Stray pup survives unimaginable pain after ruthless acid attack

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If the photo of Honey found near the village of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, makes you wince in pain, who can even imagine the agony suffered by this dog after some ruthless individual apparently poured acid on her back? And what was Honey’s crime – nothing more than a friendly, stray Labrador retriever and German shepherd mix quietly searching the streets for food?

When a Good Samaritan called rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, they found Honey. Gently they picked her up and despite the dog’s excruciating pain, she never showed any aggression nor did she try to escape. Brought to the organization’s hospital area, veterinarians set immediately to work.

“Unimaginable pain seared through her when this sweet girl was viciously attacked with acid. All the layers of her skin down to the muscle dissolved. When we rescued her, we promised her she’d have our love forever,” veterinarians wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

The dog was sedated, and the severe wound which covered nearly half of her back was cleaned to remove all traces of the acid. Gentle salves were applied; then came the clear plastic and bandages to keep the area clean and protected. Day after day, Honey’s wound was cleaned, and not one staff member could figure out why anyone would want to hurt this gentle dog.

After one-month, Honey’s back showed remarkable progress; pure honey was applied to her wound to promote healing. Rescuers worried that the dog’s emotional and mental health would not keep up with her physical improvement, but judge for yourself. Below is Honey’s life six month’s later. To help more animals who depend on the kindness of humans, donations to this organization can be made by clicking here.

Photo and video of Honey courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.

Watch Honey’s amazing story:


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  1. Kill those evil creeps who did this I hope they will get burned in a fire & acid attack will die a painful death save the little puppy god please bg

  2. Why are people so cruel….find the shitheads and do the same.
    Honey you have certainly earned your sweet appropriate name, live life like the gift and treasure that you are sweet girl.

  3. I hope whoever did this to Honey gets it back double – they deserve to suffer indescribable pain for the rest of their life – this vile cruelty to animals by anyone proves that some people should never be allowed to breathe one breath again. I hope Honey recovers and gets a safe loving home.

  4. There are assholes everywhere.Thank you AAU! Not only do you help and save these dogs you also give them hugs and kisses. What a great organization!

  5. I saw this story on you tube a few weeks ago,so awful!! Kudos to another amazing rescue organization,I love them and follow their work GOD BLESS HONEY


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