx has been adopted? I have a home for her.
    Pennydaschund, I did not mean to upset you. I was serious when I said that
    your rescue is wonderful. We need more people like you who give a variety of little ones good homes. In San Diego, the shelters may not euthanize an animal without contacting the registered rescue groups, giving them the opportunity to rescue
    the animal. We are trying to get other county shelters to do the same.
    I understand your passion about rescue. Too many wonderful dogs are abandoned/relinquished because they become an “inconvenience”
    for the family. It happens especially to elderly dogs. They are “not fun anymore”.
    I wonder if they would do the same to their elderly human family members!
    Please let me know if Onyx is still waiting for a home. The site says that she was “rescued”. We refer to “rescued” as pulled from the shelter and “adopted” as adopted by a family. Which is she?


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