Handsome man adopts senior dog

Social media crazy for handsome man who adopted senior dog

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A handsome man recently adopted a senior dog and social media has gone crazy. The dog with a new home is “Donuts,” a nine-year-old pit bull mix who was recently diagnosed with cancer and his new owner, the man who gave the senior dog a home, is Matt Evans.

Donuts’ plight was initially posted to followers of the Susie’s Senior Dogs Facebook page and then, the same popular page updated fans that a home had been found – the photo of Donuts’ new dad inspired an outpouring of admiration for the handsome man.

On January 16, Susie’s Seniors alerted fans that the senior dog had been adopted – photos of the pair lit up social media (shared over 20k times so far!):

It’s official! 9 year old Donuts, who was diagnosed with cancer while still at the shelter, got ADOPTED!!

We are so thankful to Donuts’ new dad Matt who has taken him in to give him the best of what life has to offer, even with the understanding that Donuts time may be limited. Donuts is still in the early stages of his diagnosis but living in the shelter was very hard for him. And he didn’t want to be there any longer. Matt scooped Donuts up this weekend and they’ve already started living life as any dog would dream — chasing squirrels, long walks and man-to-man talks!


On Thursday, Susie’s Senior Dogs commented on the unexpected outpouring of attention the post (and the handsome adopter) received:

When Matt adopted 9 year old Donuts this past weekend from Ark-Valley Humane Society, he clearly had no idea the outpouring of love that would come their way. He and Donuts have fallen right in to step with each other, doing all the things that humans and beloved pets like to do. The only thing Donuts needs help with now is learning how to relax on car rides, advice and tips are welcome!

According to 9 News, Matt has been overwhelmed by the response – he even had to turn off the comments on Facebook because his mom was reading and some of the posts were “awkward.”

As for the dog at the center of the story – he is going to have the cancerous tumor surgically removed and after that, he is expected to be “cancer-free.”

(Photos Susie’s Senior Dogs Facebook page/Ark-Valley Humane Society)



15 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    I cannot stop crying for what Matt did to adopt Donut. Matt you are a true angel for him. Bless you and wishing the both of you a life of love and care. Prayers for Donut to be cancer free.
    love you both.

  2. Darla says:

    Matt is definitely handsome…..on the inside, too, for adopting a senior dog who he knows has a medical issue. I hope Donuts comes through surgery just fine and that the cancer is gone. My best wishes to both Donuts and Matt for a long and healthy life together.

  3. April says:

    Not to dismiss both of their obvious outer beauty, but the TRUE beauty of this man lies deeper than his looks. It’s the GREAT BIG heart he has to see past the age and health issues and LOVE donuts unconditionally. To give him a happy life.

    Thank you sir.

    Best wishes to both of you.
    Xoxo xoxo from ventura ca.

  4. Rosemary Walsh says:

    Matt. Try some “Calming signals” with Donut. First, take him to the car and sit with him.
    Read to him. Do not turn on the car motor. Look at him and turn your head from side to side.
    Then yawn a big yawn and lick your lips. Gently, slowly scratch him at the base of his ears, then on his chest on each side of his sternum. (Breast bone). Do this a few times.
    Next, repeat with the car engine running. Each time watch for his response to your signals. If he turns his head, yawns and licks his lips, you are on the right track.
    He may lift a paw and place it on your arm. Another “calming signal”. He is “talking” to you the way he talks to other dogs. Next, drive the car down the driveway or down the street, only a few feet. Again, watch to see if he is comfortable with this. Each ‘ride’ should be short and calm. No high activity. You are teaching him that car rides are
    safe and easy. Do not coddle him…. ie don’t console him. To do so tells him that you
    are afraid as well. Be very “up” with him in a soft, gentle manner. As he adjusts to each
    ride, increase the distance and time. Watch for drooling and the desire to go to the floor.
    These are signs that he is stressed and perhaps carsick.
    Best of luck with Donut and congratulations for adopting a Senior Pup. Far too few people are willing to do so and far too people dump older dogs, who have been faithful to them for so many years, and are now considered no longer fun by these heartless people. It’s disgraceful. And they should be careful that it is not done to them when they are older!!! Best of luck to you and Donut, Matt


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