Sick puppies purchased on Craigslist dying

In Las Vegas, dozens of puppies have died after purchasing them from Craigslist. Not long after a woman came forward crying over her dying puppy, than other victims of the tragic situation began to speak out. According to Fox News, another puppy purchased in March has been at the veterinarian hospital after suffering seizures:

“It was like a tone of bricks,” stated the woman who still waits to hear about the condition of her husky-mix puppy named Titan. “It was really sad to know it wasn’t just my puppy, but a lot of people that it happened to, that had gone through the same thing. You get a puppy for happiness, bring it home into our home for joy like I did for my daughters,” sadly described Gretta McCall as she described her search for a husky breed.

Gretta had been following the adoptions of husky puppies on Animal Foundation and as she and her family hurried to the rescue to adopt one, the last pup had already been re-homed. Of course, after the children were hoping for a puppy, Gretta stated she turned to Craigslist, and although she admits she initially had a bad feeling when the man insisted they meet in a parking lot to meet the puppy, and when the man drove up in a BMW with the license plates removed, she still agreed when she instantly fell in love with fluffy Titan.

Exuberant over the adorable little pup, it was only days later, they noticed he had worms. It was many veterinarian trips and thousands of dollars later, yet Titan wasn’t improving. And on Tuesday when the dog began to have seizures, she rushed him to the veterinarian hospital again where he is now fighting to survive what might be distemper.

The Nevada Voters for Animals is supporting the expenses for the surviving puppies, but wants something done about this alleged operation where sickness prevails and owners are left heartbroken. The organization posted their position on their Facebook page early Thursday morning demanding action from authorities and have been asking other victims to contact them:

“DISTEMPER OUTBREAK??? We are asking authorities what constitutes an outbreak and who declares it. We are asking Metro, DA, and all animal control agencies to come together (task force) and aggressively pursue, investigate and prosecute this ring of diseased puppy sellers/abusers. We are also asking they put out detailed info (press release or press conference) to the dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of victims on what they need to do if a victim. FOR NOW, we are asking all tips to come through Nevada Voters For Animals via private message. Stay tuned for updates!”

Please don’t buy any animals off of Craigslist. More on this terrible situation here:

Update for sick puppies

Posted by Nevada Voters for Animals on Wednesday, April 5, 2017


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  1. linda says:

    Force Craigslist to stop posting anything having to do with ALL animals! No doubt these pups are being raised in puppy mills.

    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      That’s definitely the way to go linda. It’s the only way to stop scum that are using it to sell all sorts of diseased animals, not just puppies.

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Craigslist is reprehensible. They only care about their god, the dollar. I have never gone there and have no intention of ever doing so. Las Vegas NV is my home and only a maggot sleeze bucket would advertise on that site. I’ll keep my mouth shut about the type of people who buy from that site because it would assuredly be censored. Suffice it to say, buyers keep that website alive.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      This is so typical of Craigslist – they don’t care one bit about the dirtbags who post on their site. It is full of puppy mills, dogfighters and animal abusers looking for victims – Craigslist should be banned from posting ALL animals – I despise this site and its lack of responsibility for the inhumane posts it allows. They SUPPOSEDLY have rules BUT do nothing about enforcing them.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    How heartbreaking, my new husband and I adopted a puppy from a shelter in New York City years ago in 1968. The puppy got Distemper and watching our precious Tippy die in our arms was a heartbreaking experience. My condolences to all the people this POS Craigs List seller sold sick puppies too, this is not something anyone would want to witness. I hope they find the POS that sold the pups and at the very least these people can get some justice for the poor little ones who suffered so. Sending prayers for little Titan, I hope he makes it through this.

  4. Karen Dennis says:

    I don’t understand why ppl go & buy puppies from breeders who won’t meet you at their home so you can see parents etc & the environment they’ve been living in & to buy off Craigslist is even more stupid when all the shelters in every state & abroad are all full of poor pups & older dogs that have been dumped cos owners don’t want them so why not go to a shelter especially kill shelters & save lives it’s not rocket science people save those that need saving & bring total happiness to your home same goes for anyone wanting kittens/cats,I am truly sorry this has happened to these & many more pups & dogs as the POS that sells these puppies are only in it for money they couldn’t care less about the puppies welfare & health once they have the cash

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Like the woman above, she went to the shelter to adopt a puppy and they were all gone. Her kids were disappointed and she turned to Craig’s List because who knows when would the shelter get another husky type puppy. Sure she wasn’t comfortable with adopting from this POS back yard breeder but there she is with her kids wanting a puppy and the puppy was so cute she did it anyway rather than disappoint he kids again. I understand it all too well. These POS back yard breeders take advantage of people like this and it’s too bad, these poor puppies are victims too, they are born only to be sold to whoever has the money to pay with no regard for their well being or what situation they are going to. Little Titan has at least fallen into a family that is willing to get him veterinary help and I pray that he is able to overcome the distemper. It’s a sad situation however you look at it. Somehow these unscrupulous breeders need to be stopped and I haven’t a clue how you do that.

