Soldier accused of shooting veteran’s emotional support dog at close range

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A soldier, allegedly with the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Bragg, has been arrested and charged with killing a dog after authorities stated he was involved in the shooting of a veteran’s emotional support dog. An arrest warrant accused Jarren Heng, 25, with animal cruelty and conspiracy. 

According to the Fayetteville Observer, the dog’s brutal death was videoed by the soldier and the dog’s owner. The dog, named Camboui, was shot five times after having been tied up and killed at close range. The dog’s owner has been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The couple took the dog to a remote area and both took turns filming the egregious deed. The owner then shot her dog multiple times with the rifle. In one of three videos, Heng could be heard stating:

“Let me hit him once!”

The owner then dragged her dog’s body away from the tree and buried him in a shallow grave.

A Facebook page titled Justice for Cam shows the disturbing videos, and according to the moderators of the page, explain the  disturbing situation as follows:

“A lot of people are getting upset that this video is posted here. You do not have to click play and watch it but let me clarify something. Marinna Rollins is trying to claim that the dog was sick and suffering and that she did this out of Mercy. The video has been shared, to prove otherwise, because we don’t want her to get off easy for the crime she committed. This was clearly not mercy. The videos are also labelled as graphic.”

“As graphic as the videos are, they tell Camboui’s story, that he was unable to do. Many people thought he was going to a new home, and family. These videos prove otherwise, that he was brought out to a wooded area, shot multiple times, and then beaten and dragged to a shallow grave. Like a piece of trash, not a well taken care of ESA. His body is still out there, somewhere in those NC woods.”

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Cumberland County Animal Control investigated the shooting. The dog’s owner has not been identified by authorities, nor has she been arrested or charged as of this time. 

Heng’s bail was set at $5,000.

(Photos of veteran’s emotional support dog and Heng via Facebook -Justice for Cam)

One of the videos can be viewed here. Please understand the videos are graphic and extremely disturbing.






Rest in peace Camboui







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  1. Do the world a favor, take Marinna Rollins out to a wooded area, bludgeon her, shoot her multiple times and don’t bother to bury her, just leave her for the animals to tear apart and chew on – the only emotional support this bitch needs is a blast to the head.

  2. Jimmy Singleton that lives in Bedford Kentucky area did the same thing to a Lady that’s a shooting victim in southern Indiana he took her dog out and shot and tortured the dog and nobody has done a thing to him

  3. OMG, that’s sickening. I cried. That poor defenseless dog. I hope the owner is also charged. RIP, Camboui! ????????

  4. OMG I’m still crying. Wish I hadn’t seen the video! I doubt she needed a service dog. She’s laughing! What a C*nt! Sorry, but, I can’t think of any other words to describe her and her character!

    • Don’t apologize Tina that is the first word that popped into my head when I saw this skank killing her poor dog and then laughing about it.

  5. She shot first and multiple times and she hasn’t been arrested?!!!!! Let me take her out and shoot her in the head multiple times! RIP fur baby. Your owner had you fooled. POS, Bitch, Scumbag and yes tina she is a C*NT!

  6. I didn’t watch the video. I want to tie both of them to a tree, take a shot gun to blow out their knee caps, let them suffer for awhile, and then shove the gun in their mouths and blow their head off! This is street justice! Rest in peace Camboui. Run free, no one will hurt you again.

  7. Just when you think the stories of animal abuse can’t get any worse, then you see a story like this! These two are monsters! PTSD my foot, there is no excuse for behavior like this and they BOTH need to be arrested. These two pose a danger to society if they can laugh and video as they murder Camboui. Rest in peace precious boy, I hope and pray there is some justice for what they did to you!.

    • THEY NEED to BE placed in front of a firing squad!!!!! NO blind folds like the poor dog watching was was going to happen to him!!!!! this is almost ISIS inspired!!! What the Meth heads did!!!

