5 Kittens euthanized

Social Media Outrage After Kittens Rescued From House Fire Are Euthanized

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Social media lit up in outrage after five kittens were saved from a deadly house fire in Conway, Arkansas, only to be euthanized shortly after they were taken to the local animal shelter. According to The Cabin, no people died in Thursday’s blaze, but seven pets perished.

After the fire, Capt. Rick Powell posted an image of the rescued kittens to Facebook – the photo’s caption reads:

These little guys lost their mom today in a house fire. We gave them oxygen therapy And I believe most will make it. They will have to bottle fed. They are at Conway animal shelter just in case someone is looking for a kitten.

Social media users who were celebrating the rescue of the kittens were heartbroken to discover that all of the kittens were euthanized shortly after arriving at the local animal shelter.

LaTresha Woodruff, Public Information Officer for the Conway Police Department, told the Pet Rescue Report:

One of the kittens died on the drive to the shelter. After exhausting her options for care for the others, the shelter director made the decision she thought was best under the circumstances.

Many people question the official response and believe that the kittens were put down because the shelter is not equipped to handle newborns.

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Kittens thrown away like garbage


50 replies
  1. maxiemom. says:

    This is DISGUSTING!!!!! After something like this happens, there are ALWAYS people who will take those kittens in voluntarily to care for them. It happens every single day! There is no excuse for killing them! I’ll just bet that if that bitch had even asked the firefighters, she’d have found that at least one of their wives would have been willing to do it: maybe even one of them had a pet who had babies of their own. Animals often take care of other babies, especially if their own have recently been removed. Time was of the essence, but there was enough time to try. This was inexcusable.

    • Wendy Houghton says:

      Could it be the kittens suffered smoke inhalation ? Article states they had to be given oxygen.

      People are to quick to judge.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        “One of the kittens died on the drive to the shelter. After exhausting her options for care for the others, the shelter director made the decision she thought was best under the circumstances.” so no, they killed the rest.

      • Michelle says:

        That was the 2nd excuse for euth. The 1st was they tried ONE nursing mother, it didn’t work so they euthanized them. Have email to prove.

      • Carol Heglund says:

        So they should be killed because they had to be gived oxygen??? Wtf!! Damn right im angry and this is so wrong and that is not being quick to judge!!????

    • Carol says:

      Put there families down and see how they like it!
      Disgusting!!! What is wrong with the human race today!!! Very scary

    • Tammy says:

      That was so freaking stupid. I know plenty of animal people would have taken those babies and raised them. I have 6 I am bottle feeding, because mommy can’t make enough milk. RIP little babies. The lord will take care of the people who were stupid, and lazy and didn’t want the loving responsibility of y’all.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    You mean nobody could be found to help these kittens that were saved from a fire? Or did they even try! Way to go Conway animal shelter you win the inhumane award for the year!!!!!

  3. leona tipton says:

    horrible people….to lazy to formula into a bottle.inhumane pos..thats why i goy the hell out of of AR… bunch of assholes backwoods hillbilies

  4. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’m sure volunteers would have stepped up to help. I had to bottle feed my kitten when I found her last summer – she was just two weeks old. She’s now ten months old and happy and healthy. I actually wasn’t difficult bottle feeding her.

  5. Ilona Brost says:

    Whach exactly shelter did that? They have to be held accountable! Act like that means they have a heartless management that have no right to run the shelter. Enough outraged citizens CAN make a difference. In New York people brought the lawsuit on management of Animal Control shelter.

  6. Janie Ledergerber says:

    I take in bottle babies from three different shelters and care for them. Sometimes they don’t make it but most of them do. I never turn a single bottle baby away. I don’t care that I have to get up every two to three hours. They are living things. They are babies. I find humans so despicable that I would not do it for human babies. But kittens don’t grow up to be animal abusers. They grow up and want to be loved. I can only assume that the shelter who killed these kits didn’t even bother to look for a foster mom for them. Someone would have come forward because there are a lot of people who, like me, love the tiny kits and want to care for them. There is nothing sweeter than nursing baby kittens in the wee hours of the night and listening to their happy purrs.

