Shelter favorite of staff and volunteers – yet still on list to die tomorrow

What chance does Raider have to be rescued and live the rest of his life in a loving and comfortable home?  He’s a ten-year-old pit bull mix who was brought in as an owner surrender. Although he is a favorite of the staff and volunteers, he’s scheduled to die.  Not listed on the website and hidden in the back of the shelter, how is anyone to even know Raider’s life counts?

We continue to question how our shelters fail so many dogs. Why hasn’t the Downey Animal Care Center opened an investigation to charge Raider’s owner with neglect? Look how undernourished he is? Doesn’t he deserve better? Why is there no information as to his history – knowing if he likes to be with children, likes other dogs or even chases cats? Wouldn’t a pet profile help him find a home?


Instead the shelter had planned to euthanize Raider on Tuesday; shelter volunteers Sal Valdepena and Iris Bassas Avila were able to secure an extension for one more day. Advocates continue to pledge funds for an approved rescue organization to help. Share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. We are his last chance. Just one more share, just reach out to one more person and that can mean the difference between life and death for this dog. Won’t you help?

Follow his Facebook page here.

When calling Downey Animal Care Center, make sure to reference A5126370. Downey Animal Care Center (562) 940-6898

(Photos and video of favorite dog Raider courtesy of Sal Valdepena and Iris Bassas Avila.)

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Check out this video. Raider deserves a home:


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  1. Mara Tisoto says:

    I live in STL, MO. We have 3 dogs already, but if he can be gotten to me, I’ll happily take care of him until a better home can be found.

      • Mara Tisoto says:

        I called the shelter. He has to be saved by a local person or through a rescue affiliated with LACAC. But, the good news is that he’s heading out to a center in San Juan Capistrano for testing, so some time has been added for him.

      • martha johnson says:

        i live in South Texas where most of the population have no respect for their “pets” and this sweet thing needs rescue NOW…come on y’all, who is going to stand up for this girl?
        typical, poor pit girl, they seem to WANT to kill them ;(

      • Mara Tisoto says:

        I messaged the freedomtrain folks, still awaiting a reply. The better news is we managed to get Raider pulled by a rescue in Cali tomorrow, 11/18/2017. So he is safe!

  2. Shirley Moore says:

    Omg don’t kill this precious dog hes only 10 years old and needs more time with a loving family..please someone he only has until 12 noon Wednesday Nov 15 2017..please share him far & wide to find a rescue or an adopter to save him. Shared with love & prayers????????????????

  3. Betty says:

    Yew York sucks
    They kill babies a old dog is nothing to them
    They can kill up to 10 to 15 dogs or more a day
    and I know this because i share them everybody day

    • Shirley Moore says:

      Betty yes I agree NYC ACC sucks and kills dogs everyday but Raider is at Downey Animal Care Center in California and he needs our help ASAP for a rescue or adopter and has 1500+ in pledges.

      • Betty says:

        Your right Shirley My mistake
        I live in ma. but have a lot of people that share animals in need
        I keep sharing

      • martha johnson says:

        sorry i posted him as a girl, i shared a female who looked alot like Raider. a temporary foster will save him. what is wrong with all the millions of people in California?? i share them from all over the state , i also share dogs from new york and all over the US and even some over seas and in south america. i live in Corpus Christi which also kill dogs left and right. i try and try and yet most of the dogs we share get killed.

  4. gretta says:

    I would take him and give him a forever home. I live in florida I don’t drive I have a driver ,I have just two dogs now I like to stay at home and spend my time with them. I wish I lived around there I’d go get this dog.

    • Betty says:

      Go to the facebook page and ask them to help transport him to you
      There always rescue that will help you get him if they can

    • Betty says:

      Nancy Raymond says:
      November 15, 2017 at 3:38 pm

      Try ‘Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports’ – they are an all volunteer transport service
      I could not find a phone number – I hope you can get him – he isn’t even being shown – he is a sweet pitty who needs saving.

    • Mara Tisoto says:

      We’ve managed to get him pulled by a rescue in Cali tomorrow, 11/18/2017, so he is absolutely safe. He just needs to complete their vetting process before he is listed for adoption. Yay!


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