Severely neglected dog captured by animal control after 6-months on the run

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For six-months, a severely neglected dog dubbed Boomer by area residents, had been roaming the wooded sections in the outskirts of Macon, Georgia, cleverly eluding anyone who came too close. Boomer aimlessly wandered searching for food, in an area well-known for dog fighting; no one knows how the puppy ever survived. On Friday, local officers from Animal Control captured the young dog; described to be in extreme pain from open wounds and festering sores covering his entire body. Peach County Animal Rescue  stepped up and offered to help.

Boomer has been rushed to Smith Animal Hospital where he remains in a sterilized environment because of his compromised immune system’s inability to fight off the infections and lacerations he has suffered for an extended period of time. Once healthy, Boomer will be transferred to Halfway Home Rescue Inc., and will travel to the organization’s home located in North Haven, Connecticut. At this time however, the extent of his medical needs are unknown and is expected to undergo long-term care before he is well enough to travel.

“Boomer broke our hearts when we first saw him! He was on the run for months and has a horrific skin condition that looks to be mange. He is completely terrified and has shut down,” stated the rescue organization on their fundraising page.

Boomer’s anticipated recovery and rehabilitation can be followed on Facebook by clicking here. His medical needs and his emotional needs will be tenderly addressed, and it is hoped advocates can help. Donations can also be sent
(Please use “Friends and Family” option when sending payment) or to Halfway Home Rescue Inc. PO Box 712, North Haven, CT 06473. Get well soon Boomer.

Photos of severely neglected dog Boomer courtesy of Halfway Home Rescue Inc.

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  1. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Pool Poor Boomer! !!! God you are safe! !!! And get medical treatment ???????????? whish you a wonderful home ????????????

  2. sherry warner says:

    I hope Boomer is well taking. Care of and heals properly please take good care of Boomer and when he’s strong enough and healthy he Will find a forever home ????that will love And care for him the rest of his life.God Bless the people and Family that give him a good home ????????????????????

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    At this point only one day at a time for Boomer! He’s in rough shape and it will all depend on how his system handles the medications and the slow introduction of healthy food clean water and not having to be afraid everyday anymore! He will warm up to his care givers and learn what it’s like not having to fight for his survival each day! Hello Boomer on you I bestow kisses and my protection

  4. ellen cottone says:

    His life has been nothing but unhappiness.
    He fears he is Trapped and has to endure another horrific ordeal.
    He could not possibly understand how lucky he is.
    He thinks he is in trouble.
    He is not

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    He is terrified and shutting down – he needs a patient kind person willing to interact w/him so Boomer can get the medical treatment he so needs. I truly hope there is a bright future for this poor dog – he deserves the safe loving home he was denied for way too long.


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