      • JUST THINK there are probably MANY MORE tike these two in our Armed forces!!!!! they don’t go thru mental health screening and testing ( I don’t think prior to entry)!!!!!

  8. Omg …i made the mistake of trying to watch the video….sick to my stomach and sobbing … that poor poor baby.
    I know it’s not right,however, from deep in my heart i wish the scum couple has the opportunity to have their favorite person die the same way…or just light these bitches up and slow cook them but dont forget to salt the wounds when you put them out…then light them up and salt repeat until the screamimg stops…then justt to be sure start over.
    May they life the way hurt that poor dog. What f**king loser scum . I pray each of their famy member die the same way as that poor baby.
    Rot in hell scum.
    I am going to assume this wo t be posted…its a wish , a hope and a dream.

    • Hi Leslie,
      I am actually one of the close family members to Jarren, and trust me, I am just as disgusted as you are. But to say that you wish his family members were all killed the way that dog was breaks my heart. We do not agree with anything he has done, however I do not think you have the right to bring the family into this.
      My family is embarrassed and we certainly do not condone his actions.

      • I REALLY do Feel Sorry for you and your other family members::: How WELL ( nurse RN of 26 years in alcohol, drugs, and mental health issues) I know that in the majority of these horrific cases of Criminal Cases the family are also victims of the Psychopathic Minds of Jarren…I only hope YOUR FAMILY Thinks and STANDS UP for JUSTICE using their Brains instead of their hearts!!!! Jerren is DANGEROUS to SOCIETY at LARGE ( including EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU, YOUR children, adults , elders) he has NO SOUL!!! weather it be drugs, or biological … HIS and HER next victims could be in the hundreds!!!! Too bad they didn’t riddle each other with bullets after they Tortured , YES NO different than ISIS that poor, frightened and undeserving of such ruthless inhumane butcher of that dog… Watching that makes it plane to any NORMAL HUMAN these two NEED to NEVER SET FOOT OUT IN SOCIETY AGAIN>>>>Don’t go in there and fall on the floor pleading that this is JUST a ONCE in a lifetime breakdown!!!! IT IS NOT!!! EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES!!!!

  9. Ces sous merde doivent être abattus à bout portant, ils ne méritent pas de vivre, se sont des assassins, des parasites, et les parasites on les élimine. Pas de pitié pour les barbares, CONSANGUINS.

  10. I can’t bring myself to watch, but can just imagine how horrific it is. I want people please to still share so this poor dog gets justice, and these 2 sick retarded fucks go to jail. Maybe they can hang themselves in jail if they are suffering from PTSD.

  11. IF THIS ROTTEN, LOW LIFE USELESS PIECE OF FLESH GETS OFF…… I WILL GIVE UP ON THE JUSTICE SYSTEM…. THIS BITCH DESERVES TO BE TAKEN OUT, STRUNG UP AND BEAT…….. CONSTANTLY UNTIL SHE IS READY TO DRAW HER LAST WORTHLESS BREATH. Let her down, give her some water and let her recoup…..then string her up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well then Red u can start now to give up on the justice system because in all actuality they most likely will not be punished,unless u think the constant standard “fine and probation” is punishment. MAYBE JUST MAYBE because they are in the military they will get a measly month or two in a jail cell but don’t hold your breath!

  12. No way am I watching. They arrested one of the POS, so hasn’t the bastard turned her in? They both deserve to rot in those same woods- take them out and leave them tied to a tree where wild animals can find their well tied up (preferably live) bodies. Then let nature take its course.

    • Something like make it mighty hard to try and honor our military personnel, Thank God they all aren’t like this.

  13. This piece of shit owner… emotional support dog? Meaning, he’d never betray her or allow harm to come to her? Oh I’m sorry, this is what Pit Bulls do anyways!! And these 2 low life scum bags defend our country? I’m so pissed I can’t stop shaking after watching this defenseless soul have 5 bullets pumped into him. RIP sweet baby boy!! As for the 2 POS’s that did this? There’s a special place in HELL just for you!!!

