Six dogs perish in hot security van in North Carolina

six dogs died in security firm's van
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Six dogs, said to be German shepherds and Belgian Malinois, perished this month after overheating inside of a security firm’s van. According to Thursday’s WAVY News, the dogs were part of the Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina.

The privately-owned training facility owned the dogs who were specially trained for security work. Several handlers were fired after the tragic incident, which took place earlier this month. According to WTKR News, several dogs (according to an anonymous insider, the number was 12) had been placed inside a van which was equipped with an air-conditioning unit.

The handlers had hoped to cool down the dogs, but something with the cooling system went awry and by the time anyone checked on the dogs again, six were dead. A necropsy confirmed that the dogs who died perished from effects of the heat – outdoor temperatures at the time were reported to be in the 90s.

Constellis, a provider of security services, owns Academi. Paul Donahue, COO of the company, told WAVY News that four training facility employees have been fired as a result of the deadly incident. An internal investigation into the situation was conducted and no malice on the part of the employees was found – but a violation of company procedures resulted in the employees’ termination.

Details about the incident have been held under wraps for most of the month – an inside source was able to spark local media to investigate just this week.

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  1. This makes me sick! Those 6 dogs lost their lives because of the actions of irresponsible trainers! More needs to be done besides firing these idiots! When are people going to learn you cannot depend on a vehicle’s air conditioning. We see way too many of these reports where the vehicles air conditioning failed, They should NEVER leave dogs like this!

  2. Disgusting…….

    Just can’t fix stupid……. you don’t leave kids, dogs, or disabled people of any age alone in hot cars…….

    RIP poor furbabies……… sorry humans failed all of you…….

  3. I will NEVER,EVER grasp the amount of stupidity that so many humans possess! Could it be that everyone involved in this tragedy pits ZERO value on the life of all dogs? This is an avoidable but unforgivable act! Really sick of this cruelty!!

  4. Didn’t the handlers checked if the cooling system worked before leaving the dogs in the van? Besides being fired, the handlers should also pay for the replacement of the deceased dogs. Maybe other handlers would think twice before leaving dogs in a hot van.

  5. Thanks to irresponsible, incapable and plain stupidity six dogs died. These jerks should be made to replace and pay for all the dogs lost due to their lack of brain function. ANYONE with an ounce of common sense would know to check BUT apparently that was not a prerequisite to being hired.

    • So true… sick and tired of these animals and children dying in hot cars!!!!!!! Where are their brains when they do this?? Obviously they have no common sense….i would love to have them sit in a locked car…air goes out…and watch what happens! I am so sad!!!

  6. This was simply stupidity and uncaring people. THEY SHOULD ALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE and never allowed to own or have pets ever again!!!! SHUT THIS IDIOTIC EXCUSE of a company down. Who would want these monsters to be their security in the first place???

  7. some employees now a day are not very reliable, lazy and just don’ t care , they do not think . How sad is that. Rip to those beautiful GS. All that training for what.

  8. Everybody involved should be fired! What stupidity is this? It’s just unimaginable that any person could be so damn stupid. Even with air running you still need to check to make sure it hasn’t quit for some reason. Assholes in North Carolina. I guess the southern folks really are a little “slow” compared to us Northerners. Damn shame.

  9. I wouldn’t have trusted the air conditioning, therefore, I wouldn’t have left the dogs inside of the van. Someone ought to check as to why the air conditioning wasn’t working.


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