Social media outrage as woman tosses dog into Lake Erie

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A video of a woman at Showse Park in Vermilion, Ohio trying to push her dog into the freezing and turbulent waters of Lake Erie on Tuesday has caused an online outrage. According to the Vermilion Police Department Facebook, a witness became concerned when he noticed a woman walking out to the edge of the water when she picked up her dog and put him in the water. The dog was unwilling and refused to go in; again the woman repeated the same action.

The witness, Elijah Boggs, as interviewed by Fox8ClevelandNews, tried to stop the woman, and at the same time he began to video the disturbing incident.  Boggs can be heard in the video yelling:

“I said excuse me like what are you doing?”

The woman yelled back she was teaching her dog how to swim, even though Boggs told her the waves were too high and the water was much too cold. On Tuesday morning the water temperature was 59 degrees. After an unfriendly exchange, the woman left with her dog and Boggs called the police. By the next day, authorities had identified the woman and plan to consult with a veterinarian, Animal Control and local prosecutors to decide if she will be charged with animal cruelty.

(Photos of woman pushing dog into Lake Erie from Vermilion Police Department Facebook)

Check out the video. Many thanks to Elijah Boggs for being the voice for those who cannot speak. Good job!

38 replies
  1. LESLIE says:

    OMG thank goodness aomeone was there to help the dog. Hopefully the dog will be safe and taken away from that insane evil bitch.

    • Mary Ann Clark says:

      Thanks to the young man who filmed and by doing so probably saved that poor dog’s life! I agree that woman should be arrested and the poor dog rescued from this abusive and cruel owner!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a fool, I’m so glad someone came along and outed this nut case. Someone should push her into that water and see how SHE likes it. She continues to treat her dog like this, she needs to have the dog taken away for it’s own protection!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    Are you Fucking kidding me!?
    Will she be teaching the dog how to fly next? off a roof top? That dog is in mortal danger.

    • Mike says:

      Strange she chose cold temps, freezing and and turbulent waters to “train” the dog to know how to swim. Gee wouldn’t a warm season on the shores been better?

  4. pamela bolton says:

    If this woman doesn’t have enough sense to keep the dog OUT of the freezing water, then she doesn’t need a dog. How about putting HER in the water first and THEN see if she still wants the dog to swim. If she does, LOCK HER UP AND TAKE THE DOG AWAY FROM HER. She doesn’t have the sense to take care of the dog.

  5. Marissa says:

    How bout we throw her in with a couple of cinder block and teach her how to float!!! Stupid ignorant b_t_h !!! My opinion she was trying to drown the poor dog.

    • Shirley Moore says:

      Yes Marissa I was just thinking the same thing lol and anyway doesn’t she realize by putting that dog in cold water like that it could seize up and not move..give it a heart attack or possible problems of neurological issues!! She wasn’t trying to save that dog!! I sure hope they take the precious dog from her!!

  6. Marsha Squibb says:

    Fckn fat ass ought to be in that water swimming,never mind the dog!Hope she doesn’t get the dog back!!!

  7. Sharon Pecina says:

    I can not even imagine what the poor doggie went thru. Poor baby!!!! She needs to be locked up! Check her home to make sure she hasn’t killed a family members.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    She is lying and they need to get that poor dog out out of her evil clutches! I live not too far from this area and NOBODY that loves their dog would EVER do sure a thing! Now I have to wonder what she will do next to rid herself of this dog! It doesn’t sound like anything will be done about this and that is sad,I’m sure this dog will be meeting his end soon because there is no way in hell this jerk has one iota of love or concern for this poor dog!!!

  9. Angela Corso says:

    I agree with these other opinions; throw her fat ass into the water. Get that dog out of her care!!!! Just the fact that the water was too cold for the dog tells you this woman has no cognizant rationalization of how dangerous that water was for the dog! Disgusting!!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I agree with every other post – this woman(?) needs a dose of her own medicine – dump her fat ass in the cold waters of Lake Erie and see if SHE can swim – this dog IS in serious danger and needs to be rescued from her before she really hurts it.

  11. Pennysdachshund says:

    I COMMEND THIS YOUNG MAN for taking a stance with the ” Nit Wit” woman… It MAKES a difference that other’s don’t just walk away and say ” OH WELL” our Country needs more people Not afraid to SAY ” WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING”!!!

  12. Catherine Staffy says:

    I agree with all the comments. Thank goodness there was a witness. Please keep us updated. Hopefully the dog will be re homed.

  13. maxiemom says:

    Teaching her dog to swim? Right. Row her out a good distance and dump her into Lake Erie to see if she can swim so she can find out how much she likes it. Of course, it would be a teaching tool for her, not an attempted murder…….

      • linda says:

        Thank you for responding. I’m surprised the dog wasn’t taken away from her with ongoing investigations. Please update when possible thank you.

  14. Vicki says:

    No excuse from this cow! She clearly wasnt trying to teach this poor pup to swim !!! She was hoping it would drown!!! Fire the humane office, definitely a moron!!! Take the dog away pronto, she will try something else, she is a fricken nut job!!!

  15. debor33 says:

    I didn’t see where you said if the dog was taken away from her….is the dog ok? And I hope she goes to jail for a long time.

  16. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    If she didn’t intend to harm the dog, then she is too stupid to have it and it should be removed from her. If she intended to harm the animal she should be prosecuted.

  17. barbara says:

    WHAT A POS…swim my BUTT..more like drown..the humane officer doesn’t see “cruelty” well freezing water, big waves yet teaching him to swim even after he wanted no part of it and yet she pushed him again…OMG really what if that was a kid would that be Ms Humane officer????? this is disgusting and the big waves could have swept him away, and maybe that’s what she was looking to happen….

  18. Marcela says:

    How about… i push the fat fuck too and teach her how to swim??
    I should get in trouble either as the stupid humane officer said…
    Push her off a cliff to see if she can fly…
    Bunch of fucking idiots…
    Where is the dog???

  19. Joy Bohannon says:

    I can’t believe the Humane officer saying there is more to the story?? Ok, let’s wait till she kills him and then do something you idiot. Typical animal control bs.

  20. Donna Brown says:

    They have to investigate? I hope they take that dog off that lady,she was not teaching him to swim! We must be there voice she was trying to harm him,remove the dog!

  21. Shelly ruscito says:

    Toss that fat POS in the water! What in he’ll could she be thinking, other than to kill her dog. She’s to fat to drown! Fat makes you more buoyant in water.

  22. kenneth says:

    that humane officer is inept. that dog should have been taken away from her pronto. poor pooch . what are they going to do ? wait till its dead ?this world gets crazier by the day………….Lord protect this poor Dog.

  23. debor33 says:

    I can’t believe she has the dog….she will try again & next time might be successful….please remove the dog from her home.


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