Snapchat horror: Dozens of reports of animal cruelty reported on popular site

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The RSPCA (England and Wales) have received dozens of reports of animal cruelty witnessed by children on popular Snapchat. According to the RSPCA, the animal protection organization has seen a 340% rise in reports of “brutal cruelty”; labeling it Snapchat horror.

Statistically, in 2015, there were 27 reports of animal cruelty after parents saw videos on the mobile phone app and reported them. By 2016, the amount of complaints rose to 69 – a 155% increase in cases. In 2017, the emergency cruelty line has already reported 119 complaints. Special Operations Unit (SOU) fear the social media platform has been making these cruel torturers  feel “invincible” because it is so hard to trace them since the videos disappear after 10 seconds. Fortunately authorities are now able to trace 80% of the videos reported, and police are attempting to educate parents and children concerning violence against animals and how these traits can lead to violence against humans.

According to the Sun,  some of the heinous acts of cruelty included a guinea pig being thrown down a staircase, a goldfish blinded, a horse fed cigarettes, a sheep beaten to death with a golf club, a puppy thrown into a river and a goat pulled repeatedly into an electric fence. The RSPCA researcher stated:

“Videos often include youngsters laughing as they inflict the injuries or text is layered over the top to suggest that they have found it entertaining.”

Some of the other incidents reported included a tortoise fed drugs, a squirrel set on fire (shown above) and a fox cub’s throat slit.

At the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, a group of three teens were caught on surveillance video torturing some of the animals last week leaving them traumatized just for ‘kicks.’ These are all animals rescued from neglect and abuse, and slowly they were starting to come around and trust people again. One of the horses was force fed cigarettes. When his caretakers arrived the next morning, the horse was so terrified, he refused to be handled. A goat was seen pulled by its horns into an electric fence.

“On the 1st of August 3 youths entered the sanctuary out of hours and took snapchat photos of themselves pulling our innocent goat, Nathan onto an electric fence and tormenting him. They continued on to then push one of our beautiful pigs over and traumatized them. The horses were extremely distressed and CCTV footage showed the horses running away from the youths so we are sure they suffered at the hands of these abusers also. They continued to trespass around the sanctuary for over an hour…”

In addition the young thugs also stole items from the sanctuary leaving the property a mess.

“We appeal for anyone who may have information which could aid the investigation, to make contact with PC Rob Anderson at Grays and Brentwood Local Policing Team on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555.”

The RSPCA continues to investigate complaints of animal cruelty.

(Photos of Snapchat horror via RSPCA)

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9 replies
  1. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They are not children if they do these atrocities and they should be executed like the serial killers they really are! They are an extreme danger to all of society!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    AND exactly WHAT is the RSPCA doing about this increase in animal cruelty – their usual nothing – this organization is totally incompetent and they keep proving it daily. Their lack of action when they are fully aware and able to help an animal is downright deplorable. These giant so called ‘animal protection’ organizations both in the U.S. and Great Britain are very good at raising money and not spending it on those that deserve it. Donate to local animal charities – they are the ones that desperately need your support. Check how much, or rather how little these huge charities actually spend on animals and you will be shocked at the minute amounts the animals get – then see the giant salaries the CEOs and upper Management receive.

  3. Pam says:

    And I agree with. Nancy. Help the small places. People making money from saving excuse me. Boarding animals is nasty plain simple. Really help or go away.

  4. JustMe says:

    Sick psychos!!!! Sad state this world is in. Where the HELL are parents????? Rules???? Punishment???? RESPECT??????ACCOUNTABILITY????? Find them and teach them. Keep them locked up by all means otherwise it will not phase them!!!!!! Senseless cruelty lacking any normal empathy!


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