Stray mother dog traveled 2 miles a day to scavenge food to feed her puppies

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Not much could be stronger than a mother’s love for her babies – and particularly a stray mother dog who area residents say traveled two miles a day to scavenge food so she could feed her puppies? And that’s when Krystle Woodward, the owner and founder of Pinky Paws Animal Rescue in Fowler, California was told about the neglected dog who had been seen wandering in the area and then mysteriously heading back to care for her newborn puppies.

Krystle had heard about the stray nearly two months ago, but no one had been able to capture her, and it wasn’t until last Thursday that life would change for a devoted canine mom, dubbed Betty Boop and her ten tiny puppies:

 “I trapped Betty Boop on my break at work. To find she later escaped. Thurs on my lunch break, hubby rushed with the van we trapped and saved Betty Boop. After 30 people saw her over the past 3-4 weeks scavenging for food in city limits to go far back miles in the country to feed her pups. Then after work I stayed late night at the vet. Had to make sure she didn’t have infection. I cried all night after Dr said she was nursing. I kept thinking about all those pups suffering a painful death starving,” Krystle wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

By Friday, however Betty Boop continued trying to escape; she ran outside and tried to climb the fence. The nursing mom had to try anything to get back to her puppies. And so Krystle’s mission to find the puppies commenced. According to YourCentralValley, the puppies were found underground in the basement of an abandoned home. Woodward called her friend’s son, Kenneth Stoen, a Freemont Elementary School student, to help rescue the pups from underground.

All of the ten puppies are healthy and have been named -Amber, Citrine, Copper, Jade, Jasper, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Rubyloo and Sage.

“Just her trust in me to show me where her puppies were,” said Woodward. “It really touched my heart that’s why I love them so much and we’re their voice.”

The puppies will be available for adoption on May 1. Let’s help find these babies some homes; will be giving their first shots. They are 6 weeks old. 
There are seven girls and three boys. One boy is black and two are brown. They are pit mixes.
If you would like to donate and help, please click here.

(Photos and video of stray mother dog and her puppies courtesy of Pinky Paws Animal Rescue)


Check out how Betty Boop trusted her rescuer and led her to the puppies:

10 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    WOW! What an amazing video!! God bless these wonderful kind,loving and compassionate people! How great it is to see the children involved,it’s a great education for them and we will have two more kind and compassionate humans in this life who will no doubt contribute to the well being of animals in need of a better life! WONDERFUL VIDEO????

  2. Karen Elliott says:

    Great article. Thank you Krystle and all your helpers, and Pinky Paws Animal Rescue for taking them all in.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless these amazing people finding Momma Betty Boop’s babies and saving them. Krystle Woodward and Pinky Paws Animal Rescue are true angels!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      That precious baby, she wanted you to save her puppies, what a beautiful girl she is, I wish her and her pups only the best, they are so lucky you cared enough to help them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.

  4. Denise says:

    I am so glad you were there to save the mother and her babies. May God continue blessing you and your husband. Y’all are AWESOME!!!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    FINALLY a STORY THAT IS ONE OF JOY AND HAPPINESS>>>THIS IS ONE DEVOTED Momma DOG>>> I hope they all get wonderful and caring homes…


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