Senior German shepherd a hero

Senior German shepherd hailed as hero for protecting owner under attack

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A man is hailing his senior German shepherd a hero after the dog came to his aid while he was under attack from a violent man wielding a weapon. According to MSN, the 10-year-old German shepherd struggles to get around because of arthritis and other age-related maladies, but when a man attacked his owner, he did his utmost to thwart the attack.

On the night of November 3, a man with a large piece of wood had rushed into 57-year-old Decha Kieow Ngaam’s motorcycle repair shop in Samut Prakan, Thailand. Nobody rushed to Ngaam’s aid except for his senior shepherd, Beer. Beer was not able to do a great deal, but surveillance video shows the senior dog biting at the attacker’s leg and barking furiously.

Eventually, the thug, identified as 27-year-old Surasak Kanthana, decided that enough was enough and he fled. Later, Ngaam commented on his dog’s heroic act of bravery, “Nobody else came to help me. Beer is old, he has arthritis and other ailments. But he was there for me when I was in danger. He could have been badly hurt if the man had hit him. But Beer put his life in danger for me, he is super hero.”

The authorities identified the man in the video – Kanthana admitted that he was high on drugs and alcohol at the time that he attacked Ngaam.

(screenshot via MSN)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Beer is a hero and deserves to be treated like one – his owner was attacked by some druggie and ONLY Beer came to his aid while not one human intervened – only shows that animals are much smarter, compassionate and dependable than any human – no such thing as a dumb animal and Beer proved it.


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