Couple arrested for stealing shelter puppy

Stolen shelter puppy found, couple arrested and charged

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A puppy, stolen from a shelter in Lake County, Florida, has been found and the couple accused of stealing her were arrested and are now facing charges. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Department, the eight-month-old pup, named “Kendrick,” is back safe and sound.

Animal Services updated worried Facebook followers on Friday:

Thanks to the amazing and quick detective work of LCSO, we’ve safely recovered Kendrick and our suspects are in custody!

The puppy was taken by a couple identified as Justin Geoffrey Kates, 28, and Michelle Ashley Barbee, 29, on Thursday afternoon. Shortly after the theft, Animal Services took to social media to try and find the missing puppy, as well as the people accused of stealing her – a Facebook post read:

Yesterday afternoon our shelter had a theft occur during business hours of a 8 month old bull dog puppy mix named Kendrick. Obviously when something like this occurs we have to make sure we are accurate on the facts of how this occurred and who is responsible. After investigating with our resources and witness statements we have obtained photos of the responsible parties . Please know that we are actively looking for this puppy and the two pictured individuals.

According to the Central Florida Wire, tips led the authorities to Kates and Barbee – the couple’s motive for stealing the puppy is unclear.

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  1. Cherryl Gallo (@CherylGallo5) says:

    I’m obviously grateful the puppy is safe, but there’s CRUELTY OF THEE EXTREMES ON FACEBOOK…DAILY, OPENLY…WOTH THE SCUMBAGZ’ UGLY F’N FACES RIGHT F’N OUT THERE…AND NOBODY INVESTIGATES SHIT!!! But the authorities r ALL OVER a FUCKING stolen puppy! ??? Yes, important…but, SUFFERING ANIMALS BEING TORTURED…???

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank goodness they found the people that did this and the puppy is now safe. I hope they have a good long time in jail, it will give them plenty of time to think about what they did! They need to pay for such actions!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    While I SURE Do agree with Cherryl about the horrific abuse issues that occur (Florida ONE of the LARGEST IN THS COUNTRY) with apparently nothing being done in 99.9 % of the cases… I am really glad this little girl was retrieved so fast …AS the same thing very well could have been in store for her!!!!


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