Starving dog resigned to death had surrendered to ‘the fates’

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Shanti was a suffering, starving street dog in India, and when first discovered she had fallen into a sewage ditch. The senior had an enormous, infected wound on the side of her head and neck; the flies and maggots swarmed her face, yet she never moved. She just sat in the shallow water and had resigned to death – and there she waited for her pain and her life to fade away.

When local villagers notified Animal Aid Unlimited to help, rescuers arrived and wrapped her in a blanket as they gently lifted her out of what was to be her destined tomb and transported her back to the emergency hospital area. Shanti was completely helpless, and had the organization come to her rescue that afternoon, she certainly would have died in that concrete drain – her energy so drained, she could not even muster up the strength to lift herself out.

Treatment immediately began on her massive wound; a powder was applied to kill the maggots, but it would take several hours for the powder to work before veterinarians and technicians could clean the wound. Clearly dehydrated, she was administered intravenous fluids which she would remain on for days. And on her second day at the hospital, Shanti was sedated, and the thorough cleaning of the wound began.  The dead maggots were removed, the wound was debrided and carefully bandaged:

“If there ever was an animal on the brink of death, it was this sweet girl when we rescued her,” the organization posted on their Facebook page. “It was an uphill battle to get her strong enough to eat on her own to stand and to heal…. But after 6 weeks of treatment meet beautiful Shanti today:

Shanti wouldn’t be alive today if not for the generous help of supporters.

“She would have died alone, confused, in terrible pain and so scared in that awful sewage drain. The suffering she was enduring when we found her was unimaginable and something most of us will never come close to experiencing in our whole lives. Thanks to your help we were able to stop that suffering and replace it with comfort, healing and love.”

To donate to help more dogs just like Shanti, please click here.

Photos via screenshots of Shanti – resigned to death, from YouTube courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Shanti is one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately in the Middle East animals as a rule don’t fare very well! Dogs are killed in a regular basis by multiple means! Myself and my group go on a regular basis and rescue as many as we can. We provide free spay and neuter and help at Animal Rehat and the other 2 shelters set up by Best Friends Animal Rescue!

  2. linda says:

    These rescuers have good karma. Thank you so much for saving this beautiful dog. The bad karma are for those that walked by and did nothing. Kudos and thanks again to a great organization.

  3. Linda Patton says:

    Animal Aid….. you are true angels who walk the face of this earth. Your tenderness and compassion for innocent animals goes beyond any words one can say. You’ve saved so many, given them life again! Wounds are healed, hearts beat with happiness, trust is regained. A special place waits you in heaven, a space reserved for only you when that time comes. I have more respect for you all then words can say. Thank you and bless you for all you do!!!

  4. Darla says:

    I watched the video and was immediately in tears. Thank you for saving her. I can’t even imagine how much pain she was in.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    I saw this rescue about 3-4 weeks ago and all of the rescues videos are hard to watch and the only thing that makes me able to watch is that I know at the end of the videos I will see that the dogs have recovered! I LOVE this rescue group! I have been following them for awhile and they are wonderful! India is such a poor and impoverished country that I amazed that they even have a place to help sick,injured and suffering dogs! I really have admiration and respect for all who are affiliated with them! God bless ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED and all who work so hard to give these poor animals a second chance at life!❤


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