Injured puppy found in the woods

Severely wounded puppy discovered alone in the woods

A severely wounded puppy, with the skin completely ripped from his lower jaw, was discovered alone in the woods. The heartbreaking situation was released to followers of the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs Facebook page on April 15, along with a video of the injured pup:

How in the world did this baby boy get into the woods all by himself ? Did someone dump him there and leave him for dead ? What maniacal monster did this ?? Was he savagely torn by another animal ? Was he used as a bait dog ? Is it possible this was done at the hands of humans ? The skin on his jaw is 100% completely ripped off.

The pup, dubbed “Aiden,” was rushed to a veterinarian for care. On Sunday, the rescue agency wrote:

He arrived at Vet Ranch last night — what a sad sight!!!!
His dead skin was all cleaned and his jaw was wrapped. He is able to eat and drink — in this video you can see that his actual jaw is intact but the lower part has been degloved. Surgery cannot be scheduled just yet. The plan is to keep an eye on him to make sure nothing becomes infected .. once the vet determines it is safe to close him up then the surgery will be scheduled. Please keep Aiden in your prayers.

What happened to this innocent puppy remains a mystery – fortunately, he was found and he is now receiving life-saving care. Follow Aiden’s journey at this link.

More stories at this link to the National Animal News Facebook page.


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  1. linda says:

    Holy Shit!!!! Where are his bottom teeth? I think I saw this on face book or a similar story. Hoping the best for his recovery.

    • ellen cottone says:

      his mouth and teeth are intact, his mouth is closed. his skin hangs off to the neck.
      it was not an animal attack. its clean. it looks surgical. i think he was taken in the woods by a human. i think someone is taking strays into the woods to skin them alive. somehow he got away and they could not catch him.
      i am afraid there may have been others.
      i would like to have athories check local shelters if the same family are adopting meny dogs.
      i think there are other dead dogs in the area.
      this should be throughly investigated.
      he seems suprisingly calm. he has been thru something terrable. where are his brothers and sisters, and his mom. hes young. what was their fate. the same?
      this must now be animal warden as well as a police matter.
      once again an animal killer who is also a potential child and woman killer rises to power in the woods.
      this dog is not the first.
      he is the only , survivor. and a messanger that a monster walks among them.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Linda his teeth are there it just looks like his mouth is open but his mouth is closed in the video. That is the skin off his jaw hanging down. I too thought his mouth was open in the video. Poor little puppy!! Thank God this fur baby was found,Vet Ranch is bar none one of my favorite organizations that I follow on you tube and is a wonderful place!

  2. Johanna Pontin says:

    who would do such a thing, surely only a person with severe low self-esteem, meaning that his or her life is of no importance. How else could a person not have respect for ANY life?

  3. Ann Dolak says:

    Same jaw degloving happened to my mothers cat,hit by a car (the only injury.)Vet sewed jaw skin to bottom teeth to heal.This guys in good hands at VET RANCH!

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    Make you feel like you’re a big strong human? Really hard to attack and hurt a puppy of all things! Please take the time to become aware of what goes on around your area! Justice and revenge both dishes best served cold! Two things I’m a master of!

  5. Karen Rivelli says:

    This is what really gets my goat the NRA and President TRUMP Want to allow mentally deranged the chance to own guns and sincerely this is completely out languish to think the monster that walk amount us are that bad God only knows what they would do with a child or yet a young lady a poor boy riding his bike. This is unreal.


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