Street dog unable to stand after hit by car still wagged his tail for rescuers

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In Udaipur, India,  when residents in the neighborhood called Animal Aid Unlimited to help an injured street dog after he was struck by a vehicle, volunteers rushed to the scene. Originally the men thought the only injury the dog suffered was a deep laceration above his eye. Moments later, as they took a closer look, everyone was in shock:

 “There were deep lacerations across his inner thigh and belly that were covered in blood… Unable to stand when we found him, this little champ still wagged his tail when our rescuer Nandu lifted him into our ambulance,” the rescuers posted on their Facebook page.

The beautiful retriever waited on the side of the road and  seemed desperate that he was not able to stand. As Nandu slowly approached the dog dubbed Goldie, and gently lifted his hind leg, the deep lacerations and large amount of blood loss spread over his inner thighs.

Brought back to the the shelter of Animal Aid Unlimited, Goldie’s injuries were carefully cleaned and bandaged. He was given pain, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to relieve his suffering, fight the infection and promote healing. Goldie had been severely traumatized after the accident because he was unable to move; as that condition for a street dog, could only mean a horrible and slow painful death. Not even able to sit up, all Goldie could do was sleep; the veterinarian team kept him on intravenous fluids for days to keep him hydrated and to help with his serious loss of blood.Goldie Animals Unlimited2

Slowly, Goldie started to show improvement – soon able to stand on his own and showed rescuers more of his sweet disposition. Check out Goldie after two months of rehabilitation. Donations to help more dogs just like Goldie can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of street dog courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited via team’s video)






Watch the video to meet Goldie today who is so happy to be healed.

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  1. Everyone should throw them a few dollars, I donate monthly. You will get lovely emails from their correspondant Erika, and find out more about what they do over there for all animals, not just dogs. And a little can go a long way in India.

  2. India has a huge stray population! Spay and neuter programs are needed! There are rescue groups but they are few and far between! Their resources are stretched as well! Goldie is one of the lucky ones! So many aren’t as lucky!

  3. Thank you to help beautiful Goldie ???????????????? hope she find a careful Home ❤❤❤she really deserves this ????????????????????

  4. Goldie is a boy, not girl. Still it’s great that he’s on the path to recovery, and hopefully, adoption by a loving family. Best Wishes Goldie.


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