Skin and bones puppy found guarding his best canine’s friend decomposing body

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Meet Spyder; because he is still alive, volunteers call him a skin and bones Halloween miracle. Rescued from a county shelter in Laurens County, South Carolina, staff employees contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. In a heart-wrenching story, animal control officers told co-founder of the rescue organization, Jackie O’Sullivan, the emaciated puppy had been found guarding his best friend who apparently had also been thrown away.

No one knows how long Spyder had been left on his own to scrounge the streets and local backyards looking for food, but when found, he had been carefully guarding his best friend, who had tragically succumbed to starvation as well as the merciless outdoor elements. That puppy, however had not been as lucky as Spyder; his tiny body had already been decomposing. Still Spyder stood watch.

“Can you imagine?,” Jackie wrote on the organization’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon. “This sweet, loyal puppy – skin and bones himself, covered in open sores, fighting to live, stayed by his friend rather than moving on, looking for food and trying to save himself. And he stayed with his friend awhile!”

Although it was a heartbreaking discovery to have found Spyder’s companion, this young survivor needs everyone’s attention. Today, Spyder can finally rest easy. With medical care, food, water, shelter and love, this little boy’s life is beginning again. He will remain at the emergency veterinarian hospital until his condition is stable and then move on to a foster home.

(Photos of skin and bones puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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8 replies
  1. Red says:

    I am really starting to dislike all the monsters in the world. Anyone who abandons, surrenders, abuses or kills an animal are MONSTERS…..horrible, useless waste of human life.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    The abuse in the Southern Part of is “UNITED STATES” is so horrific maybe the southern half should succeed from the rest of the nation and become joined with Mexico… since so many act like heathens they should belong to a country that welcomes this abuse and torture… And they call themselves American’s !!! Our country was founded on brave, and individual’s with compassion, respectability, responsibility,!!! What the Hell is happening ( other than drug abusers) to make it seen like dumping our pets, starving them, torture , maiming, is a daily ritual ???? . We are fast approaching becoming a 3rd World Country… Shame on US !!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example of the lowest forms of life – HUMANS – this little dog stood by his dead friend because animals have something not many humans do – COMPASSION, LOYALTY – two little dogs treated like garbage but did not desert each other – This is heartbreaking – no wonder I am an animal lover, humans for the most part aren’t worth it.

  4. susispot says:

    It is interesting that he looks so much like Chamberlain. A dog abandoned and starved to the brink of death left chained in an overgrown backyard. Prayers for a speedy recovery.


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