  14. WOW!!! This POS outright PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER IS IN OUR ARMED FORCES & ALLOWED ACCESS to NUMEROUS WEAPONS!!! Just what our country needs…. his partner in crime should be tied up to that same tree along with him and PROVED the SAME CARING COMPASSION that poor! poor! dog was shown…. These two need to be REMOVED FROM SOCIETY… This in my own humble opinion WAS JUST A PRACTICE KILLING to prepare FOR THE NEXT PREY!!!! a School full of Children, a McDonald’s at LUNCH TIME, A Mall… They both are totally into MURDER and TORTURE… HELL I BET THEY went and had SEX after they did the HORRIFIC TORTURE TO HER LOVING PET>>>>>

  15. HUMANS are the disease of this world. People like this needs put down immediately. I am so angry right now……Please find these creature and put them in jail for life. They didn’t mind taking that dogs life, who did nothing but trust them.

  16. I don’t understand why these POS’s couldn’t simply take the unwanted furbaby to an animal rescue group.

    Therapy and emotional support animals are trained (& there are waiting lists)…..

    No need to kill….. rehoming is a much better resolution…..

    These 2 POS’s disgust me…. Hope they are locked up forever with animal lovers who can provide them some painful “special attention”…….

    Hope the rest of their useless lives are filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since these POS’s are a waste of resources……

    RIP angel. The monsters who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…….

    • They didn’t bring him to a shelter because they WANTED to kill him and they enjoyed it. There are sickos like that out there unfortunately.

  17. The f****** owner needs to be charged, too. They need to be forced to disclose where they buried the dog – this precious soul deserves better than this. It sounds like the dog might not have even been dead when buried. They need a necroposy to determine just what the dog went through. It’ll help with the charges against the two murderers. I worry that we have people like this in our military – they are supposed to be protecting us, and yet they can do something like this? Horrible!

  18. Devil himself????????????????
    RIP ????????????????
    Wish u monster born here and in the hell where deserve to stay and rot there

  19. heng and Marinna Rollins were laughing. do the same thing to them—> we’re talking sick, sick, sick with a real need for forever incarceration. NOW. And no damn ptsd, or oh I’m on meds or drunk or i have anger issues—>PUT THESE WORTHLESS SACKS OF FLESH AWAY FOREVER—> OR JUST FRICKIN’ SHOT THEIR ASSES!!!

    • I come from a military family (Army, Navy, Air Force). Easier to count “non-vets” than vets……. All of my relatives love animals and rescue them as often as possible (not just dogs and cats, but wildlife too)……. Service and assistance to all living beings is our family “mantra”……..

      I don’t think these POS’s are in any way typical of military services personnel……. No one I know is like these POS’s…….

      I admit I can’t understand these POS’s and why they were so cruel…….

  20. I hate these people….you have a pup that is for your emotional support & this is what you do to repay his love….I pray when the judge sees this video, he punished them to the highest extent of the law and never never let them have a pet again. They did not deserve this babies love. RIP as you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge….

  21. I just had a very scary and unsettling thought….since that poor dog was an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG…and she did those unspeakable sickening things, I BET she goes fir insanity, due to her emotional issues, which is why she had an emotional support dog. .therefore she is ill and gets off .
    I hope and pray some scum lawyer do not come up with that defense. ..please someone tell me I’m wrong…I’m over thinking this. .
    Please let there be some form of justice for the poor angel.

    • You make a good point!!! Our system sucks!!!! His family will state that he was under control of his evil girl friend and he is a church going, nondrinker, no drugs a virgin, and planning to become a priest / minister for youth in the near future…… and then he gets off and kills all of them in the blink of an eye!!!!

      • The justice system is money driven. With any luck they are dead broke and have no one to help with legal fees.

    • It was her husband’s dog, however, she had Cam for a year and she registered it as a ESD. Look into the FACE BOOK page “JUSTICE FOR CAM”.

