Saving Halo: On death row and affected with pneumonia, rescuers step in for miracle save

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The chocolate and white ultra friendly Halo came to the New York City Animal Care Center on July 12, as a surrendered pet. For five years, Halo had been a loving and faithful family member, but when her owner made the decision to move, Halo was not part of the plan.  On Sunday evening, she was placed on “death row” when her health deteriorated; Halo had been diagnosed with pneumonia. And so another pit bull mix in the overcrowded, open admission city shelter was doomed. What were her chances even though volunteers previously sang her praises?

“Rich chocolate mousse with whipped cream on top. She has been hand-dipped in the delicious liquid and came out, it seems, as a very nice family dog, good with children and other dogs, and welcoming of strangers. She has been beautifully cared for, owns a full but nice figure, and is dressed elegantly in a perfect and shiny coat. She’s got some training up her sleeve, walks peacefully on the leash, sits on command, comes when called, does her business outside the care center, and eats very politely from my hand. She even ran after the ball, caught it and almost brought it back to me. Halo is understandably at little wary at the care center. My camera is not making things easier for her as Halo is not too keen about this object blocking my face. She is hand shy, but take away the iPhone or the lens, and Halo will feel much more comfortable and attuned to bond with her caretaker. No paparazzi for Halo. Halo needs to be known a little bit more.,” one volunteer wrote on Facebook.

As to Animal Care’s evaluation, it was suggested Halo be made adoptable to the general public, however it was advised that she be placed with an experienced owner, but as the best laid plans to find the dog a suitable foster situation or home became a life or death situation, Halo’s photo and her physical condition caught the attention of animal advocates. When a volunteer went to the shelter on Sunday evening to visit Halo, the report was heartbreaking:

“I went to see her tonight. She did not even want rotisserie chicken. She has an IV in and the ABX of course. She is sicker than yesterday, trembles at times, her nose is red and drips, she has big bout of cough and she was falling asleep on my lap between spells…It hurts to see her like this, so vibrant and now so sick. She was happy to have company and let herself go against my body.She probably can recover with proper care but vet care is costly and that would stop many rescuers already burdened by so many expenses. She is a good gal, though and it is so sad that a sweet dog like her will not get to see another day. She definitively should not be given another day at the shelter. She needs proper vet care.”

As of Monday morning, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were able to have Halo moved to the organization’s partner veterinarian. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of  the rescue updated the dire situation:

“She is just arriving at our vet now, so we will update as soon as we hear. She is very sick & has stopped eating so we hope we are in time. She entered NYC ACC at 50lbs & has now dropped to 43.5lbs.”

Donations are needed to help Halo. PayPal: or website: or mail:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
NY, NY 10028

Check out Halo before she became deathly ill. What a beautiful and friendly pooch:



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  1. Adrienne says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock is the most caring facility for unwanted,ill, or abused animals. They work miracles and just hope that can do the same for Halo who deserves to enjoy the rest of her life with a new family.

  2. threedogsnappin says:

    It really begs the question: why was she allowed to get so sick? They aren’t supposed to kill adoptable pets and if they are a ANIMAL CARE FACILITY why aren’t they caring for them to make sure they don’t get sick?

  3. Darla says:

    Praying that Halo gets better. It’s obvious that she was loved. What kind of family dumps their beloved dog and moves on with their life like nothing happened?

  4. Cheryl Fontaine says:

    Kind of wondering what it takes to dump a beautiful animal like Halo and never look back. No surprise Halo got sick – ripped from her home and everything she loved and people she THOUGHT loved her….that’s why she got sick May her former owner meet a concrete abutment…

  5. Cynthia Como says:



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