Stolen German shepherd mentor dog Murfee found dead

In Castro Valley, California, the German shepherd reported to have been stolen from the front yard of a woman’s property while she was home, has been found dead. According to the Facebook page, FIND Murfee, the dog was found on the woman’s property in one of their cars. The individuals who stole the dog allegedly returned Murfee into one of many cars on the Jacobson’s property.

The heartbreaking post read:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we have found Murfee. He is deceased. The people that took him put it in the car on JJ’s property and we do not have much details other than this. He was found this morning when JJ drove out with shade to drive around. Please say a prayer to JJ and Pat that they find a little peace.”

On April 30, Murfee. the three-year-old therapy was reported stolen.  The very friendly pooch, who had been a rescue himself years before, mentored other rescued German Shepherds on their social behavior before being placed for adoption. At the time of his disappearance, the micro chipped dog had been wearing a lime green collar with identity tags. According to the family, the dog had been outside between 3:30 and 5:00 pm.; anytime after that he disappeared. The fence in the yard was too high for the dog to jump over.

Jacobson filed a report with the Alameda County Sheriffs, who were investigating, however there was no evidence the dog had been stolen since there were no surveillance cameras or witnesses. No other information has been made available.

Rest in peace boy.

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