Show host Chelsea Handler bids heartbreaking farewell to her rescue pooch

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While all dogs are special, some dogs just etch their ways into our hearts that somehow bond us together for all eternity. Show host Chelsea Handler explains her special relationship with her rescue pooch as she bid a heartbreaking farewell just two days ago.

The 42-year-old gave a tear-filled sendoff to her dog named Tammy – affectionately called Bear.

“I lost my bear today. She was struggling and I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who believes a dog doesn’t change your life has never rescued one. I only had two years with Tammy but she made sure I never went to bed without hearing her paws mount my stairwell two paws at a time. If my door was closed, she slept outside of my room like a security guard. Dogs give you something you never knew was missing until you rescue one. I love you bear. Thanks for being such a girl. I will get another dog that needs a home, and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub, lub, lub @realTammyHandler,” Chelsea wrote on Instagram.

Tammy was a frequent fixture on Chelsea’s shows where she would just lie quietly and soak up all the news and drama of the day. Rescued from the streets of Mexico, the photos of the two together made our hearts smile. Sadly Tammy had been suffering from renal failure; on Friday the two parted. One day later, Handler, who is currently in South Africa, shared a photo of a rainbow on Saturday, August 12, writing:

“Rainbows are the best sign the person you loved the most is with you. #tammytime”.

Rest in peace Tammy. You were truly loved. Chelsea’s other rescue dog, Chuck misses you too.

(Photos of Chelsea Handler and Tammy via Instagram and FB)

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  1. This so sad. I could see how much Chelsea and Tammy loved each other. I could see that Tammy was struggling every week. My deepest sympathies to Chelsea and Chunk. Tammy, you sweet girl, I know that you are running around the Rainbow Bridge, having a ball with the other dogs, while you wait for your mother and brother. You are loved and will be deeply missed by thousands, if not tens of thousands, people that waited every week to see your sweet face.

  2. Sorry for loss,, prayers sent. I’m quite sure that BEAR is smiling when you say you will rescue another FURBABY???? THANK YOU FOR CARING and SAVING OUR FURBABIES????????

  3. My condolences to Ms Handler, Any of us that have lost that special pup knows the heartbreak well. Tammy (Bear) was so lucky to have been loved by her and I’m sure the loved she received back was two fold, such is the unconditional love of a dog.


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