Dogs abandoned in plastic bag at Target parking lot

Someone wrapped 2 dogs in plastic and left them in a parking lot

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Someone wrapped two dogs inside of a plastic bag and left them in the parking lot of a New Haven, Connecticut, Target. According to Wednesday’s WTNH News, someone spotted the dogs on Monday and brought them to a local animal shelter before the unthinkable happened.

The dogs were examined by a veterinarian who determined that they had been neglected before they were abandoned at the parking lot. Both of the dogs were severely infested with fleas, one has a heart murmur and both are suffering from advanced dental disease.

The abandoned dogs now have names, Amelia and Dharma, and they are receiving much needed care through the Animal Haven Inc. rescue agency. On August 16, the rescue group updated Facebook followers about the dogs:

Dharma and Amelia have a little way to go due to neglect and being found in a plastic bag left in a parking lot! However they are being examined today and obviously look pretty content with less itching and having full bellies ❤️🐾❤️❤️ They have severe dental disease, are not spayed, serious flea infestation, and poor lack of nutrition which has resulted in walking badly. Thank you to the amazing team at Guilford Animal Medical Center

Donations for these neglected dogs can be made at this link to the rescue group’s website.

(Screenshot via WTNH News and FB page for Animal Haven Inc)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Humans are such depraved idiots. Were these dogs breeders and then discarded. People who do this should be given the exact same treatment they’ve given these dogs, and if they survive, jail time.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    What sweeties!!! Glad that they were rescued before being killed (chihuahua vs. car…… chihuahua loses 99.99999% of the time)……..

    Wish they were in CA, we would love them……

    Thank you very much for your wonderful help, all those kind people who are helping these precious little treasures………

    Hope they can be both adopted together into a loving furever home where they will be treated as beloved and treasured family members.

    As for the POS who abandoned them……. a special place in Hell is waiting for them…… they will burn forever for their cruelty……..

  3. Helen says:

    These two babies are so cute! I’m glad they were found and receiving medical attention. As for the POS that did this heinous act, may you rot in hell.

    • Rose Rodgers says:

      Thank God and the person who found those babies. I hope whoever left them to die, goes to hell and may God never forget these monsters and what they did

  4. paula calabrese says:

    what sick psycho paths would do this to innocent animals i I’d like to stuff them who ever did this give them the same treatment back.. Karma is a real bitch i hope Karma gets the person Good!!!!!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Who or rather whatever neglected, abused and dumped these two innocent animals will hopefully get back exactly what they gave – NO MERCY. May the remainder of their life be one of intense suffering – they deserve it.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Precious,precious,beautiful Dharma and Amelia! I’m so sorry for ur life of hell,u are both treasures,priceless gifts from God! Both of u will now get to experience what real love is! I WANT TO THANK THE PERSON THAT SAVED THESE SWEETHEARTS❤️ AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ANIMAL HAVEN INC. FOR STEPPING UP FOR THESE PRECIOUS GIRLS❤️ GET WELL SOON DHARMA AND AMELIA❤️


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