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Craigs list SUCKS!!! In Las Vegas you have to have a license to breed. So using this reprehensible “list” is a way around this. If I know of anyone doing that, I can and will file a complaint. But there is a way to send a message to this site — BOYCOTT.

    • Sherri Gardiner says:

      This isn’t true of every case! I just sold mine on there. They were vet checked, 1st set of shots and buyers came here. So Craigslist can be a great platform. It’s the buyer who needs to make sure the pup has been vet checked, what kind, and where they choose to meet.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Sherri I disagree! NO ANIMALS should be sold thru Craig’s List! I think it was about two years ago they arrested a guy in his early 20’s because he got AT LEAST 23 dogs that he SLOWLY tortured to death over a period of time,the torture was so HORRIFIC that I still feel sick every time I think about it! The bad OUT WEIGHS the good hence it being better to just NOT sell innocent animals thru Craig’s List! Better safe than sorry!

      • tina says:

        Sellers have be careful also. There are some people who buy pets on Craigslist who intentions are not so honorable. I would never sell my pet on there. Actually I would never sell any of my pets.

      • linda says:

        Cynthia I remember that story I also recall a woman who gave away her dog to him via Craigslist expressed how distraught she was upon hearing the news.

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Yes Cynthia – you are right. About 2 years ago the maggot sicko slaughtered many pets. The puke bag was in CA.

  5. Star Shelley (@shelleystar2) says:

    This is why you shouldon’t not buy from Craigslist. I wish Craigslist would not allow to sell animsls on their website. Nothing but horrible things happen to those poor dogs. They are either sick. Or abuse or use for fighting. People wake up!!!!

  6. Red says:

    ALL BREEDERS SHOULD BE LIMITED AND CONSTANTLY INSPECTED!!! These backyard breeders are nothing but slave owners… they breed the poor parents over and over until they die, then get more and start again. HANG THEM ALL. Too damn lazy to get a job so they breed and sell. COME ON KARMA….. DO YOUR THING AND GET THEM ALL!

  7. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope you find the bastard that did this and put his dumb ass in Prison. That’s the only place that SOB belongs.

  8. Deb Mill says:

    I have been trying to give away a very cute almost two year old Chihuahua (May) and his 3 yr old very beautiful mom on Craigslist. No wonder no response at all? They have rabies tags and show they are due for DAPP, but I had an older Chihuahua male get real sick with his DAPP and afraid to give Maggie and Logan one of this “batch” which may be another possible reason for deaths. (The puppy with this article looks sick. How could someone not notice?) I read online that after a regular DAPP shot DAPP is only needed every 3 yrs?, so that helps me justify not giving them a DAPP yet, especially noting my other dog’s horrible cough and fever for 3 weeks… after DAPP and Bortedella. If someone lost a dog to Craigslist, I will give you two. But Logan needs his mom, or vice versa. You have to take both. They’re small and good watchdogs. They love people after they get used to you, (they’re Chihuahuas, you have to love dogs and have patience to get to know them) I PREFER AN ELDERLY OR DISABLED PERSON, (and better if you have a non carpet home, most all dogs will pee on carpet) HOME MOSTLY 24/7 TO TAKE THEM. I’ll meet you at a dog park near your area for you to get to know them. Chihuahuas are like needy children and even need to sleep with you. (I’ll also write a note with all their “likes” .. if someone will take them, I can’t keep them here where I moved, legally) And I do have their complete shot records and rabies tags, and clothes (yes most people dress up their small dogs) Hope you can contact me email from here. If no response I will put Craigs list up again. Of course you have to be careful on Craigslist. BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FEED A DOG, OR WHAT A PUPPY GETS INTO. YOU HAVE TO “CHILD PROOF” YOUR HOUSE FOR THEM. One Ibuprofen, or human med they find on floor, some foods you leave on table and they jump up and eat it, kill puppies/dogs. A dog can get sick very easily from the owners carelessness. And there could be a string of careless owners also. (I haven’t read this article, just have heard it on news from other room and radio.. then googled)

    • Deb Mill says:

      and I just read someone’s comment about no puppies or “husky” like dogs at Shelter.. why they bought online. (According to Craigslist rules, you’re not supposed to SELL pets online) Maggie is a beautiful Chihuahua marked like a husky. she’s black with white and brown, and a white stripe under her tail. Her and Logan are neutered/spayed also

      • Cynthia Como says:

        DEB MILL ARE U FREAKING SERIOUS???? NEVER EVER offer a dog for free!!! Don’t u know that it’s the low life animal abusers that look for “free” dogs? The dog fighting assholes go get the free dogs to use a bait dogs,and there are jerks that get the free smaller dogs and cats to feed their snakes,these are just a few examples of what happens to animals that are free to whoever wants them! I am mortified that u would offer these dogs for free to who ever on Craig’s List of all places! This is the site that these low life criminals ship for free animals! ALWAYS charge for dog! I will now have nightmares about these poor poor little Chihuahuas fate! You are responsible for finding them a SAFE AND LOVING HOME! There are hundreds of rescues in every state and that’s who you should be contacting! Reading your post is very upsetting!

      • linda says:

        OMG! Please do not use CRAIGSLIST!!!! I’m also concerned about your dog’s fate if you’re going through Craigslist!

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