Outrage after social media post

Social media uproar after woman tries to sell senior dog as ‘bait’ dog

A Facebook user has caused an uproar on social media because of a post which indicates that she intends to sell her senior dog to someone as “bait” to a dog fighter. The user, going by the name Amy Sue Rita, wrote:

I have one for bait. She had pups 9 times. She is slow and old. Perfect for bait.

Suffice to say, the callous statement has created a great deal of outrage. The Facebook user’s profile states that she works at the “Hate Factory” and that she lives in Rochford (United Kingdom).

Another Facebook user has stated that the bizarre and heartless comment is part of a hate challenge – something people do to see how much “hate” they can generate.

Comments left by the Facebook user on Saturday include, “Yeah free country , but I can’t sell a damn dog?” With angry responses stating that you can, but not to be tortured and killed by a dog fighter. The Facebook user going by Amy Rita responds that the dog is “her property.”

The actual fate of the dog is unknown – there are reports that the local authorities are investigating the situation.

(screenshots via Facebook)



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    • Cherryl Gallo (@CherylGallo5) says:

      I don’t fb, but this POS & others nd 2 b set up & ARRESTED! They clearly deserve WORSE…MUCH…but authorities need 2 get off their asses & take a proactive approach 2 MOTHER FUCKERZ like this! So…real, or not…it DUZZZ HAPPEN!

      • ellen cottone says:

        You are so right.
        We may be being “Baited”. in the Not too distant past this was Not Uncommon off craigs list . It was revolting and common practice and it was adressed and perps were set up and it just drove them a little deeper in hideing.

  1. Carol Cracchiolo says:

    I hope this woman is arrested and charged for cruelty . Such an inhumane act deserves harsh punishment. I hope Karma catches up with this sicko

  2. Animal says:

    Hope she “sells” to an undercover cop. I hope the U.K. has strong animal cruelty laws and this b)$&h gets prosecuted.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Thankfully the UK has good strong animal protection laws. I hope the dog will be found and taken away from this evil barbaric female and that she will be punished and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      • ellen cottone says:

        I actally thought ontemperary was a real word. I was inpressed and in context it was a bold and impressive statment.

      • Catherine Staffy says:

        I’m shocked! The UK has animal protection laws but doesn’t the authorities enforce them? The UK is strict about a certain type of breed.

    • ellen cottone says:

      What? The country that invented pit bull fighting? The country that still rips apart a red fox at the end of a fox hunt. That country?Are tou kidding They invented Torcher and kaos for and humans and animals. This country invented the torcher chamber . Were barking up the wrong tree if we expect england to step in

      • Catherine Staffy says:

        I’m talking about ontemporary English laws not the Middle Ages medieval ones. I know in some aspects Britain has feet in the past.

      • ellen cottone says:

        The detachment is hard wired. They dont think like we do. Its what they think,
        Has worked for them.

  3. Margaret Williams says:

    And not only does this stupid bitch wanna sell
    her dog for bait. Theres some jerkoff texting her perfect and to IM him!!! Wtf is wrong wit these people. They should be hung by there throats

  4. Re says:

    I would say it that the authorities should intervene take the he dog and as for the ones who would buy fine or charge them maybe that would teach them a lesson or maybe Facebook should remove these fellons

  5. Kimberly says:

    She needs jail time weather this was a joke or not! This isn’t something you joke about at all. To many innocent dogs are being abused or being turned over to people that want to fight them. Jail time would teach her a lesson!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    If this is actually a ‘hate challenge’ – then this bitch has certainly won – if this post is true, she is definitely going to run into someone who will give her exactly what she deserves – a major beat down.

  7. maxiemom says:

    Too bad dogs can’t sell their scumbag humans for bait. Problem is, dogs would never think of doing such a thing even to the most unworthy of human vermin…..

    • ellen cottone says:

      Imagine, A club devoted to creating hate as apposed to combatting it on Every leval. So absolutly appalling .
      Shes another form of a terrorist. She is an attacker of normal sensibilities and common decency . She knows how deeply effected we are by her actions. She is that much of a compleat and utter bastard.Im surprised the people around her allow it.

  8. susispot says:

    I hope the local authorities were able to track down this disgusting piece of trash and get the dog away from her. Even if this is a sham post, the dog is in danger.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      I agree. We are more interested that the dog is not in danger. I hope she has been tracked and investigated.

  9. Amy Koblos says:

    All parties involved in the post encouraging or offering up animals were trolls. Pd confirmed the post was a hoax and those parties involved were merely trolls.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Who or what is Pd ? Police department? They may be trolls but can you imagine what atrocities they could commit to animals or people with their mindset? They’re pretty dangerous mentally. I wonder if an investigation went ahead to locate this sicko and her ilk ?

  10. ellen cottone says:

    Perhaps we All are being baited here. just an observation on some anomalies that culturally do not add up.

    She pleads “Free Country”
    A brit would never use the term its purly and only An american Phrase. They cant use it. The “Free country” ment free from England and it yoke of opression.. No britt would ever use it

    The Person Patrick mederos? how would he be in the U.K.?
    that would be implying his salvadorian parents, during the desperate mass exodus in the 1980s from their devestaded country paid extra money to emigrate to a country that did not speak the language, share the same religion.

    They did not.
    there would be no hispanics coming to england in the 1980s because it would be to costly and a religious as well as a language barrier also there was no oppertunity in the uk in the 80s but in america there was , we opened our doors to countrys like peru, mexico and salvadore etc. it was closer, encouraged, and there was also a large spanish speaking population and protection from the catholic church.

    Not so in the Uk a country of dont give a shit Protestians.Everybody was on the dole in england in the 1980. They opened their doors to know one.

    Aint no hispanic Patricks who deals in dog fighting.dog in the uk. that would take Property owner ship. Hispanics dont own property in uk. Big enought to hide an illigal dog fight opperation.

    amy sue rita? made up name. not an english name and its an italian and catholic name. none of those 3- names are english names. they are american. the british never use a multi first name. for a reason.
    amy, sue, rita, patrick , mederos all american and catholic names. would have no place in a country that hates catholics.

    So whats going on?
    This jack ass is wastin time and energy creating Violance and hoping to see how far it can go.
    her U.K F.B is fake so is she and her friend . they do it for jollies and they use the power of something that was common on craigs list to fan the fires. Craigs list was notorieious for these adds 10 yrs ago befor the feds stepped in.

    She means to pray of our new sensibilities and found communication with other animal advocates and sympathisers.
    Well what the Fuck!?
    Shes one of Ours. Most likely loves her dogs
    and purly hates People.and wishes them harm.

  11. ellen cottone says:

    May be amy sue should take lots of that extra time and energy and volenteer at the local childrens cancer ward.

  12. patrick mederos says:

    I happen to have the same name as the guy asking to buy the pitbull. I want to let everyone know I have NO AFFILIATION WITH HIM WHAT SO EVER. I don’t know him and I like dogs. I would never do anything to harm an animal. So just for the record, I have the same name, different person. I do not agree with what he is doing and find it disturbing. It pisses me off that he is giving us other Patrick’s a bad rap over this….

      • patrick mederos says:

        Thanks. I just wanted to clarify. I don’t people googling my name and thinking I have something to do with this…. I’ve tried reaching out to him myself and he did not bother to respond….

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