Service puppy in training stolen from man's yard

Service puppy in training stolen from man’s yard

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A puppy, in training to alert a Tacoma, Washington, man to extreme blood sugar changes, was stolen from her yard on April 9. According to KOMO News, the 14-week-old pit bull puppy named “Jade,” was taken from Drew McNickle’s gated and fenced yard while he was working nearby in his garage.

Even though Jade is still just a pup, she had already assisted McNickle several times when his blood sugar plunged to a dangerous level. McNickle told KOMO:

“I was teaching her to scratch at my leg. If my blood sugar if drops below 60 … she can smell the difference in the chemicals in my body and she could alert me.”

Jade was last seen in the area of 5400 block of South Pine Street and 56th Street and Cedar in Tacoma – she was wearing a black collar when she was stolen. A reward of $1,000 is offered for Jade’s safe return. Anyone who has information about Jade’s whereabouts is asked to call 253-202-3559.

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12 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope you can find her!!!! I hope she is safe. Anyone who can do this needs to go to Jail!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope Jane is found and she is returned safe and sound. Someone who would do this deserves to rot in prison!

  3. susispot says:

    Spreading the word. Let’s get her picture out there. Social media has saved a lot of stolen pups.

  4. Dawn Hubbard says:

    Please get the local agencies to up the reward so the pup can be returned . This is terrible! I am sure the thief did not know it was a service dog but how much more horrible, now! The is no hope for this world if a fenced yard is not safe! Please let us know when Jade is returned!

  5. Sherry says:

    You know, I am pleased to see a pit bull being trusted and utilized as a service animal; however, this story is ruined by some thug snatching this pup from the owner that needs her! How sad. I love when a pit bull is given a chance to prove themselves; the outcome is usually good. I was glad to see OHIO Supreme Court reverse the dumb Breed Specific Legislature ordinance on their books, but there are many more dumb discriminating ordinances out there that need to be overturned as well. We are not supposed to judge people by looks alone, so why condemn an animal that way. Oh, I kind of veered off. I pray that Jade is returned to her owner. So many bad hands out there; praying she’s returned to the safety of her home someway.


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