Schnauzer and Labrador Retriever involved in fatal baby mauling

Baby died after being mauled by dogs
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Two dogs, identified as a Giant Schnauzer and a Labrador retriever, were behind bars after being taken to Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter following a fatal baby mauling over the weekend. According to KHOU News, the two-month-old infant was attacked inside of his north Houston home by the family’s pets on Saturday afternoon.

Though the baby boy was rushed to an area hospital for care, he died from his injuries. According to Fox News, the baby, identified as Michael James Obergas, was in his bassinet in a “secure” bedroom when the two dogs somehow managed to open a door and attack.

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On Monday, BARC confirmed that both dogs have already been put down – they will be tested for rabies. The baby boy’s parents are not reported to be facing any charges in this tragic incident, reported KSAT News.

(Images via screenshot KHOU News)

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  1. Well this is horrific for everyone. The parents lost their son and their pets all at once. These breeds aren’t usually know for aggression, but it just shows that any breed is capable, not just the pit bull or rottweiller, etc. Regardless, I don’t know what went wrong with these animals, but apparently they had been fine as pets prior to this tragedy. RIP to the son, and prayers out to the parents.

  2. Jesus christ! They always put the dogs down immediately without giving them a chance, unbelievable! RIP precious, and for the boy!

  3. The system is so messed up…no trial for the voiceless! Although a son is lost, the dogs should have given a chance to find out what happened! Mauling them they probably just tried to keep him company with their weights but unintentional and did not mean to harm a child. I have snouser and lab retriver both, and are very calm and protective to one another. I cannot believe the family didn’t even fight for their dogs at least since it’s their fault for leaving the child unsupervised. This makes my blood boil!

    • I think there is probably more to this story than is being told. I can’t imagine two family dogs, opening a door and attacking an infant for no reason. The problem is, it will always be the “dog’s” fault, a baby has died the dogs must be vicious and responsible, who knows whether it was one or both or what the circumstances were, they will pay the price and no one will look further! Makes my blood boil also.

      • I agree with you that there is more to this than we have been told. I am curious how the two dogs managed to gain access to the baby’s room, that was supposed to be secure. This doesn’t add up. I’m saddened that the baby has died, and that the dogs have been killed.

      • I agree w/you 100% – this whole story is VERY suspicious and of course, the only species that pays is the dogs, who have no voice – something stinks in Texas as usual.

  4. Unless the dogs know how to turn a knob, the door must have been ajar and probably the dogs have already had contact with the baby. They are not familiar with a babies grunt or cries, so to a dog, this is an unknown object in their home.Bassinet is not secure when you have babies unless you are with them, too many tragic things like this can happen. Three lives lost needlessly and this proves that it can happen with any family pet, not just pit bulls. Only takes one bite to kill a small infant.

  5. OMG! How horrific and so tragic!!! I agreee with Sherry,there are dog attacks all across the country but the media only report on the ones involving Pittbulls! All breeds of dogs can attack. Such a heartbreaking story! ❤️RIP SWEET BABY❤️

  6. My condolences to Michael James Obergas’ family. How does something like this happen when they were being diligent parents. Why do family pets suddenly open a closed door and attack an infant for no apparent reason? ,I hope they are able to get some answers and have some closure for this heartbreak.

  7. Am thinking there is more to this story, this is very odd behavior coming from family pets. Also the reason you hear more about Pit Bulls biting or being vicious is because there are more of them so logically there are more bites reported. I volunteer for a rescue, and the shelter we pull from is mostly Pits. Like 10 to 1. The 2 dogs being put down doesn’t surprise me. Sadly there aren’t enough resources to work with dogs that have a bad history. Perfectly adoptable dogs are put down because of overcrowding, lack of fosters etc. So resources go to where they can save more, not just a few. Volunteering can help save lives. It can be hard on the heart at times, but so very rewarding.

  8. It seems there is more to the story than is being told. Dogs opening doors. Nope. Unless the doorknob was not the round type. This is sad all the way around. The poor dogs, the humans failed them.


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