Senior woman spared jail sentence for bestiality with three dogs

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A 64-year-old woman filmed committing bestiality with a St Bernard, a black Labrador and an Alsatian, told a judge at Lincoln Crown Court she didn’t know it was illegal. Carol Bowditch, 64, was filmed at a disgusting sex party where owners watched their dogs having intercourse with women and then carrying on sexual contact with each other.

According to Lincolnshire Live, the bizarre situation had been posted on an Internet forum specializing in bestiality resulting in a RAF Police investigation leading the authorities to Bosditch’s home where the video was discovered. The prosecutor, Victoria Rose described nearly nine minutes of video, graphically showing Bosditch having sex with the St. Bernard dog named Oscar. The defendant admitted the disturbing actions took place over several years.

Daniel Galloway, 65, admitted aiding and abetting Bowditch to have intercourse with the dog. He also admitted charges of making indecent images of children, possession of a prohibited image of a child, distributing 1,861 indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography.  Judge Michael Heath sentenced Bosditch to  a one-year community service order with supervision and a four-month night time curfew. She could have received a two-year prison sentence. Galloway was jailed for 12 months, must register as a sex offender for ten years and was made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

“What you engaged in was first of all unlawful and secondly disgusting. I am told that you have received public humiliation as a result of the publicity that this case has attracted. That does not surprise me,” Judge Heath told Bosditch.
As for Galloway, Judge Heath had even harsher words:

“It is beyond me to understand how you having a female partner stood by, and further aided and abetted your partner to have sex with three dogs. But that wasn’t the end of it. You also downloaded indecent images of children.”

Photos via rescue and Lincolnshire Live

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20 replies

    The Judge FAILED the community and the pet involved in this case. As well as the “CHILDREN” that were “VICTIMIZED” in child pornography! JAIL TIME AND REMOVAL OF ALL PETS AND BANNED FROM OWNERSHIP OF ANY ANIMALS FOR LIFE!

  2. Dana says:

    This woman claims she didn’t know it was illegal to have sex with a dog? Jesus, where is her moral compass?
    Twisted minded people like she and her disgusting partner need one bullet to the head as far as I’m concerned. I have no tolerance for anyone that abuses animals or children!! NONE!

  3. jeanette says:

    good grief, I have had dogs for years, and would no more think of having sex with them, that woman Is disturbed, greatly, it is immoral, and forget about the illegal.. put her away, please.

  4. Billy M. says:

    I fully agree with each and every comment. Those poor dogs. Hopefully removed from these diseased people.

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That bitch needs to go to Prison. She will continue to do this, since she got away with it once!!!

  6. ellen cottone says:

    They should show a picture of Mr. Master of Porn Ceremonies. Instead of a pic. of a Baby St. Barnard.
    I thought they were using old timey shaming as a punishment. They cant even follow thru with the minimun.
    And oh yea, Carol B. is suuuch a victum.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Carol Bowditch and Daniel Galloway are prime examples of animal abusers who should be sitting their friggin’ asses in a jail cell for at least five years. They physically abused those dogs and I hope they have neighbors who will condemn them for life.

    • Sherry says:

      This is repulsive. What 65 year old woman doesn’t know this crap is illegal but what about who cares if she knows or not. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law…and how about these freaks shouldn’t be on the street with normal people anyway. What twisted weirdos and Judge, You failed these animals , the law and the public for taking it easy on these repugnant people.


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