Shelter owner sentenced to prison for killing 2,000 dogs and cats for profit

The president of an animal protection shelter in Torremolinos, Spain has been sentenced to prison for three years and nine months after running a shelter that euthanized over 2,000 animals in a slow and horrific manner to increase her personal profits. Carmen Marin Aguilar administered low dosages of a euthanasia drug into the muscle tissue instead of intravenously so that she could save on costs resulting in the dogs and cats suffering long, excruciating deaths.

The animals were reported to have writhed and howled in pain for hours. Investigators claimed the woman disconnected security cameras and played loud music to mask the sound of the suffering animals. In addition. Marin also operated a veterinary clinic with no certifications. People trusted her with the lives of their pets.

According to the Lawyer Herald, the Malaga court fined Carmen $20,800 for falsifying documents and animal cruelty. A janitor, Felipe Barco Gamez, at the Parque Animal Shelter in Torremolinos where the egregious deaths were ordered, was sentenced to prison for one year and ordered to pay a fine of $3,785. The pair were accused of killing 2,183 dogs and cats between January 2009 and October 2010 to reduce costs and increase their personal profits. During her trial, Auilar denied “exterminating” the animals the court described as the “massive and indiscriminate” killings of healthy pets at the shelter.
In addition to her prison sentence, Aquilar is banned from working with animals for the next three years.
(Photo of shelter owner sentenced to prison screenshot Spanish News Today)