Senior citizen and his dog homeless in Costa Mesa, California

The 1946 classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life” has become as much of an American Christmas tradition as egg nog and hanging up stockings.

The popularity of this film relies on the timeless tale of a selfless man named George Bailey, who although working hard his whole life falls down on his luck due to the miserly underhanded actions of the town’s evil villain.  When hearing of George’s financial disaster, the whole town comes together to help him as he has helped them in the past. Although this film is 70 years old, the story still rings true today. Bad things continue to happen to good people and good people still band together for the sake of another.

For sixty year old Steven Louvier, life hasn’t always been difficult.  Born in Newport Beach, California he spent some time in Colorado working on a ranch.  Next door to the ranch was a dog breeder who was constantly over-breeding his dogs. One little pup  escaped the breeder’s ranch when she was two months old. Steven found her walking down a dirt road and immediately fell in love with her. Their paths were destined to cross and now, five years later, Steven still has “Bambi.”

In addition to Bambi, Steven also has his adopted adult son Oscar living with him.  Oscar suffers from learning disabilities and depression. According to Steven, he, Oscar and Bambi have no one but each other.  Steven had a sister but she stole his retirement money which he had invested into his mother’s house in Irvine, California. His mother passed away shortly thereafter.  Because of the selfish act inflicted on Steven by his sister he has lost everything, his car, his house and his money.  So now he is forced to start all over again.

Steven, Oscar and Bambi are currently living in a Motel 6 in Costa Mesa, California.  Steven advises us he wants to work and considers himself 100% employable with a bachelor’s degree. However, one of the stumbling blocks is getting hired for a job and having to wait one to two weeks to get the first paycheck when the motel must be paid daily. He is looking for a job that pays daily to get started; then move on to a weekly paying job. Steven is not looking for a free ride, just some help to get him back on his feet again so he can live a normal life.   One thing Steven will not do is give up his dog Bambi as many have suggested to him. In his own words, “I would rather collect cans than give up my dog for housing.”

Since Steven Louvier’s first cry for help was posted on Facebook, donations came pouring in from everywhere. Gifts of money, shoes, gift cards to Petsmart for supplies for his dog and a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. Like the fictitious George Bailey, Steven Louvier is a hardworking, selfless man who loves his son and loves his dog.   Although he is down on his luck, he is not a failure. He will succeed and get his life back together with help from his friends.

As Clarence, the angel stated to George Bailey in that long ago tale; “No man is a failure who has friends.”

But Steven is still in need of funds so he can stay in his motel and not have to go back to living on the streets. He is also looking for work in the Costa Mesa area since he has no car at this time.

If you can help Steven, please send donations to his Paypal account:

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  1. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    Clearly a good man WORTH saving! Thank goodness he seems to be at least getting help! I pray to God Oscar & Bambi will also be ok. He has quite the burden…SADLY, at the time in his life he should be enjoying retirement. That sick C–T sister of his should first burn in HELL…after her UGLY FACE is SHAMED & plastered EVERYWHERE 4 ALL the WORLD to see


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