Shelter owner sentenced to prison for killing 2,000 dogs and cats for profit

The president of an animal protection shelter in Torremolinos, Spain has been sentenced to prison for three years and nine months after running a shelter that euthanized over 2,000 animals in a slow and horrific manner to increase her personal profits. Carmen Marin Aguilar administered low dosages of a euthanasia drug into the muscle tissue instead of intravenously so that she could save on costs resulting in the dogs and cats suffering long, excruciating deaths.

The animals were reported to have writhed and howled in pain for hours. Investigators claimed the woman disconnected security cameras and played loud music to mask the sound of the suffering animals. In addition. Marin also operated a veterinary clinic with no certifications. People trusted her with the lives of their pets.

According to the Lawyer Herald, the Malaga court fined Carmen $20,800 for falsifying documents and animal cruelty. A janitor, Felipe Barco Gamez, at the Parque Animal Shelter in Torremolinos where the egregious deaths were ordered, was sentenced to prison for one year and ordered to pay a fine of $3,785. The pair were accused of killing 2,183 dogs and cats between January 2009 and October 2010 to reduce costs and increase their personal profits. During her trial, Auilar denied “exterminating” the animals the court described as the “massive and indiscriminate” killings of healthy pets at the shelter.
In addition to her prison sentence, Aquilar is banned from working with animals for the next three years.
(Photo of shelter owner sentenced to prison screenshot Spanish News Today)

  1. Angela Corso
    Angela Corso says:

    I’m happy to hear that these people were prosecuted, but they should have been banned for life for owning or having any contact with animals of any kind. THIS IS A DISGUSTING STORY!!!!

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    She’s not allowed to work with animals for the next three years are you f****** choking me are you f****** people in Spain stupider than stupid she just killed initially 2000 + cats and dogs what is wrong with you f****** people here’s what you do you take a bottle last if you open up both their mouths and make him swallow it on your percent sure if you’re up to it won’t kill them but it will sure make them up to get the kitty it will be a slow death for both of them

    • Pamala Little
      Pamala Little says:

      She is banned from working with animals for three years, she is sentenced to prison for three years and nine months. So she will be back in business when she serves her time. Pure stupidity!!! She should be banned for life for working or owning any animals. This has really pissed me off. Even if it is another country. These poor animals, may they all R.I.P.

  3. rieann
    rieann says:

    why should this walking piece of shit ever work with animals again? never understand this bs no one will ever watch these people who get a sentence like that. cant own or work with animals bs

  4. Della Hamilton
    Della Hamilton says:

    Absolutely disgusting:( Those poor animals..She should have got life for doing that! & not working with animals for 3 yrs huh that is just plain f–king stupid..She should never be allowed to go near animals let alone look after them again GHrrrrrrrr

  5. Mira Eleonora Pantazopol Iordanescu
    Mira Eleonora Pantazopol Iordanescu says:

    If she was a shelter manager in Romania she would have had the backing of the local mayor and the local sanitary/veterinary agency, and probably she would have got a Medal of Honor….What she did happens in Romania in MOST public shelters, yet NOBODY has ever been punished, because local authorities do not even want to investigate, and if they are being pressed by the public to do so, they found NO problems…everything is perfect…so, this lady in Spain should have been born in Romania…Bad Luck for her….

    • rhondaredmond
      rhondaredmond says:

      I understand in Romania, they torture them in the street. If you protest, they may take your own pet. I read one woman said, they can’t stand to leave their homes for fear of the abuse of dogs on the street. They dread hearing the trucks come for the dogs and the sounds they make, because they are abused right there. It is awful…

  6. maxiemom
    maxiemom says:

    Banned for 3 years? It should have been life! Glad she got 3 years and 9 months in prison, but over 2000 animals and after falsifying being a vet, it should have been life in prison, or something akin to it. This woman is just plain evil.

  7. David Burch
    David Burch says:

    WHY did she get such a low sentencing ? Should be DEATH by euthanasia in the same manner she did to THOSE POOR NO SPEAKING CREATURES ?It’s time to bring back death sentences eye for eye , TOOTH FOR TOOTH . It may be a lot of those people that do this might have second thoughts . THEIR JUST DOWN RIGHT SICK AND I’M TIRED OF PAYING FOR THEIR SICKNESS BY KEEPING THEM ALIVE . THEY KILL THEY DIE . God , i would make a good president . be less crime on the streets .

  8. Catherine Staffy
    Catherine Staffy says:

    She has been fined heavily but why is she only allowed NOT to have contact with animals for 3 years? That is totally unacceptable for the Spanish jury. She should have no contact at all….ever …in her life. Evil woman.

