Snapchat photos of cat being drugged with ecstasy creates online backlash

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A man and two teenagers from Cowichan Valley have been charged in a disturbing case of animal cruelty and possible cyber-bullying. Joshua Lemire, 20, and two teenagers – a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl are alleged to have drugged and abused a neighbor’s cat with MDMA (ecstasy), shaving off the cat’s coat, bleaching her hair and then throwing her out the window. They have been charged with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal.

Sharline Haglund said her one-year-old calico cat, Gigi, ran out of the family home in Duncan on Monday. That same afternoon Haglund stated her daughter started receiving disturbing Snapchat videos and messages about their cat being tortured. Early that evening someone found Gigi and brought her back to her family. According to Sharline, everything the men stated in the Snapchat video they would do to her cat, they did and has called the disturbing situation an extreme case of cyber-bullying against her daughter.

  • Gigi had been shaved
  • The number 666 had been written in her ear
  • There were bleach marks on her fur

The story has since gone viral. According to ChekNews, many people have identified the unnamed teens and many of the social media posts have threatened violence and even death. According to experts, posting a threat to harm or kill someone on Facebook is a crime in itself, even if you don’t carry out the threat. In addition, identifying underage teenagers is illegal.

“The Youth Criminal Justice Act makes it an offense, punishable by up to two years in prison, for identifying a young person who is being dealt with pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.”

Police are cautioning people not to take justice into their own hands even though a young, innocent cat was harmed. It’s important to let the justice system handle the crimes.

Gigi has tested positive for the drug ecstasy.

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  1. Assholes! I lost one of my 3 cats on Thanksgiving Day! So heartbroken. I knew being 17 yrs old she was not doing well, but,she was active and I thought I had enough time the following week to have her PTS before she suffered. I am hurting. I have had PTS my beloved Elvis on 1/1/2017, Prima on 1024/17 and lost Lambi on 11/23/17. My comfort is that they were loved and love was returned.My surviving 2 cats…especially Hector is missing Lambi.

  2. The trouble is there is no justice for animals in this society. There are laws but rarely enforced. Prosecutors and judges don’t do their job…criminals run wild, crime triumphs. Serial killers start out hurting and killing animals. Doesn’t anyone get it?

  3. it’s a crime huh???? Tough shit! Try and convict me. I’d love to see all the vile cocksuckers DEAD!!!!! Maybe “IF” the fucking legal system actually DID something to the assholes who hurt or kill animals were “ACTUALLY” punished then people might not want to take revenge against them. They either get away with it completely or a slap on the wrist. You ever hurt my pet … you are going to be sorry. Because I’d make sure you never hurt another one again. I do NOT FUCKING care how old you are.

  4. The authorities can caution all they want about people taking justice into their own hands BUT since the damn judicial system is well known for doing nothing to punish animal abusers those that care are sick and tired of hearing the same BS while watching these dirtbags get away with it over and over. These frigging punks need to get a severe dose of street justice since that seems to be the ONLY punishment they will get.

  5. Three more worthless pieces of walking, talking, sorry excuses for humans. Not even 21 and already sicko losers. All three are perfect reasons why abortion isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  6. Studies have shown young people who hurt animals will eventually start hurting children then adults. That they are psychopaths and there is no cure or help for them.
    That when young people like this are not severely punished for their actions it reinforces their anti social behavior that they can do it and get away with it.
    We all need to write the police dept demanding they be arrested and charged, the DA demanding they are charged to the full extent of the law and demand to ask for the max sentencing and the Judge demanding that they give them the max sentences to run concurrently.


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