Starved dog with huge bedsores result of being crammed into cage

An Ohio rescue group is asking the public for help after a two-year-old  emaciated dog with raw bedsores was discovered chained outdoors and abandoned. On Sunday, FIDO’s Companion Rescue shared the dog’s disturbing photos with the deep and raw wounds on his back and rear legs. Now dubbed Amos, the group’s Facebook page did share hope for the dog’s eventual recovery:Amos the starved dog

“Amos is now on IV’s with antibiotics and being fed small meals throughout the day at our vet clinic. As we get weight on him he will need surgery to repair his wounds. Amos will be on a long journey of recovery, but we are hopeful about his prognosis.”

According to the rescue, the dog was brought into the Lorain County Pound on Saturday after he was found tied outdoors. The shelter reached out to FIDO’s Companion Rescue for help and were shocked to see how severely emaciated the dog was in addition to the open wounds identified as bed sores on his backside. Amos also suffers from cuts and bruises on his ankles and paws. Shelter staff and veterinarians stated the open sores were likely a result of the dog having been kept in a cage for extended periods of time. One can only imagine how Amos lived and suffered before he was rescued.

Donations to help with Amos’ veterinarian costs and his future surgeries can be sent to West Park Animal Hospital located at 4117 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 or directly to FIDO’s Companion Rescue at PO Box 518, Avon, Ohio, 44011. More information about donating, volunteering or adopting can be found here.

Get well soon Amos. Everyone is rooting for you and welcome you to a better life.

Photos of dog with huge bedsores courtesy of FIDO’s Companion Rescue.

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