    • linda
      linda says:

      The 3 years that she won’t have contact with animals is during her 3 yrs in prison. What about upon her release? Doesn’t make sense. She needs to have no contact with animals forever.

  9. Lynette
    Lynette says:

    Both of their prison terms should be longer….closer to 10 years and they should be banned for LIFE from having contact with any animals. This whole chain of events is just horribly WRONG!!

  10. Linda Patton
    Linda Patton says:

    Her prison term does no justification for the horrific treatment she forced those innocent animals to endure. Hours of agonizing pain is beyond words, minds can not possibly wrap around any understanding of a human forcing that upon any animal. She should have been given a minimum of no less then 10 years in prison and banned from ever being in contact with any type of animal for the remainder of her life. She’s a twisted vile heartless human who has no morals, no compassion, no respect for life. Can you imagine the pain those animals suffered? She was fully aware of what her actions were causing, that’s why music was played loudly, cameras disconnected, etc. she hid what she was doing. If there is a way this can be taken back before the courts it needs to be done immediately and a proper prison sentence issued. Nothing will bring back the lifes she horrifically took, nothing will equal a punishment to satisfy the pain they suffered. Prison, the loss of her freedom for many, many years is the closest to justification that will ever be found. The people who took part in these blatant murders are no less then the direct workers/demons of Satan that he has placed on earth to do his work. They are heartless vile people and must be punished harshly. My heart shattered at the thought of the agony these animals endured. I can’t understand how that worker witnessed these acts and allowed them to continue, how any of them listened to the cries of pain, watched the slow painful deaths they endured. How they must have wondered what they did wrong to be treated that way, how they must have wondered why they weren’t loved, how lonely and scared they had to have been. I find myself feeling guilty for not knowing this was happening, for not saving them, for failing them as being part of the human race. I can honestly feel my heart skip beats from sheer sadness and heartbreak. I’m beyond words – speechless. May this female person (I won’t refer to her as a woman as she does not fit that class), may she have a lifetime of illness, pain, suffering, homelessness, loneliness, sadness… may she be forced to endure the worst things life can throw at you, with the harshest suffering ever known to man. God forgive me for wishing horrible things on this person, as I know it is wrong. This is one time I can’t hide my feelings and feel within my soul there is no action(s) that can equal the agony she deserves to have.

  11. Darla
    Darla says:

    RIP to the sweet, innocent animals who suffered so horribly. I hope Carmen Marin Aguilar and Felipe Barco Gamez die a slow and torturous death and then they rot in Hell.

  12. Star Shelley
    Star Shelley says:

    What I wanted to say is why it took so long to discover what she was doing. Now I know why some kill shelters here in the US also have such high ratio in killing their animals, just like the lady in NYCC has hundreds of animalsome kill in her shelter, it’s all about greed and money. Bless those poor souls in Spain. Wishing ms Carmen Aguilar a life of nightmares and no peace in her heart, mine and soul for the rest of her pathetic life.Krama to you Carmen.

  13. Dayna
    Dayna says:

    He should stay in prison for life cause no animals should die for profit at all and animals should live as a normal life and be happy also protect our homes and robbery’s too.

  14. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    The same evil death to the vile scum. Prison is a holiday camp at the public expende. DIE EVIL BASTARDS hope the animals are peaceful in rainbow heaven

  15. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I hope they both meet their maker someday and he/she makes them pay for this… a few years in prison is not enough in my opinion… HOrrible!!

  16. Christina
    Christina says:

    She should not be allowed to ever work with animals or own any animals😭 She let these living beings suffer and endure horrible pain and then death… Same thing should be done to her… What a monster she is not human at all 😡 What you do comes back to you

  17. sara darius
    sara darius says:

    Absolutely disturbing disgusting vile human beings who could do this! These evil people should have been put away for life! This is absolutely heart breaking! Makes me so ashamed of being a human! Rot in hell!

  18. Ed Tyler
    Ed Tyler says:

    BS… torture this POS … Until someone stands up and kills these torturing assholes it won’t stop! Give me the needle I’ll stick this POS and watch him writh in pain and laugh at him while he slowly croaks.

  19. Cindy Taylor
    Cindy Taylor says:

    This is totally Barbaric, what type of sentance is this. I would make her hand over all her money & assets. Then you should sentance her to DEATH, she has taken all those lives she’s evil, a monster. & YOU’RE AN IDIOT FOR NOT IMPOSING A TOUGHER SENTANCE.

    • Catherine Staffy
      Catherine Staffy says:

      True. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is let out earlier …for good behaviour let’s say! The authorities in Toremolinos may not take this case too seriously. We need to be kept updated. I hope so esp animal activists in Torremolinos.


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