Senior dog is shaking on her bed at animal control

Senior dog, possibly deaf, lays in bed shaking after her family gave her up

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Update 3/16/17: Rescued by Leave No Paws Behind

A senior dog, who is possibly deaf, lays shaking on her bed at California’s Baldwin Park Animal Care Center after her family gave her up. The 12-year-old dog, named “Lady,” is terribly confused and frightened after losing her people, and her home.

On Saturday, a volunteer photographer who helps increase the visibility of homeless dogs, wrote:

Her kennel notes say that she’s possibly deaf. She was groomed and bathed by a wonderful volunteer. Lady needs a loving home asap. She’s overwhelmed and afraid of this environment. She lays and shakes on her bed. Lady weighs 38 lbs.

Lady could use the help of strangers right now – people who are willing to take a moment out of their day to network her adoption information and help her find a new family where she will be loved and kept safe.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
    Ask for information about animal ID number A3289581
  • Facebook thread for Lady here

Sad senior, “Shorty,” in need of a new family – read his story here.

Shorty the dog


74 replies
  1. Solveig Pettersson says:

    How can an owner do this to än 12 years dog ??? Its so CRUELT !!!! ITS HORIBELT SHE IS SUFFERING !!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!! WHISH YOU Ä CAREFUL AND HEARTWORMING FOREVERHOME ???????????????? GOOD LUCK LADY !!YOU GET A NEW HOME SOON !!!!! BIG HUGS FROM SWEDEN ????????????????????

  2. Paul says:

    What is wrong with today’s pet owners? You just don’t “trade in” a pet like it’s a used vehicle. Our society is getting more and more irresponsible and quick to blame someone else for their troubles. Get real, folks!!

    • Commonsensewoman says:

      We live in a mentally SICK society that thinks everything is disposable and life and taking personal responsibility have no meaning.

  3. Sheri says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone could do this to a family member of 12 years. I pray Lady finds the loving home she deserves in her golden years.

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    Of course she’s scared to death! The only home she ever knew is gone! The sounds the smells are to Lucy very overwhelming! She is also a senior who is probably developed an early form of dementia equal to humans called sundowning! The people who left Lucy figured they were leaving an old dog who would be put down! Unfortunately too many senior dogs do end up like this! That’s another reason a lot of senior pets are left because their owners didn’t want to pay for their pet to be down! It’s a cowardly way out for the owner!

  5. Debbie Dearmore says:

    Why have a furbaby if you’re not willing to keep them when they get old. Would they do this to their children or parents. Just saying

  6. Marguerite York says:

    They did not make it clear why she was relinquished.

    Perhaps the owners are out of work or much older and have a ton of problems themselves, health wise — and can no longer care for her.

    I always like to give the benefit of the doubt.

    She may be shaking for another reason — she could have some sort of a health problem that is causing it.

    • Laura says:

      She just may be terrified. When we rescued our dog, she just sat in one spot, looking down and shaking like she was having a seizure. Once we brought her home, she was absolutely fine and still is….17 years later! ????

    • L bussiglieri says:

      Wake up. This is LA. No benefit of the doubt. The a hole relinquishing her could have gently euthanized her at a vet if they had a sad story. NOT a filthy LOUD dump shelter in a shit area of town.

  7. John says:

    I Hope and Pray that very soon KARMA will get you for doing this to a Special needs Dog. If you had any Compassion at all you would go and get this Dog. You are the only Family this Senior Dog has ever Known. WHY!! WHY!!!!!!

  8. Gigi says:

    Unfortunately, the owners could have a disease which requires expensive treatment and cant afford the dog at the same time. Hope this dog finds a home soon to help it flurish again.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sorry, there is NO excuse to dump a senior dog for any reason – if you really love your animal you make adjustments – Lady deserved MUCH better than to be dumped in a shelter at 12 years old which means she will probably be euthanized in a short amount of time – PLEASE some kind person step up and adopt Lady – senior dogs make great pets, not overactive, will snuggle with you – no training needed – Lady deserves a safe loving home in her declining years.

    • Frances Mehan says:

      If this dog is as old as indicated than the owner might be that much older and maybe did not have a choice not all nursing homes allow pets.

  10. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO CRUEL???? This is so wrong. I hope the owners get old and get put into a Nursing home or even better, Prison and left.

  11. Dickielee says:

    They should look into Lily’s legacy senior dog sanctuary. Seems like a beautiful place for senior dogs who cannot find a home.

  12. Mark L Fuzek says:

    I hope that the sub-humans that abandoned this dog will be put in one of the most abusive and nasty nursing homes when they get older! Let them rot in their own urine and feces!!! (No, I’m not angry. BS) PLEASE UPDATE US ON THIS SWEET DOG LADY. I hope she gets adopted soon, if she hasn’t been already.

  13. Patti Dooley-heroux says:

    That makes me SICK someone can have a dog that long and gets old and goes deaf. That a very sad for the dog.
    We didn’t do that even when are dog had his knee surgery. My husband thought about putting him down. Cause he was thinking cancer I wasn’t. I knew something was wrong. But even if my dog was deaf. I still would keep her. That the worst thing you can do to a dog after the have been with you there whole life. Damn Prick.
    That’s putting it nicely.

  14. Kathi dabel says:

    Help this sweet doggie! I would never leave my doggie ever he’s family ! This sweet doggie needs out now by someone who will love this doggie! Please someone kind go get this sweetheart out now!

  15. Lin Kristian says:

    How could anyone leave a sweet old girl like sweet Lady. These monsters should never own another pet. Please special loving person please come and adopt this sweet beautiful girl. Being deaf makes her so scared. Please come and love and care for her and give her a loving furever home. You won’t regret it because she will love you unconditionally for the rest of her life.
    I pray that someone will come and adopt her soon.❤????????

