Second chance for pup found chained to fence and left for dead

abandoned puppy found chained to fence
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A pit bull mix puppy, found chained to a fence and left for dead, is getting her second chance at life and happiness. The pup, dubbed “Hopi,” was found earlier this month in Lenoir County, North Carolina – someone had abandoned the puppy with an embedded chain around her neck, and no access to food or water.

The neglected puppy was taken in by the Lenoir County SPCA. Vice president Tammy Everett told Kingston News that the five-month-old puppy was emaciated after being left alone – allegedly by the family that had moved out of a residence at 505 E. Highland Avenue, earlier this year. Everett said, “We’re thinking she’s been out there about a month.”

Hopi was malnourished, flea infested and suffering with unimaginable pain from the deeply embedded chain – the veterinarian who removed it stated that she would be forever scarred from the makeshift embedded “collar.”

On Sept. 16, the Lenoir County SPCA updated Facebook followers about the abused and abandoned puppy:

Hopi, has been placed with Misplaced Mutts, an awesome rescue organization. We cannot thank them enough for giving her a safe, loving foster home to speed her recuperation and move her that much closer to a permanent home. Although malnourished, she is tolerating food and her neck wound has begun healing. Because of the donors who were touched by her story, we received enough donations to cover the cost of her veterinary expenses plus just a little more to help other sick/injured animals at our shelter. We are truly grateful for our community’s support and for every single wonderful person who helps keep animals safe.

Her new rescuers announced the puppy’s arrival to their own Facebook followers last week:

We are the lucky ones who get to continue to show her what love means. (Though more likely it is she who will show us). We are renaming her Hopi, as the cruelty of mankind has not been able to alter her peaceful nature. We will continue helping her heal and will share her journey with you as we go. She arrives today!

Hopi is finally out of harm’s way and on the road to recovery – and love.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. Can we know the name on the Facebook page where the puppy is. They said they were going to post pictures of him on his road to recovery but didn’t indicate the page he would be on.


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