Spring man sentenced to prison for kicking his puppy off second-floor balcony

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A Spring, Texas man was sentenced to prison for abusing his dog and throwing the pup out a window and off a second-floor balcony. Cody Tyler Tombros, 25, will spend the next year in prison after defense attorneys and prosecutors agreed to a plea deal.

The disturbing incident occurred in February, at the Dakota Canyon Apartments where Tombros was witnessed by neighbors abusing his puppy by stomping up and down on the defenseless animal, throwing it out a window and then tossing him off the balcony. According to KhouNews, this wasn’t the first time Tombros had abused the six-month-old pit bull puppy. Veterinarians at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter found previous bone damage, however his prognosis was good.

Tombros surrendered all rights to the puppy and remained in the Montgomery County Jail until pleading guilty on June 15.

(Photos of Spring man and puppy courtesy of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

The puppy has since been adopted.

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