Dog dies Saturday morning

Shy, frightened middle-aged dog dies at 8 a.m. on Saturday

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Late afternoon Friday, the Pet Rescue Report received notice that a shy, frightened and confused senior dog in Corpus Christi, Texas, is scheduled to die at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. The six-year-old dog, dubbed “Poppy,” was found wearing a chain collar and now, she is sitting in a holding pen waiting to be taken to a “euthanasia” room.

Poppy is just now starting to warm up to people – but it is likely too late for her. The clock is ticking and with each passing minute, she is one step closer to being led to a room from which she will never walk out of again.

The dismal facts about Poppy follow:

CALL (410) 608-2195
Facebook thread here.
Petharbor link here.
SHES AT: Corpus Christi AC
ID: 286400
Impounded since 5/6/17
Time is of the essence – please network on Poppy’s behalf, before it is too late.


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  1. ellen cottone says:

    Holy Mary of Fatima, May 13th, on this holy centenial day, Please deliver her from the hands of those who destroy .
    needlessly. Hear our prayers. We pray for deliverance. Even dogs are children of God.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I am sharing this at 9:35pm EST in hopes this will help save her, I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

  3. Cristy Painter says:

    Really… Why can’t she be adopted? Because she’s scared and wants love and attention… I think it’s bs to put these fur babies down.

  4. Suzette Ging says:

    Don’t let this dog die! Please don’t put him down! Give him a chance to have a family and love!!!! It is wrong to kill him. Please be fair!

      • Rita Ceresini says:

        Shelters are not entirely responsible but they should not be killing/euthanizing healthy animals!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      They NEVER give these animals a fair amount of time to adjust – way to eager to kill them off, especially if they are senior animals. I too, John are totally sick of High Kill Shelters – they are nothing more than a death row for animals.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! So immoral,so wrong! And I DO blame these shelters along with irresponsible owners!! Why was this dogs plight not reported sooner so at least we could of made every attempt to save her? Utterly heartbreaking!

  6. ellen cottone says:

    Its a shame to destroy a creature who can come to the rescue of any special needs child family as a watcher to guard the door ways of the home. Or as a companion to a trauma victim or to watch over a dementia family member.

    She would have done the job with joy , she would have done the job with great care and commitment. she would have done the job for love and to be a part of an inside family. She would have done the job for next to nothing.

    But instead you draged her stunned and confused to her untimely and undeserved and terrifying death.
    This young Girl.

    When is the culture of killing shelter animals going to change into a dog career finishing school to fill the needs of humans that only animals can provide? For search and rescue, companian, rehab animals, the list is long and growing.
    And a cheap and natural resorce with endless potential. When are we going to open the feild of service beyond the use of just shepards, blood hounds and retreaver and border collies in use for service to humans? it turns out all dog breeds are hard wired to help and can and would love to serve along side humans. they live for it. They are born to serve and help and be a part of something
    When are we going to kill the kill line and and stop destroying some of the greatest free resorses this and many other countrys have at their finger tips. When the hell are we all going to get on board and put an end to this “Holocaust”.

    The bigest human scam in the history of the world is that we have a right over the life and death of other species who live around us. Whats it going to take for this to change. Now. in this new century?


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