Sir Troy: Abandoned in a cage on the streets and now sentenced to death at NYC shelter

How does a friendly, middle-aged dog with a wiggly butt in spite of his dermatological issues, dubbed Sir Troy, be abandoned in a crate and left along a residential street in Brooklyn wind up on Monday’s euthanasia list at New York City Animal Care Centers? Speaking with his expressive eyes on Monday morning, Sir Troy addresses everyone regarding his bad luck:

“…Please find me a home today. I heard them say my time is almost up. I loved my family, but they put me in a crate and left me on the streets. My nose poked through the wires as they walked farther and farther away until finally they were gone. My heart sank and I never saw them again.”

Although Sir Troy might no longer be that adorable little puppy with the black button nose and the playful paws, it is hoped someone can see past his bruised little body and capitalize on that heart just filled with kindness and love. A volunteer writes about this dog, who she says is impossible not to love.

“He is in need of some dermatological TLC, but his tail is such a wiggly blur and his eyes are so soulful that you’ll hardly even notice. He sees a friend in every new face, welcomes help scratching his itches and shows his thanks with kisses and paws-in-the-lap. He is super treat motivated, usually takes them like a gentleman, and already knows ‘sit.’ He’s been fine when we’ve passed other dogs on our walks, has been easy on the leash and seems housebroken. Most of all he’s impossible not to love.”

Follow Sir Troy’s Facebook page here. He is described as seven years old and weighing 58 pounds. This dog can be adopted out to anyone in the public, but will need medical treatment for alopecia and related skin conditions. A veterinarian examination is recommended to diagnose and prescribe treatment.

“Hi, I’m really hoping you will like me, that you will be my friend, that you will pick me even though I’m not looking my best right now. ..He has proven himself to be an absolute darling at the shelter. First, he simply knocked his assessment out of the park, getting ALL COVETED 1’s across the board and a platinum AVERAGE rating, meaning he is good to go to a family with kids and even other pups who are calm like himself. He walks beautifully on leash because, after all, life is not a race – you have to take time to smell the flowers! He sits so patiently and nicely for treats and has a smile that could light up the cloudiest of days. But Sir Troy knows that this is it. He has been on the list before and despite all his charm, and kindness…”

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Don’t make Monday, this dog’s last day to see the sunshine and the smiling children at the park.

SIR TROY, A1120364 is available to be reserved on the ACC website until noon on Aug 7

SHELTER EMAIL (only if you can pick dog up personally)
Address: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY New York
Operating hours: Adoption starts at noon till 8 p.m., (6:00 p.m. on weekends)

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. (Photos and YouTube via NYCACC and volunteers)

Check out this little sweetheart on YouTube:

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  1. Maria says:

    What is wrong with humanity! No wander I love animals more than humans. Because it must be the easiest just to put animals to sleep then to look after them.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        Sir Troy was dumped on the street, and NYCACC will make sure he is dumped on death row. The compassion and/or care in this hell hole is nonexistent.

    • Tannja Johnson says:

      Simply and sadly because they can only speak with their eyes, their body movements, & their pleading cries, if only they could scream like humans, it would be consider d barbaric and inhumane. I don’t know how animal lovers can put 1000’s of pets into a gas chamber every year in this country. My job would become my nightmare as that is a horror that would never leave my memory or my subconscious. So tired of seeing the seemingly increasing number of animal abuse cases. So much so, that they are able to post the horror pictures of what the rescuers have to see Day in and day out. This makes nursing look like a cake walk, in my opinion- & im a 21 yr veteran of the nursing profession . Will this ever, ever stop? As long as there is little time for the crime, then I’m afraid that these beautiful animals will continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the evils of mankind. ????

  2. Ann Dolak says:

    Donna Caryso Eckman wanted him read on his fb page.I hope she saved him .I didnt see an update as of 12:20.The killing started at 12pm.????????????

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    NYCACC is notorious for the lack of time given to any animal unfortunate enough to be stuck in this hell hole. They kill them daily, healthy adoptable, mild tempered, old, young, makes no difference – No animal is given a fair chance at all. Sir Troy deserves a safe loving home BUT with Risa Weinstock in charge, this will never happen.

    • Erin says:

      What group!!!!!?????? If you are looking for attention by making this comment and it is not true, you just cost thisd dog it’s life!!!! I called shelter……it does NOT look like your info is correct. If I am wrong, please update and have my apologies. If not, that is shameful!

    • Erin says:

      Why did you spread this info????? He was not safe! Please show where you found your info. Otherwise, you may have cost this dog it’s life. You didn’t just post this here! You went to a few sites and posdted he is safe. That does not look like it is the case. Why?

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        You people need to be proactive yourselves! I called, why don’t YOU call yourself! He was picked up on Thursday (the 10th) by a rescue, don’t you people READ?????????????? Also, notice the times the posting were done, man you people! Stop blaming me, TINA did YOU call? If you didn’t call, shut your mouth.

      • tina says:

        Pamela I was not commenting to you. If you hadn’t jump to conclusions you would have noticed my statement was under Josephine’s comment (8/7). Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Btw I share every post on dogs that need rescuing. You shouldn’t ASSume we are not proactive. May I suggest you read comments carefully and to whom they are written to?

      • Erin says:

        I was just going to say the same you did Tina. My comments were to OP (Josephine), originally. If people would pay attention to the time frame and with whom we are speaking, they wouldn’t take it so personally. And, yes, JOSEPHINE made her post before the dog was actually rescued. Seems she has a habit of this as “Josephine” has appeared on other sites doing claiming dogs are “safe” when they are not.

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        For everybody that was wondering about this dog, a rescue stepped forward on Monday and they picked him up today! Maybe you should have called the shelter to find out for sure?

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        I don’t know what rescue stepped forward, didn’t think to ask, didn’t you ask when you called. 🙂 All I know is what I was told, the rescue picked him up yesterday.

      • Erin says:

        I JUST Called Pamela. He was changed to SAFE on the 9th. They said he WAS still on the destroy list on the 7th….which was Monday.

      • linda says:

        I’m confused since Sir Troy’s FB page has been gone since 8/8. I have no idea if he was actually rescued…..even shelters don’t tell the truth. When I’ve called in the past I get different answers for the same questions

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        A rescue stepped up for this dog before he was euthanized on the 7th but he was actually picked up on the 10th. He is safe.

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