  7. Elaine Briden says:

    Conway animal shelter needs new employees, decision makers. Why do those people who make that call even have a job there. She should be fired. We should start a petition to get that person fired. Stupid witch

  8. Goldie Goodwin says:

    This shouldnt have happened. Many shelters are not equipped to handle special needs baby kittens. It takes an advocate of a shelter manager to build a network of folks they can tap to help out when this happens. But so many people don’t have a clue how to do this, or even have the interest in doing that. An individual experienced in foster care for kittens with this kind of need would be able to have helped but I suspect that wasn’t even explored as an option. That network doesn’t happen overnight, but it should be an ongoing project. It[‘s very sad.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I would say if the director of this shelter doesn’t know how to find help for kittens, then they have NO business being the “Shelter Director” and should be fired! There is no excuse for this, killing tiny kittens that someone worked so hard to save from a fire is despicable!

  9. Bea says:


  10. Gail says:

    Until there are world wide laws to properly protect animals and proper punishments for those that harm animals it will carry on. Humans are the most treacherous and selfish beings on this planet. Why do so many humans have this need to kill anything to feel good and many others find it aborent??

  11. Cynthia Como says:

    Why am I not surprised? I am absolutely positive that there were options available,after all isn’t that why we have rescues? I do not think that there was any effort made to try and places these tiny newborns into a rescue. Thank u to the firefighters who saved and then revived these little innocents it’s just too bad the shelter didn’t value their little lives as much as the firefighters did! SICKENING!

  12. Harriett Fazio says:

    This is insane! How can you call yourself a shelter and then KILL these kittens? There had to be someone who would have cared for them if you even tried. Shelter director needs to be fired! Obviously she is not qualified for this position and cares NOTHING for animals. Shame on you! You are a disgrace!

  13. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    Many – if not most – shelters (even a lot of ones claiming to be no kill) euthanize kittens and puppies because there are not enough volunteers to care for them and unweaned animals need a lot of care. That’s why I have a stray cat in a spare room in my house right now who has four kittens that are fourteen days old today. I did not need nor want another cat but I didn’t want to take her to the shelter and have the kittens possibly killed. It’s just not right.

  14. Deb says:

    People here in town reached out to the shelter within a couple of hours after post, one groups was told they all died when they reached out about them, the shelter had already killed them. They have told so many lies and different stories they don’t even know the truth,
    Its sad that the animals don’t matter at this place. I can’t not tell you one good story that has come out of this place.

  15. Sally Higgs says:

    Name and shame this shelter oh please dont call this a shelter because its not i really think they have people in there that hates animals thats why they do this pos

  16. Lee Renda says:

    The inhumane animal shelter. This is what happens when animal shelter know only one way. They should have been connected with an animal rescue that has people able to help. The fire department never should have taken them there. They are killing machines. They will rot in hell.

  17. Denai Mullet says:

    They should have tried to find a rescue to take them. They always have a foster mom or two who knows how to bottle feed. I had to learn myself as part of a cat rescue.

  18. Kathleen Drude says:

    Are you for real? Evrry shelter is set up to deal with new borns they have to be, i dont know who this idiot is but she needs to be fired! Those kittens were put down for no other reason than she didnt want to be bothered! This is not the way a shelter is run!

  19. Richard Everton says:

    I’d like to know how fire Capt Rick Powell who helped save them and posted a pic of them to social media after risking their lives and working to save them by giving them oxygen feels about all this? Very very sad about this

  20. Kerry says:

    Disgusting should get the sack ..how dare they poor little babies bloody shocking i hope that person is pleased with themselves shame on you ..YOU horrible effing piece of scum ..!!!!!!


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