Search is on for man beating dog whose agonizing howls echoed for miles

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The Soweto Animal Rescue has called out for the public’s help to find the man responsible for the brutal beating of a dog in south Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday.

According to the Southern Courier, Jerry Selwane, speaking for the rescue organization,  witnesses described hearing the agonizing howls of the dog echoing for miles. After the man, filmed in the video, finished beating the dog unmercifully, he walked away. The dog limped away to hide in obvious agony. Although Selwane has not been able to pinpoint the area where the egregious abuse occurred, he wants the culprit arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Center or call 084.911.9459.

The Advisory Center’s request:


A Reward of R1000 to any information which might lead to the identification and arrest of the suspect


We appeal to any member of the public who might know of the identity of the suspect to contact our anonymous and confidential number on 0849119459 with any information which could lead to his arrest

We are confident that he will soon be captured and the dog saved.
Please Share far and wide finally someone, either a friend, neighbour, brother, sister, cousin, enemy, etc might recognise him.”

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  1. I cannot look at this video again……tears are all I can get out….please please please tell me that you have this poor dog. I can’t even imagine anything this little dog could have done to deserve this beating….and I don’t know why but it reminded me of the switch beatings I used to get as a child….no one deserves that. Is he safe? And PLEASE TELL ME YOU CAUGHT THIS MONSTER!!!!

  2. This makes me sick. I want to beat the crap out of this human trash and dump him in a garbage site where he belongs! Find the idiot and throw him in prison for good. I hope the poor dog is found and receive medical attention.

  3. This is what i call a real psychopath who should be behind bars i have No mercy for abusers of any kind animal children. i saw the video i would love to give this sick Bastard the same treatment he gave to this poor Dog, Karma is a Bitch i hope they find him throw him in Jail. I really hope that he Rotts For Ever In Hell. i t made sick to see this video i’m sure he laughed after he was done. worthless piece of shit i hope by this time they find the Dog.

  4. You can’t beat this thing senseless since he has no brain, but you must beat him until he howls and cries, they let him live with bubba in jail.

  5. Don’t bother looking for him just shoot him on sight. This is beyond human. He does not deserve breathing clean air.

  6. my god what a f##### evil wicked coward. and you are right pamela beyond human .and the sad part is there are so of these scum out there.

  7. I hope they catch the bastard that just did that to that dog and let him go through the all the agony in the pain let him how hope you falls off to his death piece of s*** I can’t stand the human race anymore everybody’s going crazy and a picking on innocent animals go pick on somebody your own size so they can beat the f*** out of you too

    • With all my heart I pray they catch this sub-human and that he pays for what he did to that little do…..Karma is a b____…..and she will get him….But I too am concerned for the little dog. Please let us know he has been found & will be ok… is this persons fault the little male went after the female. All owners of cats & dogs should spay & neuter their pets if they don’t want puppies or kittens.

  8. I can’t and will not watch the video! I can’t,can’t, just can’t hear a dog crying in terror and pain! I will have nightmares from just reading this post! Who in the hell is filming this? And WHY,WHY OH WHY DIDNT THEY ATTEMPT TO STOP THIS MOST EVIL MONSTER????? PLEASE,PLEASE GOD HEAR MY PRAYER! PLEASE LET THIS MONSTER BE FOUND AND ABOVE ALL LET THIS POOR, POOR DOG BE RESCUED! OMG! MY HEART CANT BEAR THIS HORROR! PLEASE PET RESCUE KEEP US UPDATED ON THIS NIGHTMARE!! I’m beside myself with worry for this little innocent!

  9. Ok, This is typical !! The person filming this SOB feels so inclined to post this but does not include any info on where, when, who!! Why do people think they need to wait for the Law to do anything, this defenceless, abused animal needs action NOW!!

  10. The people filming this and all animal abuse should face charges as well as the abuser. They are just as guilty as the person abusing the poor furbaby. If u are with a criminal that commits a wrong doing u go to jail too so why not the same for the ones filming the abuse

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