Staten Island man who tortured girlfriend’s dog upset about bad press coverage during sentencing

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A Staten Island man, who tormented and tortured his ex-girlfriend’s 15-pound dog, was sentenced to nearly a year in the Ocean County Jail, Toms River, New Jersey.  Nicholas Piccolino had pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in May, and on Friday Superior Court Judge James M. Blaney sentenced Piccolino to 300 days in jail, probation for three years and barred him from owning any animals during that time. In addition, he was ordered to complete an anger management course, undergo a substance abuse evaluation and comply with all recommendations.

According to the Herald Courier, the small Bichon Frise named Booshu had become  Meghan Nadeau’s dog after her mother died. The dog had been the love of her mom’s life, and the sweet animal fit right in as a sweet living memory of her mother. On August 19, after Meghan had left the dog with Piccolino that day in her Seaside Heights apartment, by the time she returned home, the dog was unconscious. Piccolino told her that 10-year-old Booshu had suffered a seizure and he had performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. By the time, Booshu arrived at the veterinary hospital she was dead.

Piccolino had various versions of what happened to Booshu. A necrospy revealed the dog had died from multiple rib fractures, bruises all over her body and had missing and broken teeth. After the initial story of the dog suffering a seizure, came alternate claims of Piccolino accidentally dropping the dog, claims the dog bit him and that he threw her to the ground and her death in self defense.

The reports Heidi Tannenbaum-Newman, the assistant Ocean County prosecutor, stated a neighbor had heard the little dog “whimpering for her life.” Just before he was sentenced, Piccolino apologized to Meghan, and told the court how he was hoping to turn his life around. He also complained about the negative press coverage he had been receiving.

(Photos of Staten Island man sentenced via Justice for Booshu Facebook)

Rest in peace little one.

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  1. That POS deserved a much tougher sentence than what he got!!! Hopefully someone will make him their “b@tch” in jail. I’m so sorry little Booshu….

  2. Jails can serve their own brand of karma, let’s hope that happens and he doesn’t make it out of jail alive.

  3. Negative press coverage should be the only thing he is concerned about. He is a murderer and when neighbors heard that poor dog, the police should have been called even if a false alarm. Hope he gets what he so rightfully deserves in prison each night by his fellow inmates. RIP little Booshu. Hopefully justice will be serve for you.

  4. Negative coverage for what he did? Boy, you obviously got let off easy by the press. Having the nerve to complain??? Maybe someone will teach you a lesson. I can only hope!

  5. Oh how I wish we could hang him on the town square before sunset tonight! I don’t care how much counseling he gets he will NEVER change and the fact that he is so freaking worried about negative press really shows where his priorities lie,and it’s certainly not about being sorry,or changing his disgusting ways or about doing better! He should not be allowed to breathe air!! Such an evil,evil monster!

  6. He was upset about the negative press coverage he got? Why isn’t he upset about being a filthy, murdering POS COWARD who killed a 15 pound dog for no reason? He’s lucky he wasn’t lynched! He deserves to be EXECUTED! He certainly deserves more jail time. I hope he doesn’t leave the place under his own steam.

    • Oh boy…..would love to have all of us greet him before prison……we would see he was taken care of…..

  7. Let me guess…… this woman had no FREAKING clue this A.H. she called her boyfriend was a nut case? She had never seen any signs of him abusing this precious pup???? REALLY?? Rest in peace sweet baby and find your true guardian and owner waiting at Rainbow Bridge for you.

  8. If that had been my precious furbaby, I would be on trial for killing this POS……..

    RIP precious furbaby, you deserved to live a long happy life and it was stolen by this POS (who will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty to you)……

  9. This POS should have more to worry about than “negative press”. This lowlife liar, is a blight on society and no amount of rehabilitation will ever cure what ails him!. If I were Meghan, he could take his slimy self and apology and stick them where the sun don’t shine! I don’t know how she lives with the fact this monster killed her mother’s little dog, I think I would have taken the law into my own hands!

  10. That jerk deserves all the bad press we can give him. He is a loser and a puppy murderer and should stay in jail forever. He is a proverbial pimple on the ass of humanity.

  11. Negative press coverage, oh you poor darling FREAK of nature cruel bastard. Would like you under a jail. Not punished nearly enough. Shouldn’t be allowed to suck up air.

  12. Put F==== Sh== who did this to the dog in prison. This was a horrible cruel inflicting pain case of animal cruelty! Someone knows who did this. Don’t be a coward, speak up for this poor dog. Do the right thing. I shared this story all over the world so that the F==== Sh=== who did this will go to prison.

  13. There are Dog Lovers in Prison that will take care of this Scum Bag. Karma works in Ways you don’t know. I hope the Judge gives Him Years in Prison.

  14. Omg… many excuses did this POS have… so sad for the loss of the dog……!! And what a brutal way to die!! Broken bones….teeth missing……put him in a prison with all the dog. Lovers and lets see if they can take care of his teeth and his bones……poor little one…..what an awful way to have your life end…….!!!!

  15. You can explain your self to new jerseys prison residents.
    Over lunch.
    And be for bed time.
    Killer of helpless things.

  16. I hope EVERY DAY this subhuman scumbag is in jail is one of abuse, rape, intimidation, and cruelty in every form possible – a shank in the back is definitely in order. Let this bastard become a victim – just like he dealt to an innocent defenseless dog.

  17. What a poor excuse for a human, he says exactly what he thinks people want to hear. Thank God the judge didn’t listen although the sentence should have been much harsher.


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