Senior Labrador with huge tumor found scrounging to survive on the streets

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In rural Columbia, South Carolina, a senior Labrador retriever with a huge tumor on his shoulder was found roaming the streets by Animal Control scrounging everywhere for food. Thought to have been on his own for quite awhile and barely able to eat because of the neglected condition of his teeth, even more shocking was the massive growth. The  overall weight of the tumor affected his equilibrium – the kind and gentle dog, dubbed Davis, could barely walk and maintain his balance.Davis the dog

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has stepped up to rescue Davis. On Saturday, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization introduced the senior on their Facebook page:

“Davis got early release from the SC shelter and is now at our vet on IV with tests pending, on soft blankets probably feeling better than he has in a very long time! As you can probably guess, we need your help to help Davis! He’s going to need a big surgery.  Why, why, why would anyone let this happen to him?! Such senseless neglect.”Davis the dog 2

The ultimate goal for Davis is for the 60-pound dog to undergo successful surgery and then find a home where he can relax and be loved for the rest of his life. As with so many other dogs heartlessly abandoned by uncaring owners, it is not known where Davis came from, but we do know where he is now headed. To help with Davis’ surgery and all that is involved to help this dog have a quality future, donations to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can be made by clicking here or through PayPal at [email protected].

(Photos and video of Labrador with huge tumor courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Davis’ short video here: (barely any teeth – how did he eat?

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  1. That poor baby. He doesn’t look too skinny, at least from what I see in the video, so he’s either found food and a way to eat it on his own or someone recently dumped him. It makes me sick to see such an old guy trying to survive on his own.

  2. PLEASE some kind person adopt this dog and give him the safe loving home he obviously never had – he deserves to live out the remainder of his life surrounded by a loving family. Whoever neglected and dumped him should be put through the nearest wood chipper.


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