Starved dog weighing 19-pounds found roaming Cleveland streets

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In Cleveland, Ohio, the heartbreaking photo of an emaciated and severely starved dog appeared on the Facebook page of Mutts in a Rut Rescue. The pup, dubbed Malachi, was rescued after found scavenging for food on Monday evening near the Rainbow Terrace Apartments on the city’s east side. Malachi from cleveland 2

The one-year-old dog, who weighed only 19 pounds, is estimated to be half of what a dog of his age, breed and body structure should weigh.

“We have our doubts that he was truly a stray,” the organization’s Facebook stated. “Someone most likely starved him and then threw him out like trash.”

The dog was spotted by a Good Samaritan, who called animal control. According to Fox25 News, Cleveland chief animal control officer Ed Jamison credited the concerned citizen for saving the dog’s life, stating Malachi would not have survived much longer because he was so weak. The rescue organization reports the dog is being fed small meals at a time and when he gains some weight and considered well enough, he will move on to a foster home until he is ready to be adopted.

To donate to Malachi’s care through via PayPal – [email protected] or send checks to Mutts in a Rut Rescue, PO Box 111335, Cleveland, OH 44111. Donations to the vet clinic can be called into the Mutts in a Rut account (216) 252-4500.

Photos of starved dog courtesy of Mutts in a Rut Rescue.

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me, just when I think I’ve seen it all, I’d like to see the someone who did this, please up-date. I will not forget..!

    • Or…some piece o’ SHIT starved & neglected this poor creature & cut him loose! This pathetic soul did NOT appear outta FUCKING nowhere! ????

  2. Gos bless you little guy. Dam the scum who did this to you. THEY ARE TRASH! Find them and make them pay for doing this. Prosecute prosecute prosecute!!! Give them no breaks!!!!! What kind of a break did this little one get from them? NOTHING. They watched him hungry and weak, starving to the brink of death. NO MERCY!!!!!

  3. Je ne peux pas croire en l’humain quand je vois la cruauté dont il est capable. J’ai toujours pensé et dis que c’est la seule espèce qui n’aurait jamais dû exister. Pauvre bébé, maintenant, je souhaite que sa vie sera la plus douce possible.


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