Shivering puppy left outside of school in cardboard box with note

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It’s cold in Michigan, and for a 7-and-a-half week old puppy, it must have been a scary experience – especially for one so young. The Detroit Pit Crew, a nonprofit animal rescue organization had received a call from a teacher at Ronald Brown Academy located in Detroit’s east side. A child had abandoned a puppy on December 7; the note attached read:

“Sorry it didn’t have a home and it was cold so we’re going to give it to you. Please do let it go (sic) find it a nice home – thank you.”

With the puppy came her blanket, food and holes for breathing; she has been named Snowflake.

“Our sweet rescued girl has been named Snowflake by Detroit school teacher Jessica and her wonderful son Kassius who are our Heroes Of the Day!! We also want to thank the kind janitor of the school who found sweet Snowflake and made sure she could stay safe until help arrived. As everyone can see in the pictures Snowflake is now enjoying a new holiday friend and can look forward to having a happy life!!”

Fortunately the puppy is in good physical condition and according to the rescue, is very attached to his box. The founder of the rescue, Theresa Sumpter, states the pup is a “Heinz 57 Detroit Special.” And what does that mean? The adorable little ball of cuteness is thought to be part pittie, chow and terrier. Could her DNA have been anymore perfect?

For now, Snowflake is not available for adoption, but surely she will have a line at the door. In that case, the rescue has many more adorable candidates needing new homes for the holidays. Why not consider adopting your new best friend?  Contact the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue to interest. Anyone living in the Detroit area, can also help by volunteering to be a foster .

(Photos of puppy left in cardboard box via Pit Crew Dog Rescue)


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Drowning puppy saved by unexpected hero

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