Family dog left to die on porch

Someone shot family’s dog – left her to die on porch

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The authorities in Multnomah County, Oregon, are hoping to find out who left a Corbett family’s dog to die from a gunshot wound. According to Thursday’s KATU News, “Mariah,” a five-year-old Cocker spaniel, was found on Tuesday, bleeding from a head wound on the porch of her family’s home after someone shot her between the eyes.

Mariah’s owner, Victoria Purvine, told KATU what could be seen on the injured dog’s x-ray, “You could see that it looked like someone had pointed and it had gone through and lodged down. She added, “You deliberately shot her between the eyes… It’s not like this was an accident. You had to have wanted to do that and I don’t understand that.”

Purvine told KATU that Mariah weighed just 17-pounds and noted that her size wouldn’t make her a threat to anyone, so she is baffled as to why someone would decide to pull a gun and deliberately shoot her.

The Purvines moved to the rural area of Corbett to enjoy their freedom – they told KATU that they now “feel like they need to live behind a fence.” Multnomah County Animal Services is leading the animal cruelty investigation. Anyone with tips should call animal services, or the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

(Photo screenshot via KATU)

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    • Brenda Minarik says:

      Think that is already on the table do you realize this is an everyday accurance and it is most frequent people in general are taking their anger out on defenceless animals these are sick demented individuals that need to be locked away from Society they are a threat to humans as well neighbourhood watches should be in place to protect the animals in your neighbourhood see anything suspicious call authorities be Vigilant????????????????????????????????

  1. maxiemom says:

    THIS is why you never let your dogs outside unless you’re out with them no matter where you live, and YES, you have a fence for them even in the country. There are too many scumbags out there who will shoot their neighbors’ dogs for the hell of it, and trust me, I’ve known more people capable of this who live in the country than in the city or a town because it’s a lot easier to get away with it, and many of them are so called hunters who have a terrible disregard for the lives of every animal.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Exactly. It is difficult to find the culprits of such crimes in the country where space is vast and houses have a wide berth with each other. Pet animals should be watched day and night if they are taken outdoors.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    It doesn’t matter where you live or how you try to protect yourself and your pets. Some people with guns have no regard for you or your pets. A pet is just an animal to kill and use as target practice. I would venture to guess if you got in the way, your life wouldn’t matter to them either. Rest in peace Mariah, someone killed you and knew where you lived as you were left on your porch. I hope the get the bastard that did this, they don’t deserve to be walking among good people!

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère que que cette ordure sera retrouvé rapidement et qu’il payera très cher cette assassinat. Ces résidus de capote devraient être éliminé. C’est un danger pour la société.

  4. Dee says:

    Sicko. Put your fence up and guard your pets with your life. People have no regard for your dog. Sad but true. So sorry about your baby

  5. Cathy Rolley says:

    Were the vets able to save her or did she pass away? so sad.These kind of people are just evil cowards not fit for society.Anyone who does these horrible things to animals will do it to humans too.They say it is a felony so we should start making the sentences for these evil worthless cowards fit the felony charges.If we can’t kill them then at least fucking give them life without parole.Get tough on these worthless cowards otherwise turn them over to us animal lovers who will give them what they deserve.I hope this little dog is alive and getting better.It sounds like they found her on the porch and took her to the vet so I am praying she recovers.And I hope they catch the scum that did this.Let’s see how big and tough you are in prison when their sticking a broom up your ass.


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