Short time behind bars for woman who neglected dog

Short time behind bars for woman who neglected dog with 300 tumors

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A woman who severely neglected her dog, who was discovered with over 300 tumors on her body, has been sentenced to a short time behind bars. According to ABC 7 News, after pleading guilty to the charges stemming from the neglect of the senior Boston terrier, 52-year-old Mary Sodaro was sentenced to 26 days in county jail.

Sodaro’s 11-year-old dog, named “Pasha,” was so terribly neglected that she had to be humanely euthanized after being found inside of a hospital chapel in Newport Beach, California, on August 7. In addition to the short time in jail (which she had already served) Sodaro was sentenced to three years of informal probation, during which time she is prohibited from owning or living with a pet.

Sodaro’s veterinarian had offered to euthanized Pasha for free because the dog’s condition was so severe – the offer was refused, as was the initial offer to treat the dog. Sodaro attempted to get rid of the dog’s largest tumor with a rubber band – when Pasha was found, the band was embedded in her flesh.

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11 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Why does this not surprise me? California people keep track of this judge’s name and vote that person out of office! They cannot be depended upon to render a fair decision and don’t deserve to serve the people of California!

  2. Marsha Squibb says:

    Just F ing wonderful!!!! Another P.O.S. gets away with a slap on the wrist!This dog suffered at the hands of this dirty son of a bitch!! How the hell can animal abuse be stopped when they are never punished!!! Hope this bitch comes down with tumors too!!!!

  3. Susan Brummett says:

    26 days for the horrible way she treat sweet Pasha. This is not going to deter anyone on Orange Co, where Pasha was found or San Bernardino Co, where Pasha was abused, from committing a similar crime. Nobody took it seriously.

  4. BA says:

    OK THIS IS BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!!! this poor dog was beyond neglected and tortured!!!! 21 days are you kidding me!!!!! This dog got ZERO justice…This feces let her suffer and suffer and then mutilated her with a rubber band to cause more agony!!! CALIFORNIA be ashamed – you promote animal cruelty!!! this POS deserves to suffer and be jailed for a long long time… is a disgrace!!!! this poor dog suffered so badly!!! neglected and this feces let her die in pain…300 tumor OMG…ALL INVOLVED SHAME ON YOU…..Sweet innocent soul suffered and CA and all involved didn’t give a rats ass!!!!! SHAME SHAME……this dog deserved better than feces who will do it again

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Of course, another judge that doesn’t get it! What was her issue besides cruelty letting the dog suffer? She had offers of treatment and euthanize and she allowed the poor dog to suffer! I hope what goes around, comes around and when her time comes to go to the here after, she suffers as much as she let her dog!

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Sometimes I’m so sickened and outraged over the continuous lack of punishment for such a horrific crime such as animal cruelty that sometimes I don’t feel like even commenting anymore. This country might as well just decriminalize animal cruelty because there is never ever any kind of punishment! I think the only reason animal cruelty was made a crime is for the courts to make money off of the fines imposed! It has taken a very,very long time to get animal cruelty made a crime and the fight to have it punished in any meaningful way has gotten us nowhere! The fact that this disgusting, vile asshole refused euthanasia or treatment makes this case even more heinous and egregious. The disgusting torture and abuse inflicted on society’s companion animals deserves nothing less then a mandatory year in prison. And depending on the level of cruelty inflicted the punishment should be increased significantly! This countries animal rescues and animal lovers and animal shelters must band together as a united as a united front to get our voices heard and demand change. The bigger the force and the louder we are, the more seriously we will be taken . And I think the majority of the American public want these changes. We the tax paying public pay these judges and lawmakers paychecks and we should not be ignored!! I think there’s a whole a lot of shady business that goes on behind the scenes of all government and what constituents want seems to be completely ignored,and as long as society is willing to put up with it there will never, ever be justice for the abandonment, neglect, abuse, torture, and killing of America’s companion animals!!!!! My God this POS is a prime example of an animal abuser that deserved a mandatory prison sentence of at least 3 to 5 years. I’m so upset and disheartened by what has been levied against this torturous abuser that I regret even reading this post!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    I truly hope this piss poor excuse for a woman ends up where she deserves to be – in the gutter with the rest of the trash – 26 days in jail for her cruelty is a giant joke – and as usual the authorities treat animal cruelty as seriously as littering – she should be serving 26 years.


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