  16. Beth Parker says:

    They need to know and understand tbe pain and trauma they’ve caused! God bless you, Lady! When they’re elderly, perhaps someone should drop them off at a hospital or Nursing home – and leave them there.

  17. openwater says:

    Old dogs have sometimes old owners. A stroke, heart attack, severe car accident can transform an owner from 100% caring to 99% helpless to care for himself and for the dog in the blink of an eye. All your clever plans to save your dog can blow up when all your kids, friends, neighbourhood who always said that they take the dog, suddenly changed there minds when its not temporary but forever. So all you clever dickheads, blaming the POS owners. If you havent got a clue, why this dog was given up, keep you stupid mouth shut.

    • Mark L Fuzek says:

      People that own animals should always have a backup plan for them in case of a medical issue or any other reason they have to part with their pets. Add a pet guardian to your POA. Don’t just dump them like trash to an animal shelter. Many rescues will take your pets if you can’t take care of them anymore.

      • linda says:

        So true Mark. I have a back up plan for my cats and a dog. I am not in the best of health and hope I out live my fur babies only because I know and they know I’m the best owner ever.

    • SonomaBunny says:

      You are the ONLY person who commented with a solution. Karma comments are for people who don’t want to do anything but pass judgment. THANK YOU for wanting to foster. You are part of the solution!!

      • Eileen says:

        Thank you. This poor girl DESERVES to have a better life for however long it is❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just don’t get people. Trade in the old for the new. I wish they hadn’t been given a kitten! It’s going to grow up and not be a cute cuddly kitten, then what?????????? Trade that one in too?? Grrrrrrrr

    • Margarett says:

      Please,..could you keep us posted as to whether you can foster her. I live far from LA in Oregon, and have two dogs and a husband with cancer, but my heart goes out to this poor dog. Need to know what becomes of her. I used to do placements of dogs and cats in my younger years. I would probably give her some drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to calm her down a bit. I always use it on the 4th of July to keep the dogs calm in the midst of so much noise. Anyway, would like so much to know if this little girl finds a home and about her new life. Thank you.

  18. Nancy H. says:

    I volunteer at a rescue and sometimes we get dogs and cats when an owner dies and no one in the family is willing or able to care for the animal. Or they had to move somewhere that does not accept pets. They may also be afraid to advertise the animal themselves – for a private adoption/or for free. This is because they don’t want the dog to be abused, made a bait dog, etc.

    The rescue where I volunteer tries to find temporary foster homes for dogs that are terrified at the shelter, pregnant dogs, puppies, etc.


    • Linda Ann Sosa says:

      God bless you for volunteering.
      One comment – if you have a pet, you DON’T move somewhere that didn’t allow pets!! That is the lamest excuse ever. Would people leave their kids being? Animals should not be disposable either. 🙁

  19. carol says:

    The ASSHATS that drop elderly dogs off,..should be FORCED to watch a long video on what happens to elderly animals at shelters,……then they should get a butt-kicking out back.

  20. Barbara Dvorak says:

    I feel so sorry for Lady..I lost my dog a year and 1/2 at the age of 15. He was deaf and pretty much blind. But I couldn’t put him in shelter where he was not familiar with his surrounding. I still miss him alot …

  21. lucie says:

    whatever the reason … i has to be a good one cause this is inadmissible …. after all these years … wish i was closer …

  22. Lyra manning says:

    Disgusting anyone would treat their furrbaby in such a callous manner. The rescue should repor be able to them as animal cruelty..they could at least comfort him with visits until another home is located.

  23. Madelon Mulder says:

    We have a rescuedog from Romania and We live in The Netherlands. Her name is Ledi so I was thinking about her too. That stupid so called owners. To bad we can’t read the reason why they dumped her like trash this dog I mean.

  24. Mark L Fuzek says:

    RESCUED BY LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND, INC!!! : Lady Di has arrived safely at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks and immediately ” relieved herself” in the lobby LOL! She is so sweet bless her heart and now is in the best of hands Go to: Scroll down until you find Lady (Di). Several posts about her and photos. She was getting a bath.

    Why we continue to do what we do here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. <3 They just know <3 Oh look who gave us a big smile! We learned from our notes that sweet Lady Di was at the shelter back in 2004 and 13 years later she was returned and terrified of her fate 🙁 We estimate she is about 14-15 years old and Doc told us she is blind, partially deaf, has some arthritis, an ear infection and some skin issues and of course bad teeth, bless her heart. Her heart sounds good and we will know more tomorrow when her blood work comes in. She is the sweetest dog and oh that bath has to feel GREAT! Best wishes for Lady (Di)

    Lady Di now knows she is safe from all harm, loved and that her life matters <3 No more lonely days and nights of shaking in a cage, it is soft beds and cuddles from now on for this old gal <3 We received an estimate for her immediate care of $473.47 which includes exam, blood work, fecal test and all medications. Please help us continue to help sweet Lady Di, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible.

  25. word9436 says:

    It is beyond human comprehension, how can these people be so cruel to throw out their disabled pet, after 12 long years with a family, to be discarded like trash, shocking….

    • Mark L Fuzek says:

      Thankfully, Lady is in good hands now where she is getting the love and care that she deserves. The “humans” that dropped her off at an animal shelter will reap their wrath! Sadly, this happens everyday.

  26. karen douglas says:

    Anyone that gives a pet up after 12 years is nothing but a scumbag in my opinion. Selfish, uncaring people. What do they think the dog can turn off her feelings like them? Just boop, you are gone! This just makes my blood boil!


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