Second man claims he was the rabbit rescuer in wildfire video

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It seems there is some confusion who the real rabbit rescuer is? And no, this isn’t a “To Tell the Truth” episode where the real young man seen jumping up and down trying to save a little bunny stands up at the end of the question and answer period by a panel of “B” celebrities.

According to the first report, Oscar Gonzales said he was the person in the  NbcNews video, but had described the rabbits as if they could have been domestic pets (white) and not wild. He claimed he was able to grab one of the rabbits, and the babies followed him to a safe area.

But Huff Post was contacted by another person, who says he was the man in the video, and his story holds more water since a local veterinary office and wildlife rehabilitation center can back it up – with the alleged little wild bunny recovering from her injuries. Caleb Wadman, 21, states he was on the highway in La Conchita on Wednesday when he spotted the tiny bunny in what he called “significant distress.”

“I just ran out,” he said, “and that’s when the bunny ran back towards the flames. And I was like ‘No, baby bunny, I’m here. I’m going to take care of you.”

The bunny is currently being cared for at the California Wildlife Center; she is a female cottontail and suffers from burns and heat related injuries. The rabbit was transferred to the wildlife center after Wadman brought her to the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital. According to staff, who did not identify Wadman by name, however stated he had been wearing the same clothes as seen in the video and had rescued the bunny from the same location as where the video was recorded.

“HuffPost was able to solve the mystery of who rescued the rabbit from the fire. The rabbit is currently being cared for at CWC. It is still very early in her treatment, but at the moment, she is stable,” the organization posted on their Facebook page Saturday afternoon.

Now let’s all be fair though. None of this means Gonzales may not have rescued a rabbit since more than one bunny rescue occurred that night, but only one video caught a man saving one particular bunny. You make the decision.

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3 replies
  1. Hollie says:

    Maybe Oscar Gonzalez did save a bunny but he was trying to monopolize on someone else’s goodwill via the video shown. He even went as far as putting on a red hoodie. The unfortunate matter is that whomever covered and posted the story regarding Gonzalez did not do their job and research the facts.

  2. Mark says:

    Mr. Gonzales made a point of crediting himself with the video that showed someone rescuing a rabbit and Mr. Wadman may have remained anonymous had it not been for Mr. Gonzales taken the credit. Btw white rabbits are domesticated…. that was Mr. Gonzales’ error.


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