  22. Why she has not been arrest? You can see that was a woman that shoot the dog . Mercy my ass! Let me show her what is mercy ! I think she should had taken the dog to the vet if he was sick , and being euthanized was mercy . How can people help to put them in jails?????

  23. Another article I read said this Rollins woman is the one with PTSD. Which I think the video is evidence she is FAKING to get a disability check from the VA. I think her PTSD claims should be investigated for fraud. She did not appear the least bit traumatized at shooting that dog.

    • Does anyone have any idea of the twisted reasoning behind why these two children of Satan killed this dog?

  24. How could anyone in their right mind do such a thing, this poor defenseless dog had no idea what was about to happen…he, i am sure just assumed he was going on a walk with his owner and she betrays him like this. she states her actions were a “mercy killing” but she shoots him 5 times and kicking him, laughing throughout the whole thing and then hands the gun over to her lowlife piece of shit bf who also shoots him several times. this was straight up over kill, they did it to get their jollies off in my opinion. no dog, especially when they only want to love and be loved should ever have something so heinous done to them. I hope and prey they suffer for the rest of their lives and have nothing but pain and misery brought upon themselves. i myself though on the other hand given the chance, id fucking drag them both out to the woods, leashes tied around their necks just tight enough to keep them alive. I would then of course tie both of them up to a tree and continue shooting them with my paintball gun until an entire box of 2000 was gone. then, i would just torture them in such horrific ways, they be begging me to finish them off. but i wouldnt give into their wishes….i would pull all their fingernails out, including their teeth, i would chop off their ears, her tits and his prick. then i would presume to cover them entirely in raw meat and let the coyotes and wolves sniff them out and for once finally put them out of their misery, let the wolves rip them to pieces all while bleeding out and still alive. but before i left, i would be sure to pin a huge picture of CAM up on the very tree he was tied to and i would sew their eyelids open so they can see him while they are being mauled to death by the pack of wolves. ROT IN HELL YOU SICK SONS OF BITCHES…HOPE YOU BOTH DIE THE SAME WAY YOU KILLED THIS DOG WHO ONLY LOVED YOU, AND TRUSTED YOU, AND YOU FUCKING BETRAY HIM BY DOING THIS. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING BITCH!

  25. I feel so, so sorry for this poor little guy and hope so much that heaven exists because that would mean he is there right now, running free and surrounded by friends and love.

    I’m NOT in any way condoning what these two did, but they actually seem insane. The laughing as he was dying and then telling the dead dog she loves him really does seem insane. Maybe she thought she was sending him to heaven.

    Regardless, that dog deserved better. And I read this on another article and it makes me want to cry: “The Cumberland County Animal Shelter posted on their Facebook page in December: “Please someone show this boy what a real loving forever home is. He is super-friendly, very sweet, calm and loving. He just wants someone to love him and give him a chance.””

    He just wanted someone to love him and give him a chance. Just…why did he have to end up with these two crazies? He deserved so, so, so much better. It makes me wish I had gotten my hands on him even though I don’t live anywhere near there. If I’d known this was the alternative, I absolutely would have taken him in and given him the home he deserved.

    I have all the empathy in the world for the mentally ill and have suffered from mental illness myself, but this is something else. What happened to this sweet boy was unacceptable.

    Poor baby. I hope you are up in the sky now, running free and happy.

  26. Some where in my life i heard that one culture believes that…
    The animals you’ve met in life meet you at heaven’s gate and they decide your fate.
    Boy i hope that is true. …they are screwed. .(.i think I’d be ok tho!)
    I like that line of thinking.
    Rot in hell you waste of flesh…one down one to go.

    • It’s hard to believe that this woman repented and accepted a saving relationship with Jesus Christ before she died so she most likely is burning for all eternity (not rotting) in hell. People who watched the video of those two evil subhuman creatures killing that poor dog said she simply acted evil. She complained to the police that the dog was costing too much